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Legislative Hall Thursday April 18, 2013

Here is a look at Legislative Hall in Dover today.  HB 75, about same sex marriage will be voted on in the House, and HB 35 about universal background checks will be voted on in the Senate.  The citizens of Delaware are watching both votes very closely and it is certain that today will be critical in the next election.             UPDATE:  Just for laughs these are the results of the Senate Vote on HB 35, and this is the vote on the motion to table the bill.  Almost a mirror image. Read more

Markell Reveals the Extreme Political Makeover

With the announcement that same sex marriage will be a priority next year, Markell and Denn lurched into extremism rejected in blue and red states by voters in referendum year after year. The idea is to make Delaware into their own image. They tried to keep it under wraps with plausible deniable. Civil Unions is a great compromise they said. Now before we have had any experience with the medium term implications of civil unions, they want to rush into so called same sex marriage. It is like they know a problem is coming and want to lock us in before we realize it. Governor Markell is dead wrong. It is not inevitable. It is not even desirable. It is wrong to its core. No society that has warped its marriage definition has found marriage stronger for it. The burden of proof is on the people who wish to change it. Canada, the Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, Portugal, Iceland, Read more

Darkness Descends On Maryland

Anti-traditional marriage forces finally pushed and bullied their way through the Maryland State House of Delegates. By the closest of margins, a couple of renegade Republicans and weak Democrats buckled and reversed their opposition under the excuse of some weak amendments. I believe the decline of America began in 1962 when we took GOD out of the classroom. Now the light of truth is so dim in some circles that even the most basic facts of culture, biology, and sociology are confusing to some. This darkness is now fully engaged in the Maryland General Assembly. We have a good number of Maryland readers. I give our Maryland friends a call to action. The battle is not over. It is time for people to engage. Call the state senate. Call the state house. It may come back to the house if the senate amends it. Get organized in your churches and community groups to hit the path for Read more

The Initiative Is launched

FROM THE DESK OF CITY COUNCILMAN DAVID ANDERSON FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact David Anderson 302-339-1047 Mike Fox 302-399-7851 Media Release Dover to Become a Model Community for Strong Families FEBRUARY 11 IS THE LAUNCH OF THE MARRIAGE INITIATIVE Saturday, February 11 from 10am to 1pm National Columnists and certified marriage coaches Mike and Trisha Fox in partnership with local Dover City Councilman David Anderson will be helping couples give each other a Valentine's day gift of a stronger relationship. The free conference is part of a marriage initiative envisioned by Dover Councilman David Anderson to “bend the curve on the social problems facing our community one family at a time”. The initiative will have free conferences and community counseling (to be announced) with a goal of reaching 10% of the community in two years. Anderson continued, “All of us can Read more

Senator Coons’ Hypocrisy

Senator Coons' Press Release   "WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) today praised the Obama Administration’s decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court." I will be up front and admit that I have little hope that Senator Chris Coons to be a Senator that represents me or even the State of Delaware. However, I am still disappointed by the press release he issued today concerning the Obama Administration's decision to make it a policy to no longer enforce The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  It could alternatively be titled "Thank you Mr. President for doing my job." Senator Coons applauds the choice, in part because of his personal stance on equality and partly because he feels that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.  Herein lies the hypocrisy.  Sen. Coons opposes DOMA because he thinks it is unconstitutional, yet he supports the Read more

Testing the Waters for Civil Unions

I support allowing members of a household to the right to purchase insurance for other members of their household through their job with their own money. I think it is a public good to allow people to have health and life insurance. I do not support HB 10 because it does not aim at achieving a particular public good, but is an attempt to put into law the concept of spousal equivalent for same sex couples. I have an idea, let people designate whomever they want for their survivor's pension benefit. If it is their sister who is disabled and is cared for by them or their same sex partner, it is not my money but theirs. I do not need to find out the nature of the relationship. For health insurance purposes, why not go to household insurance? Why not let someone buy it for their 60 year old mother who lives with them or they live with? Why not for their partner or whomever? This bill does very Read more