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What the President Missed

We are all Americans. We pray for the victims of the nightclub shooting. Today we are not gay or straight. What do I mean? I mean that we do not tolerate our fellow Americans being targeted for whatever reason. I mean we one against Islamic terrorists who think murder and terror are tools for change. We are at war. It is not a gun control problem. I bet if it were a country bar, the shooter would not have killed as many. It is silly to use this to advance a social agenda. ISIS wants to wipe out homosexuals as their next target. We need to join together and defeat them both there and restore the intelligence sharing between federal and local law enforcement. This terrorist seemed to hate everyone. We need to love everyone. We need to resist social balkanization. Our nation is growing weaker partially because we no longer value our diversity. We use it as a weapon to gain Read more

Obama Claims Republican Caucus Makes Common Cause with Iranian Hardliners

President makes hyperbolist slur. He ignores that no one in the region likes this deal. He had to start a new arms race in the Middle East just to get some of the Gulf States from issuing public opposition. Israel is strongly opposed because the Iranian leader who calls them a cancer that needs to be removed is on a glide path for legitimate nuclear weapons. He ignores the fact that the hardliners are the ones that approve of this deal because he gives them 100 billion dollars to fund their terror empire. This deal makes President Obama and the UN one of the largest funders of the expansion of terrorism in the world. No American leader is making purposeful common cause with the "death to America" crowd in Iran. That has not stopped him from making that claim a second time this year. He tried it in March. Unfortunately, President Obama ignored the pro-American moderates when Read more

Obama Rachets Up Rhetoric Against BiBi, While Abbas slams Israel’s Elections.

Mahmoud Abbas attacks Israel's elections and accuses BiBi of not Wanting Peace In seemingly coordinated moves Obama's continued rhetorical attacks against Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, appear to be in synch with Plaestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas' Address to the Arab League, stating that Israel's election result proves it doesn't want peace. Abbas, while addressing the Arab League Summit meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh on Saturday said that election results in Israel indicate that it has no desire to reach a final status accord, according to reports from the Jerusalem Post. Abbas also vowed to hold elections as soon as possible in order to initiate the process of rebuilding the Gaza Strip and accused Israel and Hamas of being responsible for the delay in rebuilding Read more