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Delaware Animal Control Reform Petition Available On-line

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer A Petition to Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Attorney General Matt Denn to "Immediately investigate violations by and clarify authority of the contracted dog control agency, known as Kent County SPCA, First State Animal Center & SPCA, Camden SPCA and Delaware Animal Care & Control" is available on-line at: . NOTE: This information was contributed by D. Meier in a comment regarding a previous article: “Talk Show Host Legally Challenges SPCA”. Read more

Markell Gun Measures Panned by Gun Rights Advocates

While Governor Markell received the support of his Lt. Governor Matt Denn, and Attorney General Biden, gun rights advocates panned his plan as a violation of the Delaware Constitution. The proposals to address gun safety issues in the First State in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy drew harsh criticism from the National Rifle Association, yet they drew praise from the Delaware State Education Association, the state's largest teachers' union. Markell, Denn and Biden were joined by Delaware Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security Lew Schiliro, members of the General Assembly, police officers and members of the faith-based community for the unveiling of the gun safety legislation at the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington. "The gun safety measures we are proposing will strengthen our ability to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them," Markell said. "No Read more

Who Says Democrats Look Out for the Little Guy?

It seems the unions are upset that there are no raises for rank and file employees, but the administration is advocating raises for a half a dozen cabinet posts. Story here. Frankly most of the raises are 2% a year if viewed over 4 years or less so the amount is not outrageous, and federal mandates and other changes have increased the job responsibilities of a couple of the posts. The unions though are upset over givebacks forced on them and only 1% raise over the last 4 years and that was fought by the administration. There is no fairness being applied they argue. What is your view?

Alex Pires Gives Endorsement List

At Dover's Historic Union Missionary Baptist Church, Independent Senate Candidate made an interesting play. He endorsed two Democrats, two Republicans, and himself. The candidate's forum hosted by a group of churches that have majority black congregations, was attended by every state wide candidate except Tom Carper and Jack Markell and most of the local ones. Matt Denn had a prior engagement and showed up at the end. The big winner was Ben Mobley who wowed the crowd. He also picked up a surprise endorsement of Alex Pires who endorsed Sher Valenzuela, Jack Markell, and John Carney. It became quite clear what his strategy is. One, he wants the demographic of Sher and Ben. Two, he wants to tie himself to the popular Governor and Congressman. He is aligning himself with the winners. Three, it is interesting that the only way someone can support diversity in public office statewide Read more

Markell Reveals the Extreme Political Makeover

With the announcement that same sex marriage will be a priority next year, Markell and Denn lurched into extremism rejected in blue and red states by voters in referendum year after year. The idea is to make Delaware into their own image. They tried to keep it under wraps with plausible deniable. Civil Unions is a great compromise they said. Now before we have had any experience with the medium term implications of civil unions, they want to rush into so called same sex marriage. It is like they know a problem is coming and want to lock us in before we realize it. Governor Markell is dead wrong. It is not inevitable. It is not even desirable. It is wrong to its core. No society that has warped its marriage definition has found marriage stronger for it. The burden of proof is on the people who wish to change it. Canada, the Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, Portugal, Iceland, Read more

Markell Touts Plan to Lower Violent Crime in Wilmington

"Operation: Pressure Point" Coordinates Efforts to Crack Down on Violent Crime Statewide Reducing Crime in Wilmington is the First Focus of this Statewide Prevention Effort Markell: "When it comes to combating gun violence and violent crime anywhere in Delaware, we are fully aligned in both our efforts and outcomes - to save lives." Wilmington, DE - A statewide effort to tackle violent crime called "Operation: Pressure Point" begins today with an initial focus on reducing gun violence in the City of Wilmington. The initiative's two concurrent phases - enforcement and investigation - each involve greater coordination between state, federal and local resources to maximize the potential impact on crime reduction. The City was selected as the starting point for the effort after the Governor received requests from Wilmington community leaders, elected officials and the state's Black Read more

Governor Markell Releases Budget Proposal

Balanced Budget Proposal Invests In Jobs And Stronger Schools Markell Budget Makes Painful Cuts But Requires No New Or Additional Taxes “To keep Delaware moving forward in the future, we need to make the hard choices now.” The budget documents are posted at: DOVER - Governor Jack Markell introduced a balanced budget proposal today that reflects the administration’s focus on creating jobs and improving schools. The budget marks another year of difficult but necessary cuts and efficiencies, and the administration has worked to protect the state’s long-term financial future by tackling some of the fastest growing demands ­ state employee and retiree pension and health care costs. “This is a difficult, but financially responsible budget. It makes clear our top priority for the present is helping people get back to work and Read more

KEEP VELDA!!! She Gets YOUR Money

It appears that the measly salary that one gets as State Treasurer isn't enough for a liberal Wilmington Democrat.  Velda Jones-Potter is collecting significant bucks from a $150/hour consulting job from the City of Wilmington in addition to being State Treasurer.  It seems that perenially cash strapped Wilmington is getting its usual liberal dose of  "It's the Government's Money!!!!! Hand it over Sap!!!" Keep in mind Wilmington has been the recepient of State and Federal largesse for years (that would be the rest of the State's money) and still comes up short when needing things like police officers, firefighters and the like.  Workers in Wilmington also get to pay 3 types of Income tax with a City Wage tax on top of Delaware and Federal Income taxes.   You gotta love it when liberals get long term unfettered control of a Government body.   That is the case in Wilmington Read more

The State of the State Address

The governor is reading the fall in his own poll numbers pretty well.  His state of the state focused on a jobs agenda.  If you did not live in the state, but heard the address (or read it below), you would think that we have a proactive government which has weathered the economic storm.   If you live here, you realize that 17 years of Democrat rule has run the economic fuel out of the tank and we are living on the fumes of what was given to us by Republican governors.  I look forward to the budget address when he has to deal with more specifics.  One area the governor kept faith with Delaware tradition is the bipartisan courtesy.  He praised the Republican retirees for their service.  As always, the governor is a class act. He is staking out a very aggressive ground with education.  I am sure that topic will be visited in the future on these pages.  Without question, this Read more

The Snow Summit

City and State snow plows rolled down Governor’s and State with plows up while they disputed who was responsible for plowing the vital fire and hospital route. Markell, a Global Warming nut, neglected to budget money for more than 1 minor snow storm. A major blizzard just overwhelmed the system, but even days later the state did not clear alternate 13 routes. The city and state were flooded with complaints. Now they have a new understanding. What is hard to understand is why the city did not clear those two streets after it was clear the state was not coming especially since they are the major north south arteries of the city and owned by the city? It seems like a failure of leadership at all levels.

Markell’s Approval at 40%

The details of the Public Policy polling in Delaware have been released and the news is not good for Democrats. The three top Democrat office holders have followed the nationwide trend of dissatisfaction with Democrat officials. The winner for the biggest decline is Governor Jack Markell.  Polling in March gave Markell a 67% approval rating.  This month's results show a 27% drop to 40%.   31% of Delaware voters disapprove of Markell's job performance.   Markell's drop is across the board politically but he takes the biggest hit from Democrats.  Whereas Democrat approval ratings for Markell last winter was 76%, The current Democrat approval for Markell is at 43%. Senator Tom Carper also has taken a hit.  Carper's approval ratings are barely better than Markell's.  44% approve of Carper's performance.  His  disapproval ratings match Markell's at 31%.   Carper's approval Read more

Behind the Numbers

Public Policy Polling's Tom Jensen spoke with DP about the Polling done by PPP in the state of Delaware. Mike Castle seems to holding his own from earlier in the year. While his approval ratings are lower than he is used to seeing, he is better off than many officials in the state. He has strength across Demographic lines in every age group. He has 48% of Democrats and 60% of Independents giving him positive ratings. He has 40% of blacks, half of other minorities, and close to 60% of whites approving of his job. He has a plurality of every age group as well. He even has positive ratings from 51% of liberals though most say they would vote for Biden. It seems Mr. Castle's danger area may be that only half of conservatives give him a positive rating while in a match up they provide the largest block of his votes. 30% of Republicans think that he is too liberal and only 61% approve of his job Read more

Kent County Town Hall, Part 1 of 2

August 19, 2009   Governor Markell and the General Assembly members for the Dover area held an under advertized town hall meeting for the local residents at the Kent County Administrative Offices in Dover.   The 2 hour meeting began with the Governor laying out some of his vision and answering questions from the public.  It ended with the Assemblymen doing the same.  I will split this into two parts following the format of the meeting, one post for the Governor and the other for the Assemblymen.   Governor Markell opened his remarks with a brief recap of his 7 months in office and the condition of the state including the 35,000 unemployed and our hard hit auto and financial services sectors.  He also talked about several of the big and small local businesses that he has visited.  The vision for improving the state that he shared focuses on three keys.  They are:   Create Read more

Regional Round Up Week of August 14–PA Bombshell Poll

Pennsylvania For all of the intrigue the budget battle holds, the latest numbers have to add a sense of panic to the legislature and governor. The deficit has grown another 700 million dollars since the end of June due to the lack of economic recovery in Pennsylvania. It now tops 3 Billion dollars. Senator Specter cannot seem to escape Rep. Pat Toomey. While Specter holds a 11 point lead in primary polling with Congressman Joe Sestak, a bombshell poll by Rasmussen shows both Specter (48 to 36) and Sestak (43 to 35) trail Rep. Pat Toomey in early polling. Further undermining Specter's strength is that he trails even more than the lesser known Sestak. Specter can't go to Governor Rendell for much help. The governor's poll numbers are sinking with the state budget. They are now down to 39% approval. Virginia is looking better all the time for Republicans. Historically when a statewide Read more

Markell Veto Cracks Up Bottle Bill

If you didn't know, in Delaware we pay an extra 5 cents for every bottle of soda we buy.  This pays for the 5 cent refund given to people who turn in their bottles to the grocery store for recycling. It is estimated that less than 14% of bottles are returned through this program. In the wee hours of the morning on June 30/July 1 while the general assembly was passing the state budget they also passed a bill to repeal the 5 cent tax and end the bottle collection program.  The program was little used.  Several of those who used the program crossed state lines to turn in bottles at 5 cents a pop.  Bottles which they did not have to pay the extra 5 cent tax on.    We now have recycling bins in all parts of Delaware and curbside recycling has expanded to much of the state.  So the program is more costly and redundant than ever before, yet Governor Markell vetoed the bill that would have Read more

So How Much?

This week Governor Markell pulled an astonishing, double-secret-pinky-swear fact out and smacked Delawareans in the face with it: “This isn’t over,” Markell said. “The bottom line is, we still need to find the funding to do all the things we need to do.” Markell said lawmakers who opposed his proposal were voting against something that could reduce proposed pay cuts. “It’s disappointing, but I hope it’s a wake-up call to the state’s 30,000-plus employees,” Markell said. “Those that vote against this bill, or went not voting, sided with the casino owners.” Yes, sports gambling fans, after the first failed House vote on the gambling legislation, the Governor decides to tell the public that his 8% across the board state employee pay cut was contingent on the gambling legislation passing. Well, late last night Governor Markell got what he wanted and Read more

Markell’s 100 days

Governor Markell has been dealt a poor hand therefore I have made it point to give him a chance before being critical. The state has little money and huge short falls. His aggressive and expensive agenda has mostly taken a back seat to reality.  How has the governor done so far? The Governor is trying to advance certain proposals to build on our already growing green industry and increase credit for small businesses. He recently proposed streamlining some of the permitting process. I applaud those efforts. It is essential that we encourage growth in our economy. The Governor is proposing growing another industry, gaming. Unfortunately, his proposals would actually lose money and hurt jobs. Sports betting makes economic sense. It is being done anyway and would give the state's gaming industry a competitive advantage. Any proposal should exempt any sporting event including Read more

Comment Rescue: It’s Time To Give Up This Outrage

I am rescuing my own comment from Elbert's "Elbert With an 'E'" blog post. Linked above, pasted below: OK, it's time to give up this outrage.  The name given to this event was developed by bloggers (possibly DD, I believe), not Governor Markell or any of his staff.  It was indeed a MISNOMER by calling it a "Delaware" Bloggers Roundtable.  Maybe A-Selected-Few-Who-Happen-to-Live-Locally-to-Panera-on-Main-Street-in-Newark-Delaware-Bloggers-Roundtable would have been much better, or maybe a Whole-Bunch-of-Loony-Liberals-and-a-possibly-Libertarian-and-a-Progressive-Republican-almost-Independent-But-Still-in-Vicinity-of-Panera-on-Main-Street-in-Newark-Delaware-Bloggers-Roundtable would have sufficed, too. Point is, this appears that it will be just the first of more.  Problem is scheduling, so future dates may take a little time.  Obviously, I am not the scheduler, so I can't say for Read more

Yeah, I Was There-The Bloggers “Rectangle” Table

...and I was late. Pictures from the event (after the jump, but please look them over): Above, this action shot was taken when Liberalgeek asked the question about Why Vince Meconi? ...check this out...arrived via secret carrier pigeon to my car when I was departing... Here, (above) we have the spurned Sussex County Righty Bloggers Alliance.  They aren't happy. ..more action... This one above was an early shot of the event before all arrived (way before my 20 minute late arrival).  As you can see, the attendance was very diverse. Seriously, though, one thing I must say is that Governor Markell's predecessor would not have so much have been caught dead at something like this.  Friendly group or otherwise, she would not have done this. I absolutely would like to see this repeated for other bloggers in the state, Kent and Sussex Counties, specifically. Given Read more

Wait a second Jack

This week the state GOP chairman Tom Ross brought up an old lawsuit by Nextel shareholders in which they successfully sued the company for puffing up the stock price. As an example, the public was told that Nextel was on the verge of obtaining 400,000 digital subscribers and got all of 15,000 that year ( wall-street-journal-nextel-article). Mr. Jack Markell and some insiders sold a lot of stock at its high, just before the real numbers came out and dropped the stock price by more than 70%. Interestingly, in both the News Journal and the State News Mr. Markell claimed the suit was dismissed and this was nothing but GOP dirty politics. Wait a second Jack, it appears only 4 of 201 paragraphs were dismissed and he remained a defendant. The company's insurance carrier ended up paying 27 million dollars. I don't know the entire story, but Jack Markell's over reaction and over reaching denials Read more