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Same Day Registration–Not Today

The Loyal Opposition detailed the reasons to oppose the Same Day Voter Registration Law including lack of sound verification because utility bills are easily forged, and no ability for parties and candidates to verify voters.  The L. O. instead called for shortening the close out period to 10 days.  It was unseemly to change the rules right before an election. It is with great joy that we report the failure of this act.  Not everyone agreed.  The same day voter registration coalition put out this statement in a press release. “Over the past 12 months, countless Delaware citizens signed petitions and called and emailed their legislators, while community, labor and faith leaders from across the state stood up for expanding access to the vote with same day registration. The Delaware state House heard that outcry and passed a same day registration bill. We are deeply disappointed that Read more

The Aftermath: A look at the legislative session part 1

UPDATE: Comments fixed. So many bills were passed on June 30th alone that it is going to take several installments just to examine the last two days of the General Assembly. Here is a quick overview of the session and major bills. Your comments and analysis are welcomed. Consider this a General Assembly/Governor Open Thread. Specific analysis is in process. My apologies to those who experienced site problems especially comment issues yesterday. It is partially solved. We will have it resolved by week's end. A trouble ticket is in process. Please have a little patience if the comments take a minute to load. Most of the bills that concerned the Loyal Opposition (see category on the side), did not pass with the big exception being HB 334--Common Core testing which failed before it passed. The death penalty repeal died (pun intended) in the House. Some other bills of interest included Read more

The Loyal Opposition says stop HB 334–The Heart of Common Core

We finally took a sensible approach to testing. Test at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year. Delaware's HB 334 eliminates that and makes your entire "matriculation and academic promotion requirements imposed by § 153 of this title shall be based upon the student's assessment results received on 1 assessment". No true assessment can take place without at least two tests. One gives a benchmark and the other shows the progress. I have seen where a student actually loses ground. If a student could make the grade before the school year starts, why should he or she be penalized for not being able to connect with the teacher or being sick or stressed by some outside event on test day. If the student can have the best test, you have a truer read on the student. Everyone has an off day. You just hope it is not during a high stakes test. I took a test once not long Read more

The Loyal Opposition Looks at HB 105

Making voting easier is a laudable goal. Keeping the integrity of the process is an essential one. One does not need to be done at the expense of the other. Delaware House Bill 105 makes voting easier at the expense of faith in the process. Motor Voter has made registration close to universal. I think that is very positive. The people who are not currently registered either moved and have not finalized paperwork or affirmatively opted out of the system. Some are drug addicts, some are frustrated, some don't care, some are felons. People have many reasons for opting out. I think it should be easy for them to opt back in. I believe 10 days before an election is appropriate and changes of addresses should be able to be made with proof such as a picture ID and utility bill or other proof of residence on election day with their old district being called that they have changed. I have a problem Read more

The Loyal Opposition looks at HB 187

Welcome to a new column.  I will be analyzing bills and initiatives in a new column called the loyal opposition.  Under this column, we will also have guest opinions.  The first bill we scrutinize is Delaware House Bill 187 which is purported to safeguard charitable donors. The synopsis of the bill is as follows:"This Act will require, among other things: (1) the registration of all charitable organizations soliciting in this State or engaging in solicitation activities directed to Delaware citizens and the annual disclosure of certain financial information relating to these entities; and (2) the registration of professional fund-raising counsel and professional solicitors soliciting in this State or engaging in solicitation activities directed to Delaware citizens and the annual reporting of certain financial information relating to these entities. The purpose of these regulations Read more