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Michele Bachmann’s farewell–for now

Congresswoman and Tea Party Caucus Founder Michele Bachmann is retiring from Congress after 8 years. She spoke before the Values Voter's Summit. I am disappointed with her retirement because she understood the importance of defending the dollar and opposing the new global market basket currency. This debate with Socialist and Democrat Caucusing Senator Bernie Sanders is classic. She destroys his arguments for bigger government. The famous Gangster Government Speech End Bailout Nation Read more

Bachmentum–up by 1

Republican Primary voters have a crush on Michele according to the latest PPP poll.  She has taken the lead in the Presidential field unless Sarah Palin enters the race, then she drops to 4 behind Governor Romney.  Even more interesting is that Michele Bachmann leads a head to head 44 to 41%.  It is no wonder that the GOP insiders have even stooped to trying to claim that she suffers from migraines and somehow that would make her unfit for the office.  We have had Presidents crippled, with heart problems, with cancer, with back problems (and medication to control it), but somehow an occasional headache should disqualify someone.  If she can go 20 hours a day with migraines, then she is even more remarkable.  Our friends at DL alerted us to this one.  For the first time all year, I agree with something that I read on Daily Kos: If that doesn't fit the textbook definition of a Read more