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Who’s afraid of a lame duck Obama?

Even popular Presidents have challenges pushing their domestic agenda at this point in their Presidency. President Obama may have had his second best year despite a majority disapproving of his job performance all year, disastrous midterm elections, and numerous foreign policy setbacks. It seems inconceivable that Republicans did not keep their policy riders in the spending bill and force a veto. The take them out one at a time and make the President defend why refugees shouldn't be safe, why an unconstitutional immigration executive order should be funded when it is enjoined, why Planned Barrenhood should get money for less care and full service medical clinics shouldn't, and why power costs should be 50% higher to pay for his extreme climate agenda. Show him to be an extremist and make Democrats play or fight with him yet again. That has not worked well for them so far. Yet, Read more

I have yet begun to fight!

When Commodore John Paul Jones was taking heavy fire from a superior British vessel which had the advantage in tactical position and a reinforcement on the way, he was asked to surrender. He responded, "I have yet begun to fight!" When we are in a fight for survival, you push hard and play out your hand. In Paul's case, a grenade blew shell casings into the powder storage of the British ship. Paul was able to recover the advantage and made history. In order to catch a break, you have to play the game. Republican leaders on Capitol Hill do not get that. The recent vote on the 10 week stop gap funding of the government illustrated the capitulation of the leadership. The whole thing as driven by fear. The fears are these fear of the media not telling the truth, fear of President Obama and the Democrats shutting down the government and blaming them, fear of the conservatives stirring Read more

John Boehner’s Term underappreciated

When Speaker John Boehner announced his retirement, the loudest cheers came from his fellow conservatives. One would have thought that he was an adversary, instead he was one of us. He left a nice record of accomplishment which I will recap. So why the frustration aimed at him? Frankly it is 3 fold. First and foremost is that he was a deal making, tactical pragmatist when we needed a visionary leader who could lay out alternatives to the Obama administration and make a case to the people. He was not the right man for the time. Instead of passing an alternative to Obama Care that most Republicans could live with, he wanted the perfect bill. It was unnecessary because the President would have vetoed it or the Democrats in the Senate would have filibustered it. They could have developed stronger alternatives as they went along. You don't like this one, try this one. Put all 6 Republican Read more

Chicken Little Republicans

Failure to pass ban on late term abortions favored 2 to 1 highlights the need to educate some. Some Republicans are so intent on not failing they are afraid to succeed. That is what caused them the majority in 2006. Back then, they had the war fatigue factor and the Foley scandal. The only thing to change the topic would have been action. Financial reform and tax reform would have saved the economy from later collapsing. It would have been good for the country, but coincidentally, it would have been good politics. Call it collateral benefit. Some moderate Republicans who are skittish over the idea that 5 months is too little time to actually report a rape for a rape exception, caused Thursday's vote to be delayed. I reject the notion. If you can report a rape to an abortionist, you can report it to police. If you want to add a doctor, minister, or therapist to the list, go ahead. Read more

Democrats Give Hope to Republicans

The recent problems with the rollout of Obama Care have undeniably hurt the President's party. Democrats are sticking with their President because they believe it is just a problem with a bad website launch not a fundamental problem with their policies. Recent polling by Pew, Gallup, and Rasmussen bring that into question. According to Pew, Independents view the GOP as better able to manage the government by 16 points. Americans trust the Republicans more on the number 1 issue, the economy. Americans are concerned about more fundamental parts of the health care law such as losing their insurance, paying more, and management of the system. These concerns will not be addressed by the site being somewhat fixed at the end of this month (if it is not, then the problems will compound). Republicans may have given themselves an October setback, but what will be remembered next October Read more

The Foolish So Called Elite Spark Reaction

The Christian Post calls for the Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Reince Priebus and other Republicans should step aside and let a leader emerge who understands that the base of the Republican Party (GOP) and the majority of Americans are conservative. His approach to spend $10 million on a marketing campaign to reach women, minorities, and gays is foolhardy. Here's why. First, he wrongly assumes that the GOP excludes women and minorities. It doesn't. The problem with the Republican Party is leadership and message-not race or gender. The ideals that the GOP has always embraced-free market principles and constitutional government-are not exclusive to white men. Free enterprise benefits everyone.Republicans lost because they failed to appeal to their base. They did not focus on electing conservative candidates, did not have a consistent conservative message, and did not have Read more

GOP Luminaries Gain Traction As Presidential and VP Hopefuls.

National GOP luminaries such as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Kelly Ayotte and Paul Ryan have remained in the national limelight, in the post-election struggle to fight off such legislation as anti-second amendment legislation and Obama strong-arm tactics. Each continues to gain traction, not only with most factions of the Republican Party but also with Independents and many democrats. This new popularity is no fluke; many Americans that have recently voted for the President have become disenchanted with the newly re-elected president who has become obsessed with revenge based tactics, caused by his failed policies. Actions like failing to open Yellowstone National Park on time and cutting the Federal Tuition Assistance Program and housing benefits for our military veterans can be viewed as tantrum-revenge tactics by a clearly disgruntled president. President Obama pushed "Obamacare" Read more

The Divide Between Republicans and Democrats

80% of Republicans think it is very important for the U.S. to be number one in the world militarily while a majority of Democrats (51%) do not think it is "not that important" . 47% of Democrats are satisfied with the direction of the country while only 9% of Republicans are. President Obama had an 86% approval from Democrats and 10% from Republicans which ties the 4th year of the GWB Presidency for the most polarized 4th year on record. Democrats are more likely to worry about gun violence than Republicans and less likely to name the economy and jobs as their top concern. 93% of Republicans see big business profits as good for the economy as compared to only 55% of Democrats. 70% of Republicans see same sex marriage as invalid and 73% of Democrats see it as valid. 72% of Republicans are Pro-life while only 38% of Democrats are. There is not only a divide between the ideas Read more

Can The GOP Heal Or Is The Party Fracture Permanent

GOP party lines have never been more indistinguishable, both locally and nationally. The existing and overwhelming problem, aside from egos and personalities, is the definition of what a conservative is and should represent. The National as well as Delaware GOP has no sense of itself, yet is still spewing the rhetoric they think will win elections. Although passions for our Republic run high within the both factions of the party, it would seem that two main political philosophies have emerged and, on the surface they would seem to be diametrically opposed. Within conversations inside the GOP I have spoken to people I consider moderates, that believe they are true conservatives and the right-wingers should join the Libertarian Party or form their own party. On the other hand I know most everyone that would become involved in the Conservative Caucus, and they believe the "moderates within Read more

Will the GOP Fall Into Civil War?

Pundits are being dramatic. The reaction of the Tea Party groups to Karl Rove's newest project has been less than warm. Will 2014 be a civil war within the party or the year it takes the Senate back? Reason gave this take. The Conservative Victory Project, which is backed by Karl Rove and his allies who built American Crossroads into the largest Republican super PAC of the 2012 election cycle, will start by intensely vetting prospective contenders for Congressional races to try to weed out candidates who are seen as too flawed to win general elections. Shots fired, as the Twitter kids say. Politico gets reaction from Rove's targets: Matt Hoskins, executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund, branded it the "Conservative Defeat Project." "The Conservative Defeat Project is yet another example of the Republican establishment's hostility toward its conservative Read more

Is Gun Control President Obama’s Social Security

President Bush decided to use the momentum gained from his reelection on a big idea, Social Security Reform.  It was an idea though popular among the young, was never going to see movement among Democrats and divided some in his own party.  He made road shows, but just ended up spending political capital that would have been better served on tax reform or balancing the budget through elimination of duplication. Why is President Obama spending his political capital on gun control where he divides his own party and unites the opposition. He will never get a proposal that bans guns through the Republican led House and if he forces the Senate to vote on it, he will either fail or endanger red state senators. He could very well hand over the senate next year. One has to wonder what is he thinking? Could this be the unforced error that the Republicans need? Watch the latest video Read more

Senator Scott from South Carolina

The Rise of the New South continues with South Carolina replacing Conservative Stalwart Jim DeMint with Conservative rising star Tim Scott. It is worth noting that South Carolina is now a state with a minority woman as governor and a minority man as U. S. Senator. Who would have predicted that outcome 3 years ago? One interesting historical fact is that the majority of blacks who will serve as U. S. Senators will have been Republicans. While the historical side to it is intriguing, especially when we are talking about the firebrand state which birthed the old Confederate States of America, the most important part of the pick is that Governor Haley keeps the Tea Party in the loop, solidifies her standing with Pro-life constituents nationally, and the senate keeps a powerful constitutional voice. She picked someone as close to Jim DeMint as she could get without stopping him from retiring. Read more

Santorum Says GOP needs to focus on the lower income and middle class more

USA Today: GOP needs to tell people we can help By Rick Santorum November 18. 2012 We Republicans are in a box, one largely of our own making. The American electorate didn't buy our box. Millions stayed home instead - not because of how the box was wrapped, but rather, what we didn't include in it. It's time that conservative Republicans build a new box and offer Americans a broader, bolder and more inclusive vision of freedom and opportunity, as well as provide the tools to achieve them. I've led strategic planning for Republicans on Capitol Hill and coordinated with the White House and the Republican National Committee while in party leadership, so I know this will not be easy. There has been no shortage of Mitt Romney postmortems with recommendations ranging from pursuing greater ideological purity to rebranding and "softening" positions to attract more Hispanics, women and Read more

Democrats Look to Extreme Positions as Political Salvation

Republicans are remarkably united on issues like abortion and traditional marriage so the Democrats have decided to divide their side  and use the social issues as a wedge to distract from the economy.  The problem is that most Americans are pro-life.  Every state voting on marriage sides with traditonal marriage.   The new Obama position costs him swing voters and loses him more voters than it gains him.  The American people think the nation is on the wrong track and post convention, there is a boost for the grassroots GOP with more people identifying themselves as Republicans than anytime since Reagan.  Why the Democrats would want to highlight their positions as rumored is puzzling.  I guess that is why the new emerging tactic will be to run against GWB.  The problem is they lost twice to him and he hasn't been on the ballot in 8 years.  It worked 4 years ago when he was Read more

Ryan is the Man!

Governor Mitt Romney took the intellectual leader of the party as his running mate. I guess now it is official that Bill Crystal still runs the party as much as in the Bush days. His man Paul Ryan may become the next VP. The Ryan move makes a lot of sense and adds gravity to the ticket. The election will now be about competing visions for the future not silly stuff like Obama's college records from 25 and 30 years ago or Romney's tax records from the 1990's. It will be about debt, growth, culture, health care, and competence. In other words, the things that really matter. Ryan will also make Wisconsin a lean Republican state. His Midwest common sense will help make Indiana secure and his style matches Portman and Kasich which will play well in Ohio. McDonnell would have helped him more in the upper south and southern Ohio, and his picking someone with a Washington record as long Read more

Gingrich vs King

The Thursday CNN debate in South Carolina started with an exchange between the moderator John King and Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife's ABC interview claims.  King carefully placed the ball on the T and Newt smashed it out of the park while the audience ate it up. Here is my theory behind the exchange. I think that CNN set up this opportunity for Newt on purpose, but it has little or nothing to do with who they want to win the nomination or the Presidency.  The media has an interest in a long and active primary campaign.  Political campaigns are a treasure trove of news stories.  If you wish to be more benevolent in your attitude towards the media you could take the argument that a long campaign is also beneficial to the voters, and the media is simply looking out for our interests.  For the voters, a long primary gives more of us in the later states a chance to be a real part Read more

The Bland Leading the Bland

Thomas Sowell explains why a focus on Speaker Gingrich's past is bad for our future. He makes a compelling case that it is better to take a man of accomplishment in office like Gingrich than the bland leading the bland like Mitt Romney. While the televised debates are what gave Newt Gingrich’s candidacy a big boost, concrete accomplishments when in office are the real test. Gingrich engineered the first Republican takeover of the House of Representatives in 40 years — followed by the first balanced budget in 40 years. The media called it “the Clinton surplus” but all spending bills start in the House of Representatives, and Gingrich was speaker of the House. Speaker Gingrich also produced some long-overdue welfare reforms, despite howls from liberals that the poor would be devastated. But nobody now claims that they were. Did Gingrich ruffle some feathers when he was speaker Read more

Gingrich is Cool

I read all sorts of hits on Conservative legend Newt Gingrich.  I admit that he is not as conservative as I would like, but on balance, he is cool.  He has accomplished what others dream of.  Clinton claims credit for a balanced budget, but he vetoed it three times until Gingrich finally got a version Clinton couldn't refuse without a political meltdown.   Clinton claimed credit for welfare reform, but he vetoed it 3 times before looking at the polls and signing almost the same bill and claiming credit.  You can go down the list.  Who was behind conservative victory after victory and even more bills that made it out of one house?   Gingrich got the House to commit to tax reform.  Capital gains tax cuts which helped us get the investment we needed to avoid a real crisis of Y2K.  The nation spent hundreds of billions upgrading its technical infrastructure, the crisis predicted was Read more