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Ryan is the Man!

Governor Mitt Romney took the intellectual leader of the party as his running mate. I guess now it is official that Bill Crystal still runs the party as much as in the Bush days. His man Paul Ryan may become the next VP. The Ryan move makes a lot of sense and adds gravity to the ticket. The election will now be about competing visions for the future not silly stuff like Obama's college records from 25 and 30 years ago or Romney's tax records from the 1990's. It will be about debt, growth, culture, health care, and competence. In other words, the things that really matter. Ryan will also make Wisconsin a lean Republican state. His Midwest common sense will help make Indiana secure and his style matches Portman and Kasich which will play well in Ohio. McDonnell would have helped him more in the upper south and southern Ohio, and his picking someone with a Washington record as long Read more

Well Said Michael

The Daily Borg takes on the distortion about Mitt's record at Bain Capital. Romney had already left Bain when the two companies highlighted by the President failed. If the President's men can't get traction off some 50 year old high school story, they just make stuff up. When your record is record debt, the worst employment record in 70 years, and energy polices which are destroying the middle class lifestyle, you will say anything to change the topic. The failures of GST and SCT are both unfortunate. They were in many ways very different. But the root causes of their failures share some common issues. Chinese competition and a union unwilling to work for the best interests of the company are two. Of course Bain Capital is a common denominator. Their end fates are shared in common as well. GST failed in 2001. SCT in 2000. Obama eviscerates Mitt Romney for the failures of both companies. Read more

Trying to Scare Up Support for Romney

This is not a criticism of Gov. Romney. It is intrigue over the media effort to scare moderate and establishment Republicans toward him and away from Gov. Perry. This story is typical. In a strange way it has to make Governor Romney nervous. After McCain’s drumming, Republican primary voters may run the other way if they perceive the media is trying to pick their candidate. Poor Mitt Romney must be wondering what did I do to deserve this? Just 4 years ago Hannity and Limbaugh were touting him as the conservative alternative to McCain.

Will Romney Care Trip up Mitt?

A  groundbreaking  Healthcare law which attracted input from Heritage Foundation scholars and business people as well as labor and the late Ted Kennedy was suppose to be the crowning achievement to solidify Governor Mitt Romney's stellar career in business and government claim to greatness.  Will it instead be his undoing?  The Boston Globe is trying to feed Tea Party and conservative discontent with The Great Romney Care Denial. Q: WHEN it comes to a government overhaul of health care, what is the difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney? Tweet Be the first to Tweet this! Yahoo! BuzzShareThis A: Obama was against an individual insurance mandate before he was for it. Romney was for the mandate before he was against it. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. The real difference is that Obama acknowledges reversing his position, while Romney seems to be trying to Read more