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The Real Fascism is the American Democrat Leadership

Fascism is Governor Malloy of Connecticut using an executive decree to deprive people of their second amendment rights. Even the ACLU is ready to challenge it. Governors can't rule by decree neither can Presidents. I won't hold my breath waiting for the New York Times to use the term as quickly as it does for Donald Trump. Democrats want to use everything from Climate Change to crime to deprive you of rights. People on a terror watch list are on a watch list not a conviction list. If the government wants to use background checks to know if they are buying weapons, that is smart. To use it to ban people when there is not even enough information to arrest them is inconceivable. We know that the watch list has people because they have similar names to people they don't even know. 70 plus people in Homeland Security who passed background checks are on the list. The government can put you Read more

Rand Paul’s Drone Position Supported by Overwhelming Numbers

Only 13% of the American people surveyed by Gallup recently, support drone strikes on against American citizens on American soil while 79% oppose. 65% support them as a weapon of war on enemy soil against terrorists or enemy forces. Significant majorities do not want them used on American soil even against terrorists. In other words, we stand with Rand. So much for the dummies who pretend to be political analysts and John McCain who thought the American people could not distinguish between the two concepts.Most intriguing is the fact that a similar survey in February, gave 50% to 45% opposition. Now with a month of debate, it is 79 to 13%. Leadership matters. Engagement matters. It is why our side has to stop ducking issues and engage them intelligently.

Expand the Patriot Act– No Way

There was a real divide in the Presidential debate over the Patriot Act.  Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, and Herman Cain understand that we need reform.   Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry do not agree.  Some say expand it. Read this and tell me there is no problem.  How about this account of the abuse of a national security letter to an ISP? Expand it--No way. Repeal the parts with the sunset position, yes way. A decade later, much of the government’s surveillance policy remains shrouded in secrecy, making it impossible for Americans to engage in a meaningful debate on the effectiveness or wisdom of various practices. The government has used NSLs to collect private information on hundreds of thousands of people. I am the only person from the telecommunications industry who received one to ever challenge in court the legality of the warrantless NSL searches and Read more

The Ugly Side of Islam–9/11 was the Tip of the Iceberg

Let's start with this is not a blanket condemnation of Islam.  If you are a Muslim, I do not hate you, want to deprive you of any rights, advocate any violence, bash your faith, or think that you are less of an American.  I understand there is a great variety of perspectives in Islam.  My criticism is meant only for those to whom it applies. There is a poison in the world that is a threat to stability and human rights which is second only to the Red Menace.  That poison is Militant Islam.  It is not some radical fringe, but a mainstream thought within Islam that has claims going back to the early generations.  Islam has long had a tension between the peaceful, spiritual side and the militant conquering side.  The modernist have sided this century with the mystical side.  In spite of this alliance, the 1970's saw a popular revival of Jihadists in both the Sunni and the Shiite branches Read more

Indian Ambassador Pat Down Draws Ire

If the Ambassador from India is a security threat, then we lost already. Where is the common sense? Shall the President be patted down when he visits a foreign country? Once again we show our cluelessness to the world. Guard against actual threats, don't go through the motions. Governor Haley Barbour gave this statement GOV. BARBOUR ISSUES STATEMENT CONCERNING TSA PAT-DOWN OF INDIAN AMBASSADOR "I have spoken to Ambassador Meera Shankar and expressed my concern on behalf of Mississippi for the way she was treated by the federal Transportation Security Administration personnel while she was in our state. I assured the ambassador that I have taken up the issue with the TSA and with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. I hope to see whatever necessary procedural changes made within TSA that make our visitors feel welcome and safe in the Hospitality State." . Read more

Obama White House preferred Release of Lockerbie Bomber

So now it is coming out. The Obama White House gave the unofficial go ahead to the Scottish Government to release the thug terrorist responsible for the brutal murder of Americans over Lockerbie Scotland.  Remember last week Obama said, "that all Americans were "surprised, disappointed and angry" to learn of Megrahi's release.   Well it turns out Obama was not really surprised disappointed or angry.  In fact the Obama White House " secretly advised Scottish ministers it would be "far preferable" to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya." The Obama White House has fought tenaciously to keep the diplomatic letter that gave the U.S. position on this matter between the U.S.  and Scottish Ministers a secret.  This  is no surprise.  The letter demonstrates that Obama's so called shock and surprise was an acting job worthy of an Academy Award nomination.   The Read more

Do the Neo Cons Own the GOP?

There is a  dust up over minor remarks by National Republican Committee Chairman Michael Steele in which he called the War in Afghanistan a war of Obama's choosing (refering to the surge and refocus from Iraq).  He noted correctly that over the centuries not foreign power has conquered the land through a land war.  The Neo Con faction of the party is demanding that Steele resign.  Bill Crystal, Liz Cheney, and Charles Krauthammer are leading the charge.  Readers here know that I support the President's resolve to winning this war so that we can come home and not go back latter when hundreds or thousands of Americans have died again.   General Petraeus put it well when he said that we are in this to win it.  On this I agree with the Neo Cons.  Where I am disagreeing with them is the idea that a little noted comment which was retracted by the RNC before the digital ink could dry Read more