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Farmland Preservation can be Linked to Energy Production

An Open Letter to Delaware's Elected and Appointed Officials By: David O. Rickards Subject: Farmland Preservation There has always been more than I way of looking at a problem. If all parties would keep an open mind to "out-of-the-box" ideas, positive change can be accomplished in an inexpensive way. Sussex County has the potential at generate massive amounts of electricity at a relatively low cost. By using a farm preservation method that would relegate thousands of acres of farmland to preservation without buying the land but rather leasing the land long term, we could not only induce the farmer from selling but also create environmental buffers and generate clean electricity. If a 50 foot buffer were placed on one side of 30% of the drainage ditches located in Sussex, there are 2,000 miles of ditches in Sussex, we could generate, using solar, 532,396.8 MWs of electricity annually. Read more

Open Thread On Police “Bad Shoots” vs Extreme Violence Against All Police.

Organized violence against police grows to new level in Dallas. Your views and concerns for America

My view: 99 percent of local and state police officers are great at their jobs and an asset to the communities they serve. The problem that exists is the tight closed fraternity or brotherhood that protects the officers that are bad actors. These bad actors who violate the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and punished like any citizen that violates our laws.

BREXIT and the DOMINO Theory

*** COMMENTARY *** By: Wolf von Baumgart Many who grew up the the 1950s, '60s and '70s still remember the quasi-ubiquitous conventional Cold War Domino Theory that if one country fell to Communism, all the rest would successively fall like a stack of dominoes. That mindset was a major factor in US involvement in the Korean War and Vietnam Conflict and its aftermath until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990. The globalist paradigm of trans-national organization, centralization, cultural homogenization and “open borders” emerged in late 1945 at the dawn of the post-WW2 era out of the ashes of excessive nationalism. The political ideologies of imperialism, Bolshevism / Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, terrorism, etc., coupled with abuse of state power on a massive scale, killed over 200 million people in the last Century and gave greater rise to a corporate/bureaucratic Read more

Bonini Goes Bannanas For Pot

Bonini announces on the senate floor, he is in favor of legalizing marijuana. After announcing on the senate floor, that marijuana should be made legal in Delaware, he stated that he would co-sponsor legislation to legalize marijuana if asked. This action would be a first for a GOP gubernatorial candidate in Delaware. The leftward drift of Delaware's GOP has been apparent to many for years and could be construed as a vain attempt to engage soft democrats and unaffiliated independents to their ranks. Delaware's GOP has seriously followed the national GOP's leftward drift causing a split in conservative ideology with the more conservative and growing "Tea Party groups." In recent elect election cycles, Delaware's GOP has repudiated and even campaigned against so-called Tea Party candidates. The rift has seriously splintered Delaware's Republican Party with nasty infighting and rancor. Read more

Will Obama Stand Behind The Party’s Presumptive Indictee

Sanders refuses to back down, vowing to take this fight to the Democratic Convention While Clinton has accumulated enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination without the "super-delegates, Sanders refuses to yield defeat. Can the hatred and differences between the two candidates be that strong? It would be interesting to be present at the upcoming private meeting between Obama and Sanders next week. Will Obama subtly threaten Sanders political career for failing to yield and endorse the host of the Benghazi Butchery? Oh, that's right, Obama was the "Top Dog" on that call. Challenging Hillary for any position after she has become the presumptive nominee could be dangerous to Sanders. Many people have seemingly committed "suicide" around the Clintons. Just coincidences I'm sure! Politics has become an increasingly dangerous business in America as well as Delaware. Read more

Polling Place Lines Need Better Definition

OPINION: The Need to More Clearly Delineate Polling Places By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Title 15, Chapter 49, Subchapter II, § 4933 of the Delaware Code mandates a fifty-foot (50 ft.) exclusion zone at polling places. The purpose of this law is to facilitate free access to voters at polling places and ensure an orderly election process. However, the law itself does not state explicitly that the exclusion zone be clearly demarcated. At the Cape Henlopen High School polling place in Lewes, the line of demarcation was a barely visible faded gray chalk line in the driveway that was about six inches in length – hardly a clear boundary line. Another polling place was apparently marked with a yellow electrical extension cord laid across the pavement. The importance of a reasonable exclusion zone is obvious. Its current method of its demarcation is not. To avoid incidents Read more

Colorado Caucus Sets Disturbing Precedent For Future Caucuses, Primaries And Elections

Will Colorado's voterless caucus set a dangerous precedent in America's election system? The National GOP's power is so great nationwide that Colorado decided to hold a caucus that no citizen of Colorado was allowed to vote for who they wanted to nominate on the republican ticket for president. In my opinion this type of behavior sets a dangerous precedent for not only caucuses, but also primaries and general elections. Although The State of Colorado and others claim this action is legal, it has left a bad taste in the mouths of most Americans and a foul odor in the air. Like myself, even if their favorite candidate loses an election or caucus, we like to know that we were given a chance to VOTE. Donald Trump has every right to scream to people on TV that he feels he was cheated, simply because he was. The fact that Trump didn't actively campaign in Colorado doesn't mean that Read more

Civil Discourse?


By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Thirty minutes into tonight’s Republican debate and so far, no insults have be traded between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Apparently, civility has broken out in response to popular demand, so, we have a relatively serious discussion for a change. That’s good for starters, however, let us see if the situation holds.

The future of America is much too important to be left to politicians trading innuendos, disinformation and ad hominem attacks. Time will tell.

It’s Time for Substance

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer National politics is essentially progressively bipolar and degenerate. The Republican and Democratic Presidential Debates, while entertaining as a made-for-television verbal sparring match, are more akin to clown shows than serious discussions. While politics sinks to new lows, the issues, both foreign and domestic, facing the American People steadily increase in magnitude, intensity and complexity along with the soaring and unsustainable National Debt. Serious voters are infinitely less concerned over Donald Trump's evaluation of Marco Rubio's physical stature and Rubio's cracks about Trump's skin tone or Ted Cruz's "observations" about the size of Donald Trump's hands. They are concerned about which candidate, if elected President, can best uphold the U.S. Constitution run the executive branch of the federal government, and offer the best solutions Read more

Have the Two Political Parties Lost the Ability to Govern?

OPINION: Have the Two Political Parties Lost the Ability to Govern? By: Dave Graham The recent spectacle of the Republican debate held by CNBC from Boulder, Colorado, emphasizes the wisdom of one of our foremost founding fathers, and the first Constitutional President, George Washington. While not a fount of quotations, Washington was vehemently opposed to political parties. George Washington stated his belief that the problem with political parties was once they got in power, they would work behind the scenes to stay in power. This last week the U.S. Congress once again "kicked the can down the road" by engineering a two year bi-partisan budget proposal with continuing deficits in coordination with an increase in the national debt limit, conveniently removing the issue from the 2016 General Election process. The same process also occurred in early 2014 in advance of the 2014 Read more

DERC is an Insider Whitewash

GUEST OPINION By: Dave Graham The creation of the Delaware Expenditure Review Committee by Governor Markell's Executive Order 52 is a prime example of insider whitewash. There is no question that a serious bottom-up review of state budget outflow is needed to address Delaware's sinking fortunes in the face of shrinking revenues. Decreased revenues can be partially blamed on the failure of the Republican legislative leadership to support the proposed ten cent increase in fuel tax, which would have been used by DelDot for major job creation and economically-stimulated highway transportation projects. These same Republican legislative leaders, in collusion with the Democratic legislative leaders, then secretly granted annual salary raises in excess of $10,000 each for favored legislative staffers, while state employees were told that there is no money for cost of living increases, Read more

Attempted “Trump Roast” Backfires—Trump At Top Of The Pack

CNN leads On Wednesday's debate with an attempt to pit all candidates against Trump Backfires And Brings Candidates Closer Together It appeared to many that the CNN debate was being engineered to divide the GOP, instead of discussing important issues that concern America and her future. I agree with this view of many pundits who also viewed the unbelievably long debate. As it turns out, during some heated exchanges, there was no animosity with the top eleven candidates, and important national and geopolitical subjects were discussed at the lengthy debate of over three hours. At times there seemed almost a camaraderie among the presidential hopefuls. A new respect for one-another was born out of the necessity for one of them to serve as president, thus ending an eight-year dictatorial "executive order" rule. A genuine camaraderie apparently was born between Trump and popular candidate Read more

2016 Presidential Election, A War of Political Ideology, And Personalities

The last six years of presidential executive decisions, has successfully changed the fabric of American society and also, the economic stability of America, as well as causing elevated racial tension and bringing many players into the 2016 presidential Election. Many feel the need for change, along with new dynamic leadership It is not coincidence that the frontrunners for both parties are from the far left and far right of their parties. America is split between a strong nouveau left socialist movement spurred on by a socialist president, and the re-emergence of a patriotic movement, to take back America, that is led by a "get back to basics" plain-talking businessman, Donald Trump. The two emerging frontrunners, Democratic Candidate, Bernie Sanders and Republican Candidate Donald Trump are as different as night and day. The American people are split down the middle between what Read more

Trump Holds Fast To Plain Talk As Debate Moderators Open with vicious Attack To Spur Ratings

The GOP first debate of the year opens with Trump being viciously attacked by Foxnews moderators. After a brief introduction, Foxnews Channel Anchor, Bret Bair opened with this question to the candidates, knowing full well what the answer would be from Donald Trump. Gentlemen, we know how much you love hand-raising questions. So we promise, this is the only one tonight: the only one. Is there anyone on stage, and can I see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support in the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person. Bret Bair continued, "again, we're looking for you to raise your hand now -- raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight." I have a serious question here with Foxnews starting a serious debate with a obvious "ratings only question" from the gallery of candidates! This question Read more

Baltimore’s Mayor, Incompetent Or Following Presidential Orders?

Baltimore's Mayor Is Beyond Incompetent. Are her actions also criminal? With the outbreak of uncontrolled violence in Baltimore Tuesday night, police stood still, and instead of arresting violent criminals who were looting, burning businesses and police vehicles, while stoning police, they retreated! Why? This is a question I've heard asked on radio talk shows and throughout Delaware where people gather. Accusations have been repeatedly hurled at Baltimore's Mayor, Stephaine C. Rawlings-Blake, that she ordered her police force to stand down, when and if violence broke out. Mayor Rawlings-Blake was repeatedly quoted by Foxnews' Anchor, Meagan Kelly as saying before the violence started, "we also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well." It was also reported over many news sources that Mayor Rawlings-Blake spoke to President Obama long before the violence broke Read more

Animosity Gap Appears To Widen Between Obama and BiBi

Commentary by DonAyotte Although the Obama Administration attempted to deal a humiliating blow to Netanyahu's victory in the recent Israeli elections by not calling and congratulating the leader, BiBi seems not to be bothered by the American president who has snubbed not only BiBi, but all of Israel. The animosity between the two leaders seems to increase almost daily. Even though Netanyahu has toned down his previous remarks, opposing the formation of a Palestinian state, Obama has become extremely hardened toward the Israeli leader and BiBi is obviously returning the favor. Obama has finally emerged from the closet with his hostility and by his actions, has favored Iran, causing all of Israel to wonder about their greatest ally across the Atlantic. Despite the Israeli leaders recent re-election, the Obama, BiBi chasm widens and Netanyahu continues to favor Iran, Israels most Read more

Mandatory Voting in the US?

Commentary by Wolf von Baumgart According to a 3/18/15 article in the Washington Times by Dave Boyer, President Barack Obama now advocates the idea of nationwide mandatory voting along the lines of the Australian model. Speaking before a town hall event in Cleveland on Wednesday, he said that compulsory voting would be a better short-term strategy to counteract the influence of large campaign contributions. Citing the very poor turnout of Democrats in the last general election, he further stated that “It would be transformative. If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country.” Penalties for not voting in Australia include fines and possible jail time. The original article can be read here: Although he did not officially commit to pursuing a mandatory Read more

White House Fails To Stop Netanyahu’s Visit

Gutter Sniping Becomes Rule of the Day, By White House Aides Gutter Sniping from the Oval Office, fails to stop the upcoming visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after an invitation by House Speaker John Boehner, to address a joint session of the U.S. House and Senate. Could it be the fact that Speaker Boehner's invitation to Netanyahu came on the heels of Obama's long rhetorical SOTU address that rankled the White House. Various sources report, one Obama aide was quoted as saying, "He spat in our face and that's no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and there will be a price." Most people know that there is "no love lost" between the two leaders, why would the Obama Administration threaten our closest ally in the Middle East? It is said that Netanyahu will speak of the threat Iranian Nukes Read more

Civil Liberties or “Le Nouveau Police State,” The People Must Decide

This question has quickly become the issue that is on the front burner of American politics. There are clearly two sides to this question and they are sharply divided on the question of how the country should proceed. One side originates with the law enforcement community and their supporters. According to recent casual conversation with one DSP Officer, he feels that the world has changed and disagreed with my statement that, "I don't believe that state and local police should have become a para-military force that stifles the citizens' civil rights." He believes that police are being unjustly targeted. I agree with him on some of the recent situations that have gone down. Especially on the issue of the two officers in NYC that were simply doing their job when they were assassinated. Many, including myself do not agree that attacking innocent police that are simply doing their Read more