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Russia’s Syrian Operation is Both Political and Military

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer According to western experts, Russia’s military move in Syria is both geostrategic and political. A key facet of Russian defense policy is retention of its naval supply and maintenance base at the Syrian port of Tartus, vital to its eastern Mediterranean naval operations and broader ventures. Deployment of top-line T-14 Armada tanks, heavy artillery, modular housing units for 1000 men and a portable air traffic control unit at the Latakia Airport also suggests that Russia may seek to acquire a more permanent airbase in Syria. Latakia , as a predominantly Alawite area of Syria is considered President Bashar al-Assad’s political base of support and the portion of Syria to be most easily held as an enclave in a worst-case scenario. Russia, acting in accordance with its foreign policy objectives, considers the Alawite sect of Islam a useful Read more

Iranian AF Tests Smart Bombs

The IRIAF has successfully tested smart bombs, according to a 9/6/2015 IRNA report.

The tests, involving various types of munitions, dropped from Saeghe, F4, F5, Sukhoi24 and F14 jet fighters, as well as drones was part of a larger military exercise, codenamed Devotees of the Velayat at sanctuary 5 [milirary reserve] near the northern city of Isfahan.

[ NOTE: Velayat is a shortened form of the Persian term: velayat-e fahqui or “governance of the the jurist”—a Shiite concept of a mixed theocratic/democratic form of government, resurrected by Ayatolla Ruhollah Khomeni as propagated in his 1960-70’s writings and declarations. WvB ]

Finnish Defense Minister Attends NATO Brussels Conference

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Finland’s Minister of Defense, Jussi Niinistö, participated in a major NATO ministerial meeting held in Brussels on Thursday, 25 June 2015. He took an active part in the Resolute Support (RS) discussions, focused on facilitating training and advice for the Afghan security forces and agencies and the future of the operation.

The meeting also discussed the general security situation in Afghanistan and assessed the progress of Resolute Support from an operational perspective. Finland currently has 80 peacekeepers and advisors stationed in Afghanistan.

Putin Announces That Russia Will Add 40 New ICBMs to its Strategic Nuclear Force in 2015

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Speaking at the Tuesday, June 16 opening of the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2015 in the newly-created military-patriotic recreation park in Kubinka, Moscow Region, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that forty new advanced ICBMs will be added to Russia’s strategic nuclear arsenal in 2015.“This year, our nuclear forces are going to get more than 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of penetrating all existing, even the most advanced missile defenses.", he said. He further elaborated that “The state would persist in paying specific attention to realization of a massive military rearmament program and modernization of the defense industry”. Vladimir Putin opening the IMTF ARMY-2015 Exposition [Photo:RIA Novosti/Alexander Vilf] This announcement comes in the context of significant Russian weapons systems development Read more

Finnish Defense Minister Meets with Swedish and Estonian Counterparts

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Finland’s Defense Minister, Jussi Niinistö, is currently on his first official visit abroad on Friday June 5, 2015.

He is scheduled to confer with the Swedish Minister of Defense, Peter Hultqvist in Stockholm. Then, it’s on to Tallin for a meeting with Estonian Minister of Defense, Sven Mikser.

In the wake of a recent suspected Russian submarine incursion in Finnish waters near Helsinki and other air and naval incidents in the region, the Ministers will discuss current Baltic Area defense and security issues.

In the broader context, various NATO nations have reported increased aggressiveness, close encounters and diminished safety facors of Russaian Navy manoevres and Air Force flights, potentially affecting maritime and aviation traffic.

Finnish Defense Ministry Pledges Sustainable Development Program

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer The Finnish Defense Ministry has pledged to implement a program of sustainable development in its planning and operations as part of a broader long term national program, documented in "The Finland We Want by 2050". “We have pledged to sustainable development with several measures and one is our aim at decreasing energy consumption in the premises by 20 per cent and greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent between 2010 and 2020”, said Planning Officer, Sami Heikkilä. The Defense Ministry program is aimed at reducing environmental damage resulting from training exercises and regular operations, facilities construction, as well as materials, energy and waste management (including increased utilization of renewable energy sources). Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that the plan currently did not mention hydrokinetics as a possible energy Read more

US Response to Iranian Seizure of the MV Maersk Tigris

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer The US is prepared to deal with increasing naval tensions in the Persian Gulf in response to the Iranian seizure of the Marshall Islands registered Danish container ship, MV Maresk Tigris, according to Pentagon sources. The US State Department, after consultation with Marshall Islands officials, has clarified its position. “The U.S. continues to have “full authority and responsibility for security and defense of the Marshall Islands,” according to the State Department’s website. The Marshall Islands gained independence from the United States in 1986, but continues in the US sphere of defense, according to a treaty. Subsequently, FOX News televised reports that the US Navy will escort American-flagged commercial Read more

Finnish Navy Fires Depth Charges in Territorial Waters Near Helsinki

By: Wolf von Baumgart , Staff Writer The Finnish Ministry of Defense has stated that its maritime surveillance system detected a possible submarine intrusion in Finnish Baltic territorial waters near Helsinki (Helsingfors) at approximately Noon (local time) on April 27. Finnish Navy surface vessels conducted an area search and subsequently fired warning depth charges at approximately 3am earlier this morning after a second detection was registered. The incident is currently under investigation. No official statements as to the possible source of the submarine target have been issued as yet, pending outcome of the investigation. Various neutral and NATO-affiliated Baltic Area States have reported increased Russian submarine and air force maneuvers described as unsafe, intrusive or provocative (occasionally involving territorial incursions) as well as increased surface naval activity Read more

Iranian Convoy Bound for Yemen Reverses Course

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer A U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of annonymity in an apparently unauthorized statement, said that the nine-ship convoy of Iranian cargo ship suspected of carrying advanced weapons to Houthi insurgents in Yemen has apparently reversed its course, at least temporarily. The official said it remains unclear where the convoy is currenly headed, but it reportedly was no longer moving toward of the key Yemani port of Aden as of Thursday, April 23. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, yesterday, would not indicate whether or not the US Navy would forcibly stop and board Iranian ships entering Yemeni waters. It should be noted that this report is, as yet, unconfirmed, given the circumstances of its release. See: Read more

US- Iranian Naval Situation Not Widely Disclosed.

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Apparently, US Naval forces have already boarded a vessel suspected of carrying arms to Yemen in the Red Sea. On April 1, according to the Wall Street Journal, a search of the Panamanian-flagged cargo vessel Saisaban by a boarding party of the guided missile destroyer USNS Sterett (DDG 104) on April 1 did not find evidence of an arms shipment. This is the first boarding operation conducted in the area to intercept strategic arms bound for Houthi rebels in Yemen according to US military officials. Read the original WSJ story here: The USNS Sterett is a Flight IIA Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer. Details are available at: Details of the Panamanian freighter Saisaban are available at : The Read more

Shades of 1950-1953 on the 38th parallel

Let’s establish a few things right off the bat, as they say: First, the Korean War, that began in June, 1950, never actually ended.  There is no formal treaty, no truce, simply an armistice, the same kind that ended World War One.  The Korean War never ended, but actual hostilities were curtailed under a cease-fire on July 27th, 1953 at 10:00 AM local time. Second, North Korea, which calls itself the “Democratic Republic of Korea,” is obviously neither democratic, nor a republic.  It is, in fact, a monarchy.  The “founder” of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, was a Soviet puppet and delusional Stalinist who actually believed his own prevarications and propaganda, as he believed that of his mentors, Stalin and Mao.  He passed power, without input from “the people,” directly to his son, Kim Jong-il, who, in turn, passed it to his son, Kim Jong-un, who is the sabre-rattling Read more

The left’s new W.I.C.* program

*Women in combat   I read last night the inspiring story of how a phalanx of Spartan hoplite women held off Xerxes the Persian at Thermopylae.  Then, I studied the famous Female Cohorts of Rome, who, outnumbered three-to-one, fought Hannibal Barca and the Carthaginians at Trebbia.  Later, I read about how a regiment of 800 Wisconsin women stormed Island No.10 during the Civil War.  Next, I read about how two battalions of French women dislodged a reinforced German machine gun nest during the Battle of the Marne in World War 1.  Then, I was impressed as all-get-out by that fabulous tale of the all-female squadron of B-29s that firebombed Yokohama in the summer of 1945.  But the most inspiring story, truly highlighting the incredible combat prowess of women, detailed the two companies, comprising about 180 women Marines, who held off two regiments of Chinese Communists at the Read more

Hooray for Mary Spicer and Republican Women!!!

Under the leadership of Mary Spicer, the Delaware Federation of Republican Women have taken the next step to impacting public policy.  Based on a resolution within their own group, the Republican Women have recognized that those who defend our freedoms, including our right to vote, are being penalized by the late primary election in Delaware.  The Brave Men and Women who defend our freedoms are not able to have absentee ballots sent to them in some cases within 7 weeks of a general election.  For those who serve our nation in far flung locales such as Iraq or Afghanistan, this is unrealistic.  Getting an election document to a GI 150 miles outside of Kabul and back to Wilmington Delaware in 50 days or less strains the reality of combat conditions and penalizes our brave men and women for serving their country.    Let's keep in mind that in certain cases U.S. Navy submariners Read more

Defense Strategy Is Not Just for Today

One of the problems that America has faced is that we look at national defense based upon today's challenges.  We should.  That is not where we need to stop.  Our defense posture must be preparedness against potential and future threats.  We must develop future weapons systems to stay a couple of steps ahead of the competition. Foolishly, we have cut the F-22 which is the best aircraft in the world.  Worse yet, we did it in such a way which makes it more difficult for Japan to fill its needs.  Oh, they are not what we need in Afghanistan.  The fact is that you buy more of what you need, but do not sacrifice the ability to deal with more sophisticated competitors.  Now we may be seeing the error of our ways. China welcomed Secretary Gates with a new stealth fighter.  We didn't even know they had it.  According to Defense experts for both Australia and the U. S. working computer Read more

A Brave New World

The President has gotten his repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.   I find it disgusting that they warped surveys which showed opposition and tried to make opponents in the military seem supportive.  When people said that it would cause some problems instead of a lot of problems, they were lumped in as supporting the repeal instead of opposing it.  They are basing policy upon a pack of lies.  They have the majority thanks to some of you so it is their right.  It is still a disgrace to implement unnecessary left wing experiments during a time of war.   The reasons for implementing the law after World War 2 were sound and frankly they have not disappeared.   If done carefully, I believe this repeal can be implemented with only some issues.  My greater concern is that these radicals are more likely to try to reeducate people and force an embrace of the gay agenda including recognizing gay Read more

Courageous or Dumb: Tell me

The famous Army doctor Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin who refused to deploy with his unit because the President was "not a native born American" has pleaded guilty to one count and is expected to be booted from the Army two years short of retirement.  Obviously, he should not go to prison when others who do not deploy for other reasons are just booted.  Losing his retirement and benefits as well as a less than honorable discharge for failure to obey a lawful order should work. The Colonel let the troops down.  Doctors with his skill are needed.  The issue was one for the electors and Congress to decide.  The issue was brought before the courts, can we allow everyone to be the judge of qualifications beyond their own vote?  This war did not start with President Obama.  It was duly authorized by the Congress of the United States.  The order was confirmed by the Secretary of Defense who Read more

GO ARMY: SSG Giunta Awarded Medal of Honor

Under Fire, but undaunted, hit, but undeterred.  Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore A. Giunta earned the coveted Congressional Medal of Honor.  He became the first living recipient in a generation. Then-Specialist Salvatore A. Giunta distinguished himself by acts of gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a rifle team leader with Company B, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503d Infantry Regiment during combat operations against an armed enemy in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan on October 25, 2007. When an insurgent force ambush split Specialist Giunta's squad into two groups, he exposed himself to enemy fire to pull a comrade back to cover. Later, while engaging the enemy and attempting to link up with the rest of his squad, Specialist Giunta noticed two insurgents carrying away a fellow soldier. He immediately engaged the enemy, killing one and wounding Read more

Happy Veterans’ Day

I wish all of those who served this country in the Armed Forces a Happy Veterans' Day.   Have a free meal at you local Applebee's and reflect.  In fact, have a free lunch at the Route 8 McDonald's. This is the Kent County list of events.  The Delaware Memorial Bridge Ceremony is also on today.   A Tribute from the First Lady Veterans Day provides us with the chance to mark the debt of honor we owe to all those who have worn the uniform of the United States. We remember those who gave their lives beneath our flag, in service of our freedom. And with so many still fighting, we owe special thanks to the courageous families of those who serve. Because when our servicemen and women deploy overseas, their loved ones are left to undertake heroic battles of their own at home. The unique challenges they face in support of men and women in uniform allow us all to enjoy the freedoms Read more

USO Received $10,000 donation from Urquhart

USO Receives $10,000 donation from Urquhart. The Annual Brian Brown Memorial Golf Challenge received a welcomed boost. Businessman and former Reagan appointee Glen Urquhart gave a personal check of $10,000 to support the USO’s efforts to maintain the morale of America’s military service members. “It is not often the USO receives a donation of $10,000”, said a delighted Joan Cote, director of the Delaware USO. The US Delaware offers many worthy programs as diverse as the highly praised United through Reading program to providing support for our fallen military heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice. She praised Urquhart’s generosity and commitment to the cause. For Businessman Glen Urquhart, the focus was on the true American heroes. Our military service members show by their example that sacrifice is essential to liberty, their sacrifice has secured our liberty, Urquhart Read more

Cpl. Jacob Leicht, USMC age 24 #1000

Here is the inspiring story of American casualty # 1000 in the Afghan war. The 1,000th American serviceman killed in Afghanistan had already fallen once to a hidden explosive, driving his Humvee over a bomb in Iraq in 2007. The blast punched the dashboard radio into his face and broke his leg in two places. Marine Cpl. Jacob C. Leicht didn't survive his second encounter with a bomb this week. The death of the 24-year-old Texan born on the Fourth of July marks a grim milestone in the Afghanistan war. Leicht, who spent two painful years recovering from the Iraq blast, was killed Thursday when he stepped on a land mine in Helmand province that ripped off his right arm. He had written letters from his hospital bed begging to be put back on the front lines, and died less than a month into that desperately sought second tour. An Associated Press tally shows Leicht is the 1,000th U.S. serviceman Read more

Coons Politicizes Memorial Day

Read this disgusting politicization of Memorial Day by Senate Candidate Chris Coons. We are in the middle of two wars but he can not even resist the impulse to allowing a study before starting social experimentation on the military in the name of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
Late Thursday night the House voted on an amendment to repeal the law that prevents gays from serving openly in our nation’s military, but, in lockstep with other Washington Republicans, Congressman Castle voted against it. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is discrimination, plain and simple. It’s offensive, impractical, and has no place in this country. Mike Castle disagrees. This Memorial Day weekend, let’s send him a message that Delaware simply will not tolerate discrimination.