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Sussex County, Manufactured Housing and the Romney/Ryan Ticket

It's no secret that Republicans in mighty Sussex county have been in disagreement over many issues. At times the rancor was quite thick. "Be specific," what we'll call in this article the "established" Republicans would shout to the miscreants in Sussex county. "You complain but offer no solutions." For sure the established Republicans of Delaware were mighty mad that Sussex county booted out their beloved Mike Castle for that witch Christine O'Donnell. So I have a solution to an ever-present problem in Delaware, an issue that presents itself in Sussex county way more than we'll ever see in either Kent or New Castle county. For Sussex county is the locale of Delaware's beaches and, thus, home to many manufactured housing complexes, as these things go. Which is an interesting factoid in that not a single Representative from Sussex beyond two Democrats voted for Bill 205, Read more

Doubting Robert

37th District candidate Rob Robinson was on WGMD yesterday afternoon and I took the time to tune in a check it out. Bill Colley came right out of the gate with questions about the candidate's relationship to "Working Families For Delaware's Future." a group that was canvassing the 37th with "hit" literature about Robinson's opponent, Ruth Briggs King. Robinson indicated he had a "disclaimer" on his website, asking the group to basically lay off. It wasn't the first time questions were asked about the candidate's relationship to the group, there had been a flyer circulated, and stories floating around. He said his campaign tried to contact the group but they were unsuccessful. A "listener" sent in an e-mail. It took the listener "30 seconds" to find the group's contact number with an Internet search, it was the third listing. The listing is for the canvassing job on craigslist, Read more