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Markell Announces DNREC Secretary

Governor Jack Markell has announced that a Californian named Collin O'Mara is his pick to head up the train wreck known as DNREC. O'Mara is described by the Markell Administration as a "climate prosperity leader" and a "climate prosperity expert." Well, I had no idea what the heck either of those things were, so I Googled both of those job titles and only came back with references to Markell picking this O'Mara guy as the new Secretary of DNREC. So not only will we have a "climate prosperity expert" heading up DNREC, but apparently we will have the world's only "climate prosperity expert" as the head of DNREC. Over at they had this to say about the Markell pick: Calls to Mr, O’Mara and to Gov. Markell’s office have not been immediately returned. Nobody in the newsroom of the San Jose Mercury that we talked to had heard of him. He appears to have no formal science Read more