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The Real Fascism is the American Democrat Leadership

Fascism is Governor Malloy of Connecticut using an executive decree to deprive people of their second amendment rights. Even the ACLU is ready to challenge it. Governors can't rule by decree neither can Presidents. I won't hold my breath waiting for the New York Times to use the term as quickly as it does for Donald Trump. Democrats want to use everything from Climate Change to crime to deprive you of rights. People on a terror watch list are on a watch list not a conviction list. If the government wants to use background checks to know if they are buying weapons, that is smart. To use it to ban people when there is not even enough information to arrest them is inconceivable. We know that the watch list has people because they have similar names to people they don't even know. 70 plus people in Homeland Security who passed background checks are on the list. The government can put you Read more

A discussion of socialism

How can anyone not know that free stuff isn't really free? The question is do you have control over how much you pay and what you get or does some bureaucrat determine those factors? Central planning doesn't work. Who is trying to move into North Korea? Government dictating prices, payments and services offered by doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes is not good. It wouldn't be any better at the college level. Why would we want to turn our collegiate system into the wonderfully ineffective and inferior system of a public high school? The first semester and often the first term at most public colleges for a large percentage of students is bridging them from high school. Most people no longer graduate in 4 years partially due to this fact. Free is expensive in that either the quality will go down as it becomes almost universal or the cost will go up to accommodate those who are Read more

One Adult on Stage

The Democratic debate last night featured one adult, Senator Jim Webb and 4 scary people who would make the White House scarier for our future than any haunted house. The chaos and power vacuum in the Democratic party was on display for the world. They brought an outdated, proud socialist out of the museum with Senator Sanders. This pacifist said, in between his railing against millionaires and billionaires who are the demise of America, that if America was attacked we need to get a coalition together to protect ourselves. I understand coalitions to deal with other people's problems, but if we are attacked, we need to act immediately not consult with everyone else. Secretary Clinton tried much of the night to out socialist the socialist until the question came, Are you a capitalist? She correctly stated that the people on the stage shared the same objectives as Sanders but had different Read more

Road Kill

Poor Mary Landrieu, she was abandoned and left for road kill before she was even defeated 57 to 43% in yesterday's runoff. How do you already have 1.9 million in ad time already reserved then pull it publicly? How do you abandon a senior member of your caucus and committee chair when the logic of her campaign is that her seniority and respect on the Hill is why voters need to keep her. It gives them clout in both parties. Then when she needed a vote on the Keystone Pipeline XL that President Obama once said he favored and his own State Department says is safe and will create 40k jobs and have 172 billion dollar boost in the U. S. economy, they let her swing in the wind 1 vote shy with the White House working behind the scenes to undermine her. It is a foregone conclusion that the bill will pass in two months. Democratic constituencies such as labor and lower income working class Read more

Who’s Gruber? Don’t Know Him, move on! Oh, that Gruber

You have to love Nancy Pelosi. For one who looks so young, her memory is obviously failing. She denied Professor Jonathan Gruber as having any significant role in “writing our bill” and acted as if she never heard of him. Unfortunately, in a televised press conference in 2009, his brilliant analysis was a reason to dismiss Republican alternatives. She apparently thinks that voters really are too stupid to get it. Maybe in the Bay area, they are. Today 2009 Money quote is about a minute in.

Democrats Give Hope to Republicans

The recent problems with the rollout of Obama Care have undeniably hurt the President's party. Democrats are sticking with their President because they believe it is just a problem with a bad website launch not a fundamental problem with their policies. Recent polling by Pew, Gallup, and Rasmussen bring that into question. According to Pew, Independents view the GOP as better able to manage the government by 16 points. Americans trust the Republicans more on the number 1 issue, the economy. Americans are concerned about more fundamental parts of the health care law such as losing their insurance, paying more, and management of the system. These concerns will not be addressed by the site being somewhat fixed at the end of this month (if it is not, then the problems will compound). Republicans may have given themselves an October setback, but what will be remembered next October Read more

The Divide Between Republicans and Democrats

80% of Republicans think it is very important for the U.S. to be number one in the world militarily while a majority of Democrats (51%) do not think it is "not that important" . 47% of Democrats are satisfied with the direction of the country while only 9% of Republicans are. President Obama had an 86% approval from Democrats and 10% from Republicans which ties the 4th year of the GWB Presidency for the most polarized 4th year on record. Democrats are more likely to worry about gun violence than Republicans and less likely to name the economy and jobs as their top concern. 93% of Republicans see big business profits as good for the economy as compared to only 55% of Democrats. 70% of Republicans see same sex marriage as invalid and 73% of Democrats see it as valid. 72% of Republicans are Pro-life while only 38% of Democrats are. There is not only a divide between the ideas Read more

Is Gun Control President Obama’s Social Security

President Bush decided to use the momentum gained from his reelection on a big idea, Social Security Reform.  It was an idea though popular among the young, was never going to see movement among Democrats and divided some in his own party.  He made road shows, but just ended up spending political capital that would have been better served on tax reform or balancing the budget through elimination of duplication. Why is President Obama spending his political capital on gun control where he divides his own party and unites the opposition. He will never get a proposal that bans guns through the Republican led House and if he forces the Senate to vote on it, he will either fail or endanger red state senators. He could very well hand over the senate next year. One has to wonder what is he thinking? Could this be the unforced error that the Republicans need? Watch the latest video Read more

Are Democrats Crazy or Just Stupid?

When people tell liberals and Democrats that they are essentially Socialists and/or communists, the liberals and Democrats get all huffy and complain that they in fact just want to smooth over some of the inequalities of capitalism. The fact is that, the Liberal Democrat ideology is radical in the extreme. There is no government intrusion that they will not back. Radio host Peter Schiff proves this at the Democrat National Convention. Posing as a liberal, and saying all the stupid things liberal Democrats actually believe, Schiff questions delegates and alternates at the Democrat National Convention. Schiff's question to the Democrat delegates is this: "Would you support a ban on corporate profits?" Yes, Schiff, with a straight face, seriously asks these leaders of the Democrat Party if they wanted to end profits for corporations. About half of the respondents Read more

God and Jews More Controversial than Gay Marriage and Religious Oppression

The Democrats with their secular, godless, not my values platform is an embarrassment to great not to cover up. The chair of the committee belatedly discovered GOD, should at least get a passing mention while the values represented by belief in Him are trashed. The PR stunt almost failed, but luckily no one called division of the assembly, it was a majority not 2/3. Read more

Democrats Look to Extreme Positions as Political Salvation

Republicans are remarkably united on issues like abortion and traditional marriage so the Democrats have decided to divide their side  and use the social issues as a wedge to distract from the economy.  The problem is that most Americans are pro-life.  Every state voting on marriage sides with traditonal marriage.   The new Obama position costs him swing voters and loses him more voters than it gains him.  The American people think the nation is on the wrong track and post convention, there is a boost for the grassroots GOP with more people identifying themselves as Republicans than anytime since Reagan.  Why the Democrats would want to highlight their positions as rumored is puzzling.  I guess that is why the new emerging tactic will be to run against GWB.  The problem is they lost twice to him and he hasn't been on the ballot in 8 years.  It worked 4 years ago when he was Read more

How Do You Work With People Who Refuse to Work?

Senator Reid D- NV refuses to bring a budget to the floor this year.  Senator Conrad D-ND says he is at peace with it.  Senator Johnson R-WI says the GOP will force a vote on the Ryan budget, but Senator Conrad criticizes the move saying that both sides need to work together.  Let’s see the Democrats won’t give us a budget, but they won’t work on the Republican budget either and criticize the GOP for actually having one.  Which party is more of the problem in Washington?  America is sinking in debt and the Democrats can’t pass a budget outline among themselves to begin a responsible conversation.

Super Committee Failure not a failure of Washington–just Democrats

When I think about the fact the national debt crisis is the most avoidable crisis since Y2K, our avoidance of it makes me sick.  Our national debt has officially exceeded 100% of GDP and reached 15 trillion dollars.  Americans have been fed a line that Republicans refuse  to work with Democrats.  Tea Party Republicans are intransigents and would rather protect the 1% than save America.  The media drumbeat has been incessant.  Yet we see that not only has the President been disengaged, he blows up every deal that gains traction.  Republicans passed serious proposals and Democrats couldn't even agree on one among themselves.  Finally they abandoned thinking big and proposed basically raising taxes to close the minimum threshold.  Republicans believe that would slow the economy and make the deficit worse never the less they tried to meet them part way and the Democrats wouldn't even Read more

15 to 1

It is unforgivable that House Republicans are not voting on Obama jobs bills, we are told, but that the fact that the Senate Democrats refuse to vote on 15 bills passed by the House is not even worthy of mention.  Even President Obama recognized that some of those ideas were good.  Why won’t Harry Reid at least allow the bills up for a vote?  He can even use the 60 vote barrier.  He is afraid to blow the biggest lie in Washington.  The Republicans have no plan.  Once that one dies, they are in real trouble because even the causal public will see the Democrats are not the only game in town.

April Fools

Traditionally, I like to do an April Fools' day post.   This year, I cannot think of anything crazier than real life.   It seems like the leaders of the Democrat party have gotten crazier after the election.  In Delaware, the Democrats have been caught covering up widespread discrimination in their government.   They got rid of the people who enforce the law and have nearly 500 complaints waiting for up to 2 years.  The Democrats are trying to redefine the family in a so called civil union bill.  They say they are not redefining marriage, but if you look at the laws being amended they are redefining the family.   They have stuck us an energy rationing scheme which will result in fewer jobs and higher energy bills.  Even worse, they recently past a bill upping the so called renewable goal to 25% of our electricity which is leading to a new rationing bill.  They want to pass Read more

Democrats Love Taxes Except When They Owe Them

Senator Claire McCaskill owes $287,000 in personal property taxes on her personal plane.  It is the same plane that she admitted to improperly billing taxpayers to the tune of $88,000.   I have sympathy for the Senator.  The Saint Louis County personal property tax is egregious and just discourages the purchase and maintenance of such property in Missouri.  It is essentially a tax based upon envy.  Senator McCaskill is being forced to sell her plane.   Does Senator McCaskill recognize the problem?  She did not want to do anything about it when she a member of the General Assembly or advocate for it when she was auditor of accounts.  Hypocrisy is normal for the Senator this year.   She is calling on reforming foreign travel  for Congress in her effort to clean up the institution, but I guess over billing for 89 domestic flights for her personal plane was not in the package. She Read more

A Garden of Nuts-Senate Democrat Caucus?

During my morning devotions I happened to read The Song of Solomon chapter 6 and verse 11 speaks of the Garden of Nuts.  For some reason, my mind went to the U. S. Senate.   Could it be because the U. S. Senate has yet to pass a budget or even a permanent funding resolution (CR) for the year that started in October.   When Republicans won the election, they forced a temporary spending bill through in the lame duck.  They passed a bill to fund the government and the Democrats left town without voting.  The GOP led House passed another resolution funding the government for a short term which the Senate passed, but they failed again to even vote on a proposal.  Reid has one idea, Conrad has another, and Durbin seems to have another.  A bipartisan group talks of coming up with some proposal.  Reid seems to reject any serious belt tightening even making a passionate appeal to keep funding Read more