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Why Huckabee Would Be The Best President

I love the GOP field this time. It is deep and diverse. Rubio excites me, Carson inspires me, Bush reassures me, Paul rallies me to liberty, Cruz illustrates the power of principle, and Walker shows me courageous leadership. One person does it all. Governor Mike Huckabee. He has a strong record of success. No state advanced more in relationship to moving up the ranks in family income, education, healthcare, and improved infrastructure. He brings a statesman skill and a pastor's heart to the equation. He understands that the divides that hold us back need to be bridged. He is unafraid to confront our enemies and unapologetic about American Exceptionalism. He is willing to protect Judeo-Christian principles and republican principles. He is a populist in that he is for the forgotten man and not owned by the billionaire class. He is all for billionaires, just on an equal footing. Read more

Huckabee To Testify at the First Congressional Hearing on the Fair Tax

Amidst all of the debt and deficit talks coming out of DC, there is some shocking but great news beginning to show up in new reports: politicians and pundits have actually called for major tax reform. Many of you know that I strongly believe the FairTax is the best way for taxpayers and businesses to participate in the federal tax process because it’s the only solution that’s truly fair, finite and family friendly. I campaigned on this issue in 2008 and my passion on this issue has only grown since then. In fact, I wanted you to be the first to know that your voice will finally be heard in Congress. On July 26th, I will travel to Washington, DC and testify before the House Ways and Means Committee about the importance, need and feasibility of the Fair Tax. We as taxpayers can continue down this complex troublesome tax road, or we can adopt the FairTax and finally Read more

Huckabee Sits Out 2012

Governor Mike Huckabee had come to believe that he would be in the race for President, but in a moment of quiet reflection, he decided not to run.  He was the front runner and now the race is wide open.   Donald Trump immediately wished him good luck. Governor Huckabee is relatively young.  He will run some dayand I believe will be President.  He is a great communicator who has a heart for people.  That is desperately needed in government. I am one of those people who he said would be deeply disappointed, but I believe it is a personal decision.  If you do not have the fire in belly for it right now, it is best not to do it.  I support him.  I will continue to be a supporter.   This will open up the 2012 field.  I will be interested to see who emerges.  Mitt Romney will be stronger.  Sarah Palin may decide to enter now.  I could see a southern governor stepping in now Read more

When is the GOP Establishment Going to Wake Up

It is clear that Governor Mike Huckabee is the man to back. He is acceptable to over 90% of the party. He has the best approval numbers within the party. The latest poll has him even with the President. This is a consistent trend showing him within striking distance of the President. Most polls have him in the margin of error. It is time for some money to get behind the governor.

Hucked Up!

I have always liked former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.  He's easy on the ears and has the calming effect of a erudite psychologist; his Southern Baptist charm and sensibilities reveal Huckabee's small-town cache. Music stars, Hollywood moguls, John Q. Public and of course - politicos of every persuasion - open up to him. However, the 2008 Republican presidential  primary candidate, and presumably 2012 presidential GOP candidate has a new public relations problem. It's actually turning into a nightmare. Huckabee, while being interviewed via radio by WOR's Steve Malzberg on March 1, 2011, had this to say regarding president Barack Obama: After news of Huckabee’s Freudian slip about Barack Obama spread, Huckabee went silent himself. He dispatched a spokesman, J. Hogan Gidley, to assert that Huckabee “merely misspoke” and that Read more

An interview with Mike Huckabee: A Simple Government

Governor Mike Huckabee is releasing a new book today, A Simple Government.  He believes the answers to our complex problems begins with basic principles we have forgetten.  Our founders used only 20 pages to write the Constitution which guides our nation.  In spite of the fact we have complex problems, the path to solving them begins with simple principles.  Governor Huckabee seeks to achieve three goals in this book.  He seeks to engage the public in a serious, common sense discussion of the issues perplexing America.  He seeks to make a compelling case for full spectrum conservatism not just fiscal or social.   He seeks to head off an internal blood bath in the GOP between the Libertarian and the traditional Conservative wings of the party. I was privledged to participate in a conference call with other bloggers.  We asked questions on a variety of subjects.  My questions Read more

Blogger Tapped to be Huck PAC state coordinator

David Anderson has been selected to be Team Huck Coordinator for the state of Delaware yesterday.  Now that the twitter feed has been satisfied.   I have long been a Mike Huckabee supporter and was honored to receive the appointment.  I never even applied, but I have been an organizer, state strategist, and contributor to their efforts. I believe that Mike Huckabee is the conservative who can win.   I first became aquainted with the governor back in the 1990's when he ran for Lt. Governor.  At that time he was better known for leading the Southern Baptist Convention in Arkansas than for political involvement.  I heard him on either James Dobson's program or Marlin Maddoux.  He had a vision that went far beyond that of a Lt. Governor.  I had a feeling that one day we would he be heard from nationally.  It was like the feeling when I first heard Governor Sarah Palin when Read more

Mike Huckabee: A Real Success Story

When Mike Huckabee took over Arkansas, the place was a mess.  The political system was a bastion of corruption.  The education system produced some of the worse results in the nation.  The infrastructure including the roads where falling apart and rated the worse in the nation.  The tax system was convoluted and contra-growth.  The children had the some of the worse health outcomes in the nation.  The nursing homes were condemned by the federal government and were a disgrace.  The state suffered still from racial divisions.  In ten and a half years, Mike Huckabee was governor, he addressed all of those problems with success. Unlike some governors who merely claim to implement reform regardless of results, Mike Huckabee took Arkansas from the celler in education and made it average.  Delaware spent well over $9000 per pupil while  Arkansas spent around $6100 per student.  In Read more

Governor Mike Huckabee And Huck PAC Endorse Glen Urquhart For Congress In Delaware

For Immediate Release Governor Mike Huckabee proclaimed on his Huck PAC blog his endorsement of former Reagan appointee and businessman Glen Urquhart, the Republican Candidate for Delaware’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. “Huck PAC and I are proud to support Glen Urquhart for Congress from Delaware. Glen shares our traditional conservative values like the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and the right to keep and bear arms. Glen has the right kind of experiences to make a positive difference in Congress. Glen served as Chair the National Capital Planning Commission first appointed by President Ronald Reagan and saw first hand the benefit of sound fiscal policy. Glen understands how to create jobs and spur on economic growth – and we need that kind of leadership now more than ever in Washington. Please join me in supporting Glen Urquhart for Congress from Read more

Huckabee on Health Deform

The Democrats continue to push their health care scheme. They continue to craft a bill in secret, behind closed doors, while telling the rest of the Senate and the American people that they will pass a bill before Christmas. It's not too late!!   Don't give up the fight. The Senators listed below are important to the Democrat's chances of success. Call them now!  Tell them to vote against the secret health care bill!  Tell them not to invoke cloture!  And while you are at it, remind them that the American people are paying attention and watching. If Congress doesn't heed the words of the people now, they surely will come November! Call: Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas               202-224-4843         202-224-4843 Ben Nelson, Nebraska               202-224-6551         202-224-6551 Olympia Snowe, Maine               202-224-5344         Read more