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The Palin Effect

McCain /Hayworth was 48 to 41% Now it is 53 to 37% It was close not McCain looks safe.  Unless this ad backfires. I find it over the top to the point where it would make me think of supporting Hayworth. McCain wouldn’t air such an ad versus a Democrat filled with distortions. I guess that says something.

John McCain Please Wake UP

Senator McCain who liked a Cap and Trade deal for carbon is opposing a 2 billion dollar rebate for "cash for clunkers". Now this money is coming from reallocating the stimulus funds which is not working too well to a program which is working. What is the problem? Cash for clunkers is a conservative/libertarian idea. That is why the Democrats cut it in Conference committee. It values individual choice by encouraging people to do something good for themselves, the environment, and conserve energy. It saves money and creates jobs. In my opinion we need more of this type of legislation and less of the ham handed rationing like Jack Markell signed into law. Senator McCain is a great man, but he is part of the crowd that does not understand that we need to reinvigorate our manufacturing base. People like Hamilton and Washington turned this country from an agricultural backwater into Read more

VP Vetting–Oh Biden Doesn’t Count –It’s a Man’s World

If we want to talk about earmarks according to the Washington Post Hunter Biden' firm received 3.4 million in earmarks from Senator Obama.  Senators Obama and Biden have the earmark thing down.  It is even a family affair. There is nothing illegal or immoral about this.  It just stands in contrast to McCain who did no earmarks and fights for a better way. I also think it makes a joke out of stories critical of Palin for doing her job as mayor and getting aid for her town to build legitimate projects ($500,000 for a youth shelter, $1.9 million for a transportation hub, $900,000 for sewer repairs, and $15 million for a rail project).  How about the lawsuit on Hunter? This is likely sour grapes, but it does go to the campaign because the allegation is that the position was created for one reason, his father was running for President. "Hunter Biden was made president with an annual salary Read more

What Choosing Sarah Palin Really Means

The reform wing of the Republican Party has triumphed.  Reformer John McCain turned his back on the Washington Republican establishment and turned toward the working people of America.  I will not go over the accomplishments of Governor Palin, just read my other posts and comments.  I am focusing on what this choice means to the party.  The combination of McCain Palin is a profound one.  It brings together the national security wing with the social wing.  It takes the party away from the big spending heresy which infected it. It is a fiscal conservatism not only of tax cuts, but of spending restraint. It puts two bold and courageous people at the head of the party.  It signifies that the party is under new management.  When she was being vetted, Palin made an interesting statement which is being taken out of context now.  She said that she would not leave her job as Governor Read more

Could it be Sarah Palin?

Word is out that Senator McCain is making a bold choice of Governor Sarah Palin. Today may indeed be the day the election was won. This is proof that God loves Republicans too. Way to go McCain. For More information on the next Vice President of the United States. Should I gloat and point out that our VP has more executive experience than their entire ticket?  Making History is no longer the exclusive province of the Democrats this election.  It is not a choice of new versus old.  It is a choice about what kind of change you want.  The reform wing of the GOP has risen into ascendancy.  Sarah Palin was the only governor that I can find to ask that the pork sent to her state from the Federal government be cut Read more

Could it Be McCain is Just Well Liked

Senator John McCain is viewed positively by 55 to 58% of voters in every poll.  He polled better than GWB vs. Al Gore in 1999 and 2000 by 4 or 5 points.  So why is it a surprise that the Presidential race is close?  I read questions like why isn't Senator Obama 15 points ahead.  Simple, he is running against one of the most highly regarded politicians in America.  He was liked by everyone except a majority of Republican voters who tolerate him and the extreme left who hate anyone to the right of Barbara Boxer. Republicans swallowed hard and decided to win.  The national security wing was enthusiastic, but he has built bridges to the rest of the party.  Now Democrats are wondering why they are not ahead.  Is it something we did, they wonder.  The truth is polls showed McCain doing about the same vs. Clinton.  He runs 10 to 12 points ahead of the generic Republican. The media Read more

McCain V. Obama is a Deadheat–It’s the energy issue, stupid.

It's Monday and time for the weekly Presidential update.  Energy is the big issue in America.  The bad news for Senator Obama is that more Americans now trust Senator McCain on the issue.  The Obama people have gotten the message and the Senator has made a major address today on the issue. The race is a dead heat. For the first time since June 3, Rasmussen reports Senator McCain is in the lead among leaners, but it is statistically insignificant.  Senator Obama's dollar bill remark hurt his favorability ratings, they are down to 51% from a 54 to 57% range.  The majority viewed the remark as racist, including a stunning 44% of African Americans, which seems rather strong.  Racial would seem more accurate.  It seems 44 years after legal segregation was ended, the subject of race is still a sensative issue in America.  Americans are skeptical of a windfall profits tax because they Read more

McCain Launches Salvo on Energy–Obama=high prices at the pump

The latest McCain ad pulls no punches. The answer to the question of why are gas prices so high--Obama. No hints there. It is an interesting approach. Senator McCain had always talked about his comprehensive energy plan. This one is about drilling pure and simple.  It gives an important message, but is it too simplistic or does it finally cut through all of the clutter?  I will be watching the polls when I find out where this airs.  If it expands beyond a few states, we will know that it works.   I think the Democrats have been caught sleeping on what will be the issue of 2008.  This may be the day that they lost the chance to have the gains they thought would happen in Congress and maybe even the Presidency.  The Congressional generic ballot lead of Democrats has shrunk the last 5 weeks and is in single digits according to Rasmussen. I think this election will come down to 4 points Read more

MAC is Back

I have been watching Senator McCain climb up this week in Rasmussen and Gallup tracking polls.  I took my time pointing it out because it could have been a statistical fluke.  Now it seems real especially when I look at the underlying numbers.  Senator McCain is trusted on the economy and has pulled even on energy. The Democrats extreme position on energy is killing their Congressional numbers and is starting to weigh down Senator Obama. The message is getting through.  Drill here, drill now.  Get serious about alternatives.  Encourage innovation. Look at the excessive speculative bubble caused by the margin changes. We have to do it all. Senator McCain is now tied in the most recent national polls and is within single digits in all of them.  He shows the most upside potential in the choice of a running mate. Furthermore, white evangelicals -- who typically make up a quarter Read more

Thanks Phil–With Friends Like These….

Stop whining, said McCain economic advisor Senator Phil Gramm. (click for video) I wondered why Phil didn't quite catch on when he ran. Senator McCain said, "I don't agree with Senator Gramm... America is in great difficulty...Phil Gramm doesn't speak for me, I speak for me". This should settle it if there is any honesty in politics. I am holding my breath. I lost. This is the game we play. I think the real issues of energy independence in his statement are what was meaningful. Yet the real issues once again got overlooked in the gotcha media. Not here. Senator Gramm, don't worry there are months between now and election--an Ambassadorship to Belarus may not be in your future.(Do you think Senator McCain was hinting that he wanted to put some distance between he and Phil.) Read more

This is Rich– Clark says McCain not well qualified

I respect General Wesley Clark's service to the country and his leadership. I am just sorry he doesn't see fit to extend such sentiment himself. John McCain is only the best qualified individual to run for the Presidency in a generation. General Clark is backing someone who has hardly any track record at all. Out of all of the reasons to attack McCain, his record of public and military service is the most foolhardy. What was Clark thinking? If we apply the same standard that he raises, he should have been supporting Huckabee or Richardson and be sitting the election out. He can not seriously discount McCain's relationship to leaders around the world, his command in the Navy because it wasn't during wartime, and his wartime service because he got shot down. He can not claim that a man who ran a large Navy squadron doesn't have enough executive experience, but claim a man who hadn't even run Read more

McCain Shows Leadership on Energy; Obama says Hope for Change

Here is a great quote from Dick Morris: Suddenly, everything is on the table. Offshore drilling, Alaska drilling, nuclear power, wind, solar, flex-fuel cars, plug-in cars are all increasingly attractive options and John McCain seems alive to the need to go there while Obama is strangely passive. During the Democratic primary, he opposed a gas tax holiday and continues to be against offshore and Alaska drilling and squishy on nuclear power. That leaves turning down your thermostat and walking to work as the Democratic policies. McCain has also been ratcheting up his attacks on oil speculators. With the total value of trades in oil futures soaring from $13 billion in 2003 to $260 billion today, it is increasingly clear that it is not the supply and demand for oil which is, alone, driving up the price, but it is the supply and demand for oil futures which is stoking the upward movement. The Read more

Americans believe McCain will Win the War; Obama will Retreat

Update:  Please send an encouraging note this Memorial Day to our troops. Americans believe that Senator McCain will win the War in Iraq, but only 20% believe Senator Obama will win it. That is a significant underlying disadvantage to Senator Obama and a major hidden strength for Senator McCain. It could help explain why Senator McCain is out performing the generic Republican by 16 points or more. When John McCain says I will win this war, half of Americans believe it. So why is Senator Obama popular and competitive? Most Americans are tired of Mr. Bush's War. A majority place a higher priority on the troops coming home than winning the war. I consider that a scary proposition. Nothing is more vital to American Security than coming home with honor. If American are perceived by the enemies of freedom to be beaten and defeated, Read more