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Rep. Sean Lynn endorses Carper Primary Opponent

For Immediate Release: Lynn's Stunning Far Left Turn blasted by opponent, Anderson "Representative Sean Lynn has dropped any pretense of moderation. His endorsement of Kerri Harris, who is the darling of the progressive fringe in the Democratic Party, shows that mainstream Democrats like Senator Carper no longer have a place in his mind. Senator Carper certainly has his faults, but being too far left is not one of them", Dover City Councilman David Anderson stated. "This is further evidence that Lynn does not even represent my Democratic friends, let alone Independents and Republicans", said Anderson. Anderson has endorsed and is endorsed by Gene Truono. Truono is a former Paypal executive and current philanthropist who is bridging the fissures in the Delaware Republican Party by his devotion to the Constitution and common sense policies. "Anderson has worked with Senator Read more

Why Chivalry is on life support: Male Rape Victim Expelled

John Doe had a girlfriend, he was not looking for another. John was drunk. John was not so drunk that he forgot his chivalry, when his girlfriend's roommate--Jane Roe, who was at the same party needed someone to walk her back to the dorm, he did it. Sadly for him, he was so drunk that when he sat down in their room, he passed out. The young woman was upset that her guy friend would not come over to have sex. She decided to take advantage of the passed out good guy who was available. In other words, she raped him. She admitted it in texts to two people early that morning. She was horrified at what she had done. He let it go. After all, who would believe him. 10% or more of rape victims are like John Doe, but almost none of the prosecutions are. Slate reported that until 2012, the FBI defined forcible rape as a female who has penetration against her will, which skews many statistics Read more

The Loyal Opposition looks at HB 187

Welcome to a new column.  I will be analyzing bills and initiatives in a new column called the loyal opposition.  Under this column, we will also have guest opinions.  The first bill we scrutinize is Delaware House Bill 187 which is purported to safeguard charitable donors. The synopsis of the bill is as follows:"This Act will require, among other things: (1) the registration of all charitable organizations soliciting in this State or engaging in solicitation activities directed to Delaware citizens and the annual disclosure of certain financial information relating to these entities; and (2) the registration of professional fund-raising counsel and professional solicitors soliciting in this State or engaging in solicitation activities directed to Delaware citizens and the annual reporting of certain financial information relating to these entities. The purpose of these regulations Read more

New York City Poised to Allow Non-citizens the Vote

According to the Federalist Society blog. the New York City Council may have the votes to overcome a veto by Mayor Bloomberg.  This proposal would only affect local elections. What is the point of citizenship?  Should not someone who comes here, first pledge their allegiance to this country before determining who leads it?  If this passes and gets widespread attention, this type of legislation could undermine efforts to legalize millions of "undocumented" immigrants.  Is that what they really want or are they so confident of victory that they cannot resist showing their hand?  Either way this is not helpful to the nation.  While this will only apply to city elections, how will the inevitable confusion of people mistakenly showing up to state and national elections be handled?  Will their be ineligible votes?  Will people who want to look at the problem be called bigots, and the Read more

Gadsden Flag removed from NY Military Armory; Claimed It Is A Tea Party Symbol

Claiming, it is a Tea Party symbol, the City of New Rochelle, NY has removed the Gadsden from the city's military armory. The City Manager Chuck Strome ordered the flag removed after receiving complaints from citizens that the flag is a Tea-Party symbol. The United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association of New Rochelle if fighting the decision. "Their outrageous decision to confiscate a cherished symbol of our War for Independence smacks of pure partisan politics," said Richard Thompson, chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center," who will represent the Veterens, told World Net Daily. "Many Americans fought and died for our independence under that flag, and the law center will take available means to return the Gadsden flag back on the veterans' flag pole. As one Revolutionary War hero said, "we have only just begun to fight." According to the US Navy website, beginning Read more

Shades of 1950-1953 on the 38th parallel

Let’s establish a few things right off the bat, as they say: First, the Korean War, that began in June, 1950, never actually ended.  There is no formal treaty, no truce, simply an armistice, the same kind that ended World War One.  The Korean War never ended, but actual hostilities were curtailed under a cease-fire on July 27th, 1953 at 10:00 AM local time. Second, North Korea, which calls itself the “Democratic Republic of Korea,” is obviously neither democratic, nor a republic.  It is, in fact, a monarchy.  The “founder” of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, was a Soviet puppet and delusional Stalinist who actually believed his own prevarications and propaganda, as he believed that of his mentors, Stalin and Mao.  He passed power, without input from “the people,” directly to his son, Kim Jong-il, who, in turn, passed it to his son, Kim Jong-un, who is the sabre-rattling Read more

The left’s new W.I.C.* program

*Women in combat   I read last night the inspiring story of how a phalanx of Spartan hoplite women held off Xerxes the Persian at Thermopylae.  Then, I studied the famous Female Cohorts of Rome, who, outnumbered three-to-one, fought Hannibal Barca and the Carthaginians at Trebbia.  Later, I read about how a regiment of 800 Wisconsin women stormed Island No.10 during the Civil War.  Next, I read about how two battalions of French women dislodged a reinforced German machine gun nest during the Battle of the Marne in World War 1.  Then, I was impressed as all-get-out by that fabulous tale of the all-female squadron of B-29s that firebombed Yokohama in the summer of 1945.  But the most inspiring story, truly highlighting the incredible combat prowess of women, detailed the two companies, comprising about 180 women Marines, who held off two regiments of Chinese Communists at the Read more

The Loony Left War on Christmas Continues

Forget history, culture, and common sense, we will give fake groups slots over the majority of the people.  The City of Santa Monica succumbed to the atheists and put its park up for a lottery instead of giving a couple of slots to them to put out whatever nonsense they wanted and have the right to do under the Constitution.  The wily non-theists made a whole bunch of groups so they could deprive the coalition of churches of slots they traditionally held.  I have little issue with the atheists exploiting the weak minded town council.  My problem is that they did not stand up to them in the first place.  Tell them if they want extra slots, they are available after Christmas. It is weak leadership that is destroying America. Here it is on display. The video has autoplay that I cannot remove so you have go to the LA Times news site. Read more

Are Democrats Crazy or Just Stupid?

When people tell liberals and Democrats that they are essentially Socialists and/or communists, the liberals and Democrats get all huffy and complain that they in fact just want to smooth over some of the inequalities of capitalism. The fact is that, the Liberal Democrat ideology is radical in the extreme. There is no government intrusion that they will not back. Radio host Peter Schiff proves this at the Democrat National Convention. Posing as a liberal, and saying all the stupid things liberal Democrats actually believe, Schiff questions delegates and alternates at the Democrat National Convention. Schiff's question to the Democrat delegates is this: "Would you support a ban on corporate profits?" Yes, Schiff, with a straight face, seriously asks these leaders of the Democrat Party if they wanted to end profits for corporations. About half of the respondents Read more

Left Wing Terrorists Hits Family Research Council Office?

Watch the latest video at Published August 15, 2012 | A security guard at the Family Research Council's headquarters in Washington, D.C. is being hailed as a hero after he stopped a gunman posing as an intern, taking a bullet in the arm before wrestling the suspect to the ground. The gunman entered the lobby of the organization's Chinatown headquarters around 10:45 and expressed disagreement with the conservative group's policy positions, Fox News has learned. When the guard, who was not identified, asked him where he was going, he opened fire, according to police. “The security guard here is a hero, as far as I’m concerned,” D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said. ”He did his job. The person never made it past the front.” The guard, who was not identified, was shot in the arm and was conscious after the shooting and Read more

Just a Reminder What Government by Regulation Looks Like

EU bans claims by bottled water manufacturers that regular consumption of water prevents dehydration.  21 scientists couldn’t decide if low water levels were a cause or symptom of dehydration and the regulatory board actually took them seriously.  These are the type of  people who we should turn our economy over to in order to save us from global some kind of climate change.  We also need to follow their example on all sorts of issues from health care to tax levels, to wealth distribution because things are going so well.  Even more mind boggling, the national leaders are debating whether or not to give the Euro zone bureaucrats more power.

Occupy Kid’s Playground

Occupy Delaware is agitating to displace toddlers from their playground so they don't have to travel to a state park with sanitation and overnight facilities.  They want the rules rewritten for them just like the Wall Street Tycoons they despise.  They want to "occupy"  Wilmington's H. Fletcher Brown Park which is utilized by 100 children from a local daycare.  The hours of the park are from sunrise to sunset.  They have a first amendment right to protest in a public park.  They do not have a right to move in.  The right of protest is subject to reasonable and limited regulation of time, place, and manner.  Governor Markell should stand up and be counted for the children.  Let them keep their playground and let Occupy Delaware start by obeying the law and common decency.  The children deserve better than having people take over their playground indefinitely without adequate sanitation.   Read more

The Enemy Within

I have never been one to believe Republicans are good and Democrats are evil or the reverse.  I do not believe conservatives are good and liberals are evil.   I do believe there are a few people in every way of life who are disloyal, liars, and character assassins.  They are the enemy within any group.  When you find them, they must be shunned.   The Republicans have found that Sarah Palin's suspicions about Wallace were correct.  She was the enemy within the McCain/Palin campaign who had fantasies about subverting the Constitution and the process by somehow preventing Sarah Palin from taking the oath and claiming to the public she was mentally ill.  She obviously wouldn't had been successful, but if she is halfway truthful about her intentions would have destroyed the Republican Party and sent the country ballistic.  Is she really as stupid as she sounds or is she just that evil.  Read more

CPUSA and Occupy Wall Street: A Shack Up Made In Hell?

This confirms the information that I had which showed links between the anarchists of Occupy (fill in the blank) and the Communists.  They are no longer dating, it is now an official shack up.  The Communist Party USA is publicly coordinating the movement.  You wonder why I call them a Commie Lib movement?  Delaware Liberal is of course filling the role of useful idiot by gather food and blankets for the protesters.  In contrast, we helped save a ministry first highlighted here, but now featured in the Dover Post.  I asked our DP family to help.  The ministry fell short on its liability insurance and had until today to meet it.  Without it, the ministry would have lost its building because it wouldn't have qualified for the next year at the location.  Thank you all for helping.  The deadline was met early due to your generosity.   Do you want to build our community or tear it Read more

Shame on Delaware Liberal

The edgy and sometimes outrageous liberal counterpart to this blog has jumped the shark. They declared John Sigler and the Sussex Republicans racist, KKK, and whatever else based upon a quote in a column of an attendee of the Take Back Our State Rally. Not based upon a quote from an organizer, but dredging a quote from the also flamboyant and sometimes outrageous MC. I hesitate to send people over to it, but you have to see it to believe it. This is an amazing quote. As of now we are not sure if this “Take Back Our State event” was a full blown KKK meeting, or some subsidiary group affiliated with more mainstream Republican racists. The whole post is full of if it turns out or we don't knows that it makes one wonder why it was even posted. Oh, we know so it provides an excuse to slander and defame. I didn't even go but that didn't exempt my name from eventually surfacing. Read more

The Delaware Democratic Attack On Motherhood and Apple Pie

Actually, they don't seem to have a big problem with apple pie. Parenthood is another issue. Recent legislation passed by the Democrat majority threatens parenthood. In 2009, the Democrat majority decided to fix what wasn't broken. In 2011. the civil union bill doubled down on the error. While most people focused on the marriage like aspect of the bill. We also focused on the redefinition of the family. Here is why. From Delaware Online, the new de facto parental rights.  Thanks to the Democrats, a mother can now lose her child to her ex-boy or girl friend (not a step parent by marriage or union) without any evidence of unfitness.  This an assault on parenthood like few others.  We are a national laughingstock. .The order, issued April 12 and released Monday, denies a request to re-argue the case and leaves standing the court's decision in March to recognize the "de facto" parental Read more

April Fools

Traditionally, I like to do an April Fools' day post.   This year, I cannot think of anything crazier than real life.   It seems like the leaders of the Democrat party have gotten crazier after the election.  In Delaware, the Democrats have been caught covering up widespread discrimination in their government.   They got rid of the people who enforce the law and have nearly 500 complaints waiting for up to 2 years.  The Democrats are trying to redefine the family in a so called civil union bill.  They say they are not redefining marriage, but if you look at the laws being amended they are redefining the family.   They have stuck us an energy rationing scheme which will result in fewer jobs and higher energy bills.  Even worse, they recently past a bill upping the so called renewable goal to 25% of our electricity which is leading to a new rationing bill.  They want to pass Read more

News Journal–Your Bias Is Showing

Maryland's State Senate passed a same sex marriage billwith one vote to spare.  The bill is now before the House Judiciary committee.  The Wilmington News Journal didn't quite have the same balance the Washington Post did in the first link.  In the copy editor's mind, it was the passage of the Marriage Equity bill.  If that were in the title of the bill, I would excuse it.  The fact they just pulled it out of the propaganda of the Gay Rights advocates tells me what I need to know.  There is no pretense of equal treatment on this issue.  I expect better when the issue comes to Delaware this spring. The good news is that people contacted the Senate in record numbers.  Outside of Montgomery County, the phone calls were running as high as 10 to 1 against even in Prince Georges County.  Maryland Democrats have over reached here.  I bet this will go to referendum. Read more

Holder Reassures Muslim Advocates

I wonder if Attorney General Eric Holder lost his mind.  Muslim Advocates  is  as nutty as the ACLU.  They are complaining that Justice Department sting operations  are enticing Muslims into terrorism.  I keep telling you that most American Muslims are good, god fearing people who want a better life.  Groups like Muslim Advocates make people like myself look like blithering fools if you believe them.   Why?  Obviously normal Muslims are all on the verge of terrorism and some stranger approaching them with an opportunity just sends them over the top.  That is idiotic.  Groups like this do not deserve serious consideration from the Justice Department.  This seems like another advocacy group run amok.  These guys make a mockery of  the groups that they claim to represent.   They are either idiots or I am.  Considering there are millions of Muslims in the U. S., you had better Read more

The Real Agenda: No Growth

The real agenda of the global warming crowd is not in your interest. At the Climate Change Conference in Cancun, one of the advocates called for a no growth rationing scheme for the developed world.  He called for electric rationing and making it too expensive to drive the family car.  It sounds a lot like Jack Markell, John Carney,  and Tom Carper who all favor energy rationing  schemes.   In the real world, that means poverty, unemployment, and suffering. “Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing the poor nations to continue to grow, is to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years,” according to The Telegraph. Prof. Anderson admitted that electricity rationing would likely be necessary to achieve the desired decrease in carbon emissions. Read more

Radical Left Calling to Prepare for Armed Revolution

With defeats at the ballot box, it is time to prepare for armed revolution.  Just in case, mind you.  Radical left wing loon Jason Sc** at spent too much time reading radical crazy talk.  While I am sure he will find his meds and return to a semblance of  sanity (just being sarcastic-- I am not making claims about Jason33o's mental health), he is symptomatic of the despair building of the left. If you think that the corporatist are now so firmly entrenched in power that they can not be dislodged at the ballot box; and if you think American as it stands now is unsustainable, and if you don’t want to move or cede the country to The 700 Clubers, then you might want to check out the Rude Pundit. The spark from this came from  Ted Rall who has a new book, the Anti-American Manifesto which naturally was being promoted on the anti-American friendly network Marxist Read more

Gay Activist Judge Runs Roughshod Over the Law and the People

Judge Walker overturned California's marriage law. Not only is the result of this rulingbizarre and  ignores the hint in Lawrence that the Supreme Court had not intention of delving into marriage law, it is the epitome of one man's personal agenda being placed over the law and the will of the people.  In order for the framers of the 14th amendment to have intended there to be a right for gays to marry, they would have to be mad.  Why would they have blocked Utah's admission to the union and insisted 4 western states added a one man and one woman clause to their constitutions before being admitted if they believed the equal protection clause banned such a definition of marriage?   This ruling is a perversion of all that the courts represent and will be overturned. Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, said "Judge Walker's decision goes far beyond homosexual 'marriage' Read more