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ALG Calls Upon Senate Foreign Relations Committee to Reject

"It is astounding that anyone who has refused to clear up identifiable ties to Castro's spy network and declared Puerto Rico's independence from the United States would be nominated to represent our nation in El Salvador which has been a lynchpin nation in Central America."—ALG President Bill Wilson Aponte for Ambassador   April 12th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today urged the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to reject the nomination of Mari Del Carmen Aponte for the post of Ambassador to El Salvador. Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government called Aponte, "unsuitable to represent the United States in El Salvador or anywhere else in the world." Aponte's past relationship with someone U.S. counterintelligence officials identified as a Cuban intelligence agent led to her withdrawing from consideration as the Ambassador Read more

Better Late than Never

Some Obama administration posts were recently filled by recess appointment because of disagreements between the administration and Senate Republicans. They had been waiting months for confirmation in some cases. That I understand. Some will likely get confirmed later. Some I hope go away in January such as the labor relations board member, Craig Becker who wants to impose card check by regulation. What I do not understand are all of the positions without nominations? I would have thought this one pretty important. Better late than never. It just seems another in a long line of a lack of commitment to seniors. Unfortunately, the President lost his TSA (Transportation Safety Authority) nominee and it had nothing to do with Republicans. If someone can't stand a few editorials asking if his past role as a defense contractor has any conflict of interest (answer no), then he wouldn't Read more

Gangster Government

"In Chicago you have gangster government and Valerie Jarrett has been in the middle of that. She's been brokering power for a long time and the links she has with William Ayers and other nefarious characters in Chicago tell us what we've got in the White House itself," Congressman Steve King in today's Washington Observer.  With a year before the 2010 elections, it is heating up.  Last week, Governor Perry said the administration was marching toward socialism and his approval jumped 8 points.  Contrary to the notions that Republicans need to be seen making deals,  the mood of a substantial portion of the public is to see a contest of ideas and visions.  They want to hear it straight. From the Washington Observer  Who: Congressman Steve King (R-IA) What: Exclusive interview regarding Valerie Jarrett.   King Soundbite 1:   "Valerie Jarrett is a product of Chicago politics. Read more

Why is it we are not allowed to say it

The Ruling Regime is a socialist 5th column. I said it, but let me prove it in their own words and by their public memberships before I am summarily condemned. Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom was a member of Democratic Socialists USA and even wrote an article for their magazine on the steel industry. In a speech he said in a cynical fashion, “We kind of agree with Mao that power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.” He called belief in the free market a joke. In the Spring 2007 edition of the Democratic Left (the DSUSA publication), David Green explained the goals, short, medium, and long term. Now they have the Manufactoring Czar, Secretary of Labor, Energy and Global climate change Policy Czar, Trade Representative, and under secretary of defense in the government. So we need to pay attention to what he wrote. Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of Read more