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Action Alert! New Castle County Coup Attempt at 4:30

Guest post by Evan Queitsch  Wisconsin Six Trying To Seize Power in New Castle County   County Council is preparing an end run around the January election for New Castle County President.  In Jan, Tom Kovach won an important special election to fill the seat of County Council President Paul Clark, who was promoted to County Executive when Chris Coons won election to the U.S. Senate.  Bitter clingers aside, Kovach’s election was supported by GOP insiders and TEA Party members alike because, let’s face it, Tim Sheldon, a union boss, would have been FAR worse.  Plus, Tom is a good man with integrity and honesty who ran on a platform that would open up county government.  This was increasingly important given the release of a report in Jan. that showed County government being barely afloat and rapidly sinking (   Kovach Read more

Democrats Clearing the Deck

Clear the Deck Friday saw New Castle County Executive Paul Clark's wife, Pam Scott leave her law firm.  It also saw Del DOT chief Carolann Wicks leave her post.   Secretary Wicks announcement was a surprise late Friday afternoon to even Del DOT insiders and may have been more personally motivated, but the political implications are clear.  Governor Markell can now distance himself from corrupt land deal allegations which started with the Minner Administration.  The fact the deals continued will now be laid at the feet of Ms. Wicks unless the FBI produces something. Democrats have attempted to take two issues off the table which had the potential to derail them in New Castle County and statewide.  What I find interesting is that neither move seemed to be the choice of the elected officials, but loyalty of those around them. Read more

Kovach Wins

UPDATE  Statement from Team Kovach:  The voters of New Castle County sent a strong message to County Council tonight: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They demanded an end to politics as usual, and voted for balance and accountability on County Council. Tom asked me to express his strong appreciation for the numerous volunteers who made this win possible. "This is as much their victory as it is mine", and the true winners are New Castle County taxpayers. Together we will build a better New Castle County. -- Dave Tise Congratulations Team Kovach 16409 to 11787 with 4 districts that just seem to be hanging out at the corner market.  It is a solid victory as the Democrats outmaneuvered themselves and Republicans stuck with a very solid strategy.  This is a big deal for the county.  There will now be a voice for the people who pay and pay but have been told to take the backseat to the special Read more

The Results Please: New Castle County Special Election

UPDATE:  Sheldon Concedes! UPDATE  Delaware calls the race for Tom Kovach with 96% in and Mr. Kovach having 57% of the vote or 16,000 votes and a 4500 vote lead.  Congratulations Tom and team. 10% in and Kovach leads, but big Democratic areas in Wilmington have hardly reported and stronger Republican areas outside of the 7th haven't been touched. 20% in and Kovach is crushing in his home district which is heavily Democratic.  He only has an 800 vote lead and that can disappear when the city reports.  Cautious optimism. At 25%  DEMOCRATIC PARTY TIMOTHY P. SHELDON  2603   42 . 5 % REPUBLICAN PARTY THOMAS H. KOVACH  3476   56 . 8 % LIBERTARIAN PARTY JAMES EDWARD CHRISTINA  24 0 . 4 % THE BLUE ENIGMA PARTY JEFFREY BROWN  21 0 . 3 Kovach is out polling the Libertarian in the one city district the second by ony 4 votes and is losing there Read more

Oops: New Castle County Broke

Chris Coons had such a well managed county.  NOT.  It is so broke  that it may need yet another "revenue enhancement" or real leadership to make tough decisions.  DE Conservative  had some provocative analysis which proclaims a coverup for the election.  I want to look toward the future.   Can you afford not to elect anyone who is not a tax hawk?  The situation is dire.  We join DE Conservative in endorsing Tom Kovach for New Castle County President.  Friends don't let friends vote for bankrupt policies.  Send a message January 13th. County property taxes have already been hiked by 25 percent by former executive Chris Coons, and the county work force has taken a 5 percent cut in pay.Blaskovitz said that in order to meet the upcoming budget without raising taxes again, some 125 workers would need to be laid off or vacant positions not filled. In addition, the county's Read more

Is Clark being manipulated?

Newly crowned New Castle County Executive is involved with another controversy.  A planning commission member who opposed a plan is not up for reappointment currently.  Mark Weinberg's allies went on the attack.  He is retaliating, they claim.  Clark instead of saying that he has a right to appoint people who share his philosophy, the one he won with when he became County President.  His mandate did not disappear by becoming executive.  If Clark is too weak to stand up for himself, then he needs to resign effective the certification of a new County President then run for his old job back.  He would not be strong enough to run a government. Is every decision going to be subject to "you have to reverse it because"?  It will unless he stands up now.  That is unless his critics are right in which case he needs to go. I guess Karen Peterson will be the next county Executive.  Paul Read more

Protack to run for New Castle County Council

The much rumored speculation that Republican Bill Tansey will retire from office has been confirmed and Mike Protack has announced that he will seek the seat to be vacated by Councilman Tansey. There in all likelihood will be a primary as the Council District is one of the few in New Castle to be Republican leaning. Mr. Protack did express interest in this race some time ago to party leaders. In addition there were others who have expressed an interest. The latest rumors have at least 4 other names in the mix. The News Journal article is here.

I’ve Got A Proposal For You, Governor

Three new casinos for Delaware? That's our new Governor's vision for our beloved state. Think about it...Delaware is 96 miles long...3 new casinos will give us a casino every 16 miles! Oh yeah, and apparently we might need sports betting (even though professional sports is opposed to it), and table games, too. Well, I have an idea for Governor Markell, put the first new casino in Greenville, where you live. Just take a look at Greenville, there's lots of space for a nice, big, full blown casino with table games and slot machines and sports betting.... View Larger Map Afterall, you did say this: ...we will spread our sacrifices so no one citizen or group bears a disproportionate burden of this challenge." That means you and your neighbors, too, right, Governor? Read more

Campaigning 1-0-dumb

Today, I received negative mailers paid by Rebecca Walker's campaign, all of course attacking Dick Cathcart. On this day, I did not receive one, I did not receive two, but I received THREE, yes THREE negative mailers from her campaign. Unfortunately for Mrs. Walker, her inaccurate and exaggerated talking points were already disclosed to me a couple of weeks ago by a friend who is absolutely disgusted by the old-boys of local D politics here (please note that I recognize that this is a select few - the political demographics are changing on all sides and both sides' good ol' boys are close to impotence around here). There is another blogger not from this site that heard my rants about this two to three weeks ago as well, so it is confirmed. Make no mistake that this was a planned attack meant for the final days. One mailer was a regurgitation of an earlier negative piece with a different Read more

NCCo Council Out of Control – Couldn’t Give Rats Ass About South of Canal

This arrogance is SERIOUS. I am linking here a forum post from (forum post linked in quote below) in which George Smiley basically refers to the South of the Canal as lacking a grasp of reality. Nowhere in this person's letter was there any attempt to undermine the aptitude of Councilman Smiley's constituents. That didn't stop him from taking his shot at Councilman Bell's or Councilman Power's constituents, neither of whom could give a rats ass about you, except for your vote. This is a copy/paste of an email exchange, so the earliest email is at the bottom and the most recent at top. I removed all email address info, except for George Smiley and the rest of the County Council, who couldn't give a rats ass about you, if you are from South of the Canal, like me. Whatever happened for the push of Appoquinimink County? Is it time to revisit that now? Don't count Read more

What Do Hooters, Wawa, and the NorthStar Grill Have In Common?

Who’s buying?  Bill Bell’s 8-Day Primary Report might be.  Look at the expenses page.  I can possibly understand some of the moderately-high dollar amounts might be a campaign function (MAYBE), but the smaller dollar amounts? Note: I have not contacted Mr. Bell. Like most people who will look at these reports, I simply view them and drop my jaw over some of them. This one was no exception.

NCCo Council Erodes UDC – Swings Door Wide Open To High-Density, Low/No Open Space

The small image below (click image to see enlarged copy) is a letter House Majority Leader Dick Cathcart mailed to his constituency in the 9th representative district more than a week ago.  This letter is in response to the burgeoning popularity among the New Castle County Government to erode the UDC and allow a destructive-land-use version of "workforce housing."  I called it "destructive" because, if approved, the plans will waive open space requirements and landscaping requirements.  Lot and building standards are reduced as well.  Representative Cathcart explains this in his letter far better than I certainly can, so please click and read (you may need to click the image a second time, after the ensuing page loads).  Please keep reading after the page-jump for additional comments. There is a public meeting taking place at Crossroads Presbyterian Church, located at 627 Vance Neck Read more

Gaping Open Positions (on the ballot)

12:35PM: What a terrible, anti-climatic deadline this year brought us.  2006, a non-prez year, was more exciting.  Just like in '06, Mike Matthew's Lady O'Donnell became ballot-qualified in the waning moments.  I wonder if he accompanied her to the COE? Only a couple unexpected items with this year's deadline: Steve Amick's open-seat in SD10 now features a Republican Primary to go up against BHL and her (soon to be past) RD8 political network.  The primary will be James David Weldin versus Andrea Daley. As mentioned before, the SD4 D's also have an unexpected primary of Michael S. Katz  versus Dee Durham. Mike Ramone (good on ya') will be running for the R's in RD21. Jesse Priester IV, R, will be the General Election opponent to D-Incumbent Terry L. Schooley in RD23. Constituency-popular Rep/Activist John Kowalko (D-RD25) has no opposition. Laura Brown is the LONE R candidate Read more

Williams hearts Clark???

Does anyone else get the impression that wRonG Williams has this virtual love affair with the pro-development contingent of New Castle County executives, past and present?  (Note I specified pro-development...Chris Coons hasn't shown himself to necessarily be pro-development and there is no love loss between Williams and Coons) Want to see some bizarre logic at play that only seems to add to this mating ritual?  In order, review the links (all titles/headlines are that of the source linked) of The News Journal's online version, delaware online, of (1) the County Council's measure to get Clark to recuse himself, (2) wRonG Williams sending his affection, (3) WDEL's Allan Loudell chastising wRonG Williams, and for good measure, (4) Al Mascitti's Blog.  I threw Al in there simply because he has long exposed wRonG's virtual love affair with the pro-development contingent of New Castle County Read more