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Time for you to be heard: David Anderson for State Rep

Why are we not heard by the current majority? It seems that we have been forgotten. The quiet people who work everyday, raise their families and serve in their community do not have a group of lobbyists to advocate our interests. We may not have lobbyists, but on November 6th you can have a representative who will work daily for you. I believe the government belongs to all of us and I will try to hear all of you. I will see what works and focus mainly on what matters most to improving our lives. We can have safer schools, work to restore the senior tax credit, have a job friendly state and safer streets. We can begin to turn the tide on the drug epidemic and homelessness. We need people who will unite the community to address these problems. I ask for your vote. Please give me 2 terms to prove myself. I kept my promises at the city level. I will at the state level. You will be glad Read more

Anderson Launches Jobs Offensive

The Dover Prospers Initiative from the Desk of Councilman David L. Anderson, Dover, DE I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in major initiatives to make Dover even more jobs friendly. Here is a quick summary of the initiatives, one stop shopping, a citizen sunset committee, new economic incentives for the Downtown to put into law the work done by our staff. I have long advocated One Stop Shopping to make it easy for to open a business in Dover. Every form that you need is in one packet and you can turn it in one place and we route it to the right department instead of you running around all day. Microbusinesses are the largest economic boom that we have. It is where the growth is most dependable and profitable. Sure we love adding hundreds of jobs at Energizer, which we are. We love Kraft adding jobs. We love having hundreds of millions in Calpine Construction or Uzin Utz and Read more

A Personal Moment: Remembering Dolores Anderson

First the basics Listed below are the funeral arrangements for Dolores M. Anderson, mother of SGT David Anderson (160th ENG CO), who passed away on Monday, November 3. VISITATION: Saturday, November 8, 9-11 a.m. Pippin Funeral Home 119 West Camden Wyoming Avenue Wyoming, DE FUNERAL SERVICE: Saturday, November 8, 11 a.m. Pippin Funeral Home INTERMENT: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Smyrna, DE REPASS: Christian Life Center,614 S. DuPont Hwy. Dover, DE Since I know that this is a political blog, I will not disinterest our readers with too many personal reflections, but since I have paid 100% of the freight for years, I hope you will indulge me a personal moment. My mom was a very special lady (as I am sure most of yours were to you). Unlike my father, who was a public figure, Pastor, chaplain for the local GOP, long time local radio show, Share Read more

Anderson Reaffirmed to National Policy Post

Councilman David Anderson Appointed to National League of Cities Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Advocacy Committee Washington, DC – 4th District Dover City Councilman David Anderson has been appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2013 Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Advocacy Committee. This Committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC federal policy positions on issues involving air quality, water quality, energy policy, national wetlands policy, noise control, and solid and hazardous waste management. The appointment was announced by NLC President Marie Lopez Rogers, mayor, Avondale, Arizona. "One of the issues which impacts those I am privileged to serve is national energy policy. Everyday they're bled dry because of inane policies the last 20 years. My involvement in this committee has given me an avenue to represent Read more

Anderson Reelection Kickoff is a Success

Thank you all for a successful campaign kickoff. Around 50 people broke through the cold to drop by and offer support, volunteering, donating, and well wishing. It was appreciated.  Some stayed for dinner, some just dropped by to sign up or donate, and give well wishes.  Even though it was not a fundraiser, we netted hundreds of dollars with more pledged, and a lot more if I happen to draw an opponent. I know several people came down with this crazy flu or colds who sent their regrets.  The total volunteer organization so far is up to 75.  That is not bad for a local race. Read more

We Are Ready to File

I am pleased to announce that I am filing for reelection to Dover City Council January 2, 2013. I first shared my intention publicly with my church family Sunday evening at our New Year's meal. We collected the requisite signatures Monday. and will file Wednesday. I am pleased with the progress that was made in my first term. Fiscal accountability, crime fighting, economic development, prioritizing critical infrastructure, and advancing liberty were my priorities. We eliminated the structural deficit without raising taxes, water rates, or electric rates. In fact, we cut electric rates to be the 3rd lowest in the state. We did have to raise the trash fee, sadly but those costs doubled including tipping fees, diesel fuel went from $2 a gallon to $3.50 since the last increase, and the new yard waste mandate jacked costs which created a $750,000 deficit in trash collection. I Read more

Join us May 22nd

Update: RSVP is now closed. Just show up! Those who can't but would like to support, please call or email. Thanks. Friends of David Anderson presents A Fundraiser hosted by Maria Cahill* for Councilman David Anderson of Dover   Location Westminster Retirement Center Community Bld. West room State College and McKee Roads Dover, DE Date: May 22nd Time 6:00pm Enjoy a great menu. Salmon Scallops wrapped in Bacon Veggies and Dip Chicken Cordon Blue Puffs Appetizer Pizza Soft drinks (Tea, coffee, etc.) Dessert Cost is a donation: recommended minimum of $35; $25 for volunteers and Westminster residents Reserve  a space by emailing calling Jeannie at 741-1971 or or Ailyn at 943-8230. *Maria Cahill serves as Ms. Delaware, but this event is her personal capacity.  She will be available for greeting and autographed pictures. Paid Read more

It Has Been a Year

I want to thank everyone who volunteered, donated, or voted for me last April.  It has been a year since I was honored by the people to be elected.  What a year it has been! I have been part of a great team of leaders who have taken seriously the challenges that we face. The economy has been a big challenge. Unemployment hit 10.6% at its peak. Property values have fallen almost 3% in the city. We have 300 vacant buildings. Our city is safe, but last year challenged us to do better. Complaints were up, murders were a record number, and the number of police were down. We have changed that calculus over the last 5 months. Crime is declining and we have reinstated community policing with the addition of new officers. Now we are moving. Plans which have been on the drawing board or in a desk drawer have been put into reality and new initiatives have been started. Unemployment Read more

The Initiative Is launched

FROM THE DESK OF CITY COUNCILMAN DAVID ANDERSON FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact David Anderson 302-339-1047 Mike Fox 302-399-7851 Media Release Dover to Become a Model Community for Strong Families FEBRUARY 11 IS THE LAUNCH OF THE MARRIAGE INITIATIVE Saturday, February 11 from 10am to 1pm National Columnists and certified marriage coaches Mike and Trisha Fox in partnership with local Dover City Councilman David Anderson will be helping couples give each other a Valentine's day gift of a stronger relationship. The free conference is part of a marriage initiative envisioned by Dover Councilman David Anderson to “bend the curve on the social problems facing our community one family at a time”. The initiative will have free conferences and community counseling (to be announced) with a goal of reaching 10% of the community in two years. Anderson continued, “All of us can Read more

Rumors Notwithstanding

There is a rumor that I am running for Mayor. Not true, I am not. Nor am I running for state representative. I didn't mind letting that one float around because it is useful to me, but it is time to put it to rest. I am not running for anything in 2012. The task ahead of me is too large to abandon. I thank you all for your support. There are rumors that I was recruited by Rick Perry's operation to have a significant role in Delaware. That is true back in the summer. He sort of started falling apart and I never signed on and am quite grateful I never did. I am a Mike Huckabee guy. There are rumors that I signed to get Mitt Romney on the ballot. That is true. I also signed for Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachmann. Anyone else wants a signature can come to me as well. I am helping to get Herman Cain and Ron Paul on the ballot. I would support any other candidate who requested ballot Read more

A Message to the ADL

Back in September, one of our authors posted a parody of the controversial attackwatch website sponsored by the current administration. You can view it here. Some people considered it thought provoking, others considered funny, and still others considered it offensive and inappropriate. Everyone had their say. One person threatened to report it--which sort of proved our author's point about the loss of freedom of speech. The entire point of the parody was that we shouldn't live in a society where dissent is a reportable and trackable event. Sure the parody is not my style, but I stood by it and continue to do so. It has always been the policy to give the contributors freedom of speech. That is an important principle that I stand by. Freedom of speech is protected not for the speech which makes everyone happy, but for the speech which disturbs or even offends. Jonathan Swift was widely Read more

Father’s Day Memories

Those who have been reading for the last 5 or 6 Father's day know a little about my father. I will give a quick sketch for the legion of new readers who came in during the O'Donnell and Urquhart campaigns. My father was the Reverend Levi Anderson. He was born in the Smyrna area and his later childhood was in Wilmington. He joined the Navy in World War 2 where he served honorably. His term was cut short and he became a Disabled American Veteran. After the Navy he moved to Alexandria Virginia where he began work for the navy department. He transferred to the Executive Office of the President. He met three American Presidents, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. Because of his disability, he was able to retire early after he got around 20 years including service time and became a full time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He ministered in Washington D. C. with Evangel temple, then accepted Read more

Thank you Dover!

Well can a hack blogger win political office?  He/she can if they have the team that I did with the right message and is a candidate who has been involved in the community.  While my political registration was out of the mainstream of my district, my values, concerns, and solutions were right at the heart of the district.  I have spent 13 years in the neighborhood helping kids, the homeless, opposing crime, and advocating better government and many more years active in the Dover area. My friends made the race easy.  Yes, we always ran like we were trying to come from 10 points behind, but we believed that we would win in spite of the fact that some important people backed each of my opponents.   No one had the greatest campaign manager in Delaware but me.  John Davis is the man.   I also have to shout out to Jeremy McEntire and Debbie Flora for being part of the core group.  Read more

I have been mostly absent

I apologize to readers for being mostly an absent landlord.  I am grateful to my friends for stepping in and doing a great job.  I have had some recent technical issues.  My DSL was down and finally got repaired, even worse my laptop, which is under warranty, failed and had to be shipped off so I could not use alternative methods effectively.  In that time, I have been terribly busy.  I have accepted a full time paid position with the Urquhart campaign.  It is the same job, I am just paid now.  It became obvious that we needed to end the search for another person to join the communications team as press secretary and I needed to bite the bullet and focus full time on the campaign.  It has been a great ride and it is only getting better. I felt like Dick Cheney when he headed the search committee for GWB's VP.  There is a point where you have to humble yourself and accept that Read more

I love July 29th

Is it because it is my birthday? Okay, you liberal friends you can't attack me today. You know you really like me anyway. Let it come out. Yes, but there is a lot more. It is a day that has been pivotal to freedom. On this day 1776 the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed to the public. On this day in 1778, the French Navy contacted the Continentals, on this day in 1958 NASA was formed and that same month eleven years later we were freed to touch the heavens with the lunar landing. There is a lot more that happened, but today is a day when the freedom that was earned was taken to the real world. That is what I hope I am doing. That is my mission.  It is time for a revolution of thought.  It is time for real change.  We need to stand for the moral superiority of life, liberty, and faith.  It is the American heritage. Have a great July 29th. Read more