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Watchout Loony Left, I am BACK.

Delaware is suffering from the ravishes of the Loony left. There has been one voice that has stood up the insanity by calling out the nonsense over the past decade. That voice needs to be reenergized. Therefore I am back with weekly posts or more if I somehow find time while fighting homelessness, the drug epidemic, helping govern a city, family, church, military service as a reservist and full time work. I am also bringing on board a couple of new voices while keeping our beloved favorites Don and Wolf. It is time to take our state back. We do that with information. The Loony left's worst nightmare is realized. David Anderson is back with my hard hitting but optimistic, inclusive, and positive conservatism. The values of free markets, family, patriotism, Constitutionalism and individual freedom have a warrior who will champion their cause. We are not merely an alternative to Read more

Hold on to your car keys is the International Walking Charter Coming to Dover?

City staff brought a proposal to sign the Walk21 International Walking Charter. It is an effort to use local government to pressure people out of their cars by designing a city to be inhospitable to them. It is from the same fountain as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Considering the fact Dover's Comprehensive Plan is due for revision in the upcoming year, this is worth noting . Are you skeptical? Well hold on to your car keys! Here are some gems from the International Walking Charter. This proposal seeks the following: Put people on foot at the heart of urban planning . Give slow transport modes such as walking and cycling priority over fast modes, and local traffic precedence over long - distance travel 􀂇 Improve land-use and spatial planning, ensuring that new housing, shops, business parks and public transport stops are located and designed so that people can reach them Read more

Globalism Or Liberty

A Nation Must Decide Who would not be faint of heart as the world is forced toward the slavery of a "New World Order," or Globalism, if you will Already America's socialist leadership would have foreign United Nation troops policing American citizens. Weak leadership within the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate has sold Americans into economic slavery to feather their own nests. Have we become a nation of cowards that would not defend what our Founding Fathers won for us? Is this truly the last generation of free Americans? Those Americans that espouse Globalism only seek to create a world two-class system of totalitarian world government that would keep all but a small super-elite class in continual power, while the bulk of the world becomes enslaved and under-educated Why then, would our Founding Fathers include the Second Amendment, that states, "A well regulated Read more

A discussion of socialism

How can anyone not know that free stuff isn't really free? The question is do you have control over how much you pay and what you get or does some bureaucrat determine those factors? Central planning doesn't work. Who is trying to move into North Korea? Government dictating prices, payments and services offered by doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes is not good. It wouldn't be any better at the college level. Why would we want to turn our collegiate system into the wonderfully ineffective and inferior system of a public high school? The first semester and often the first term at most public colleges for a large percentage of students is bridging them from high school. Most people no longer graduate in 4 years partially due to this fact. Free is expensive in that either the quality will go down as it becomes almost universal or the cost will go up to accommodate those who are Read more

Sussex Unity Commemorates 50th Anniversary of 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Co-authored By Don Ayotte and Wolfgang von Baumgart The Sussex County Council chamber was packed with members of Sussex Unity, as well as many members of the community on Thursday, August 6th at 6pm for commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and rally for voting rights. Diaz Bonnville,co-Founder and Program Director of the West Rehoboth Children and Youth Program, opened the event with a moment of silence for the victims of the recent Charleston, SC church shooting and set the theme of "Every Vote Does Count." The Keynote speaker was DSU history and political science Professor Dr. Samuel B. Hoff. Hoff is the recipient of several national fellowships in the area of foreign, military and national security policy, including a 1994 Military History Fellowship from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, a 1995 fellowship from the University of Virginia Read more

Saga of “Millie” Continues

by: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer The Dog Panel hearing in the Jake and Nancy Smith case, involving their pet, "Millie" is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, April 13 in the Sussex County Council Chambers, located on 2 The Circle in Georgetown, DE according to a 4/7/15 article in the Cape Gazette. "Millie", a white and brown Jack Russell Terrier mix, alleged to be a dangerous animal by a few of Smith's neighbors, is reportedly being held incommunicado at the First State Animal Shelter, located on 32 Shelter Circle, Camden, DE 19934. We are unable to confirm this due to a judicial gag order, issued in this case. The panel is charged with determining the dog's ultimate fate, up to and including possible euthanasia. Read more

** UPDATE ** Smith v. SPCA

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer A judicial gag order has been issued on all parties concerned in the case of litigation of John "Jake" and Nancy Smith (plaintiffs) against Delaware Animal Care and Control, filed in Delaware Superior Court over possible illegal impoundment of their dog, "Millie" under guise of authority. Attorney John Brady, representing the Smiths contends that the 1981 state statute that excluded Sheriffs and Sheriff's Deputies from certification as police offices by the Delaware Council on Police Training also did not include animal control officers as police officers. The litigation essentially argues that only sworn and certified police officers can legally execute arrest and search and seizure warrants under the present Delaware Code, Title 11, Chapter 19. Both Kent and Sussex Counties have contracted animal control services with the First State Animal Read more

Citizens Rally At Leg Hall In Support Of HB 50

HB50, It's All About The Right To Choose To Opt Out Of Testing Co-written By Don Ayotte and Wolf von Baumgart An Education Rally at Delaware’s Legislation Hall, drew an eager crowd of parents and children, wanting their voices heard in support of HB50. The short version of HB 50 states in the synopsis, “This bill creates the right for the parent or guardian of a child to opt out of the annual assessment, currently the “Smarter Balanced Assessment System.” This is a requirement of the new Common Core education system being implemented in Delaware Schools. The primary sponsor of the bill, Rep. John Kowalko (D-25) and Senate sponsor, Sen. David Lawson (R-15), along with House co-Sponsors, Reps. Baumbach (D-23), Keely (D-3),Matthews (D-10), Spiegelman,(R-11), K. Williams (D-19), Yearick (R-34) and Sen. Henry (D-2). Kowalko stated to the crowd outside of Legislative Hall Read more

Sussex Tech Property Tax Increase?

By Staff Writer: Wolf von Baumgart General Assembly Considers Options The Delaware General Assembly met twice earlier this week to consider funding options for Sussex Technical High School District. The Sussex County Delegation (consisting of nine state representatives and five state senators) continues to study Sussex Tech’s impending financial crisis. Five budgetary proposals were originally included in a study attendant to House Concurrent Resolution 2, previously passed in January. Subsequently, other options have emerged for consideration. Sussex Tech administrators have been steadily seeking legislative approval to more than double the STHSD’s current property taxes over the last two years above the current limit as currently permitted by statute. Delaware's three state-created countywide vocational school districts are legally empowered to raise school taxes (with the Read more

The Rise of a National Police State

At 68, I've lived to view and differentiate the vast change in America that has caused a chasm and paradigm shift in the way the police force is trained and taught. There exists a shift is the way police view the public. The slogan, "To Protect and Serve" has disappeared from the cars of most municipal police forces. Why, you might ask; because that is not longer their objective. I'll start my remembered journey of police and their mindset in the middle 1950's when I was about nine years old. I was taught by my parents to respect the authority of "Peace Officers." In the 1950's, things were different in America, there was a real sense of country and patriotism. One must understand that WWII had just been won less than a decade earlier and the Korean War was just ending. In my memory, the local police and Sheriffs were there to protect and serve and for the most part, they did. Read more

Big Sister Watching What You Eat/ I say let them eat cake

Once again, the government is trying to play nanny. The government currently keeps food data purchased by SNAP as classified as a trade secret for retailers. The busy body class is not satisfied with school lunches and are mad about losing the soda battle in NYC so they are going after the working poor. They only want to help of course. They want to force healthy choices down the throats of the poor and lower middle class whether they want it or not. The fact that a balanced diet can include a bag of chips and a box of cupcakes along with fruit, vegetables, meats, and diary is beyond their understanding. I support the food stamp program because it is a vital link to keeping America an humane and first class nation. It allows the working class to not choose between rent and food in a time of rising rent and declining wages. People working two and three of those ten million part time Read more

Happy Independence Day

238 years ago, this nation discovered its destiny among the nations of the world.  It became a light in a dark world.  It became a free republic where no there was no king usurping authority over the rest of the citizenry.  "We have no king but King Jesus," was the rallying cry of the day.  Of course America, while based upon Christian principles, was a nation that drew from and respected a variety of traditions.  Some leading citizens were Jewish, Deists, and Paine was an atheist.    The Christian traditions represented were everything from Quakers to Catholics to Anglicans to Methodists, to Baptists.  Thanks to America, that seems normal, in that day, it was not.  America refused to have a national church, but unlike the French revolution, it valued the contribution of faith. Without government trying to control it, faith could lift our spirits and strengthen our humanity.America Read more

Hobby Lobby Ruling a Boost for Liberty

The High Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act can't make people who own Corporations choose between their business and their beliefs. Freedom is still alive, even by one vote. The Supreme Court recognized the diversity of this country. Forcing people to pay for what they sincerely believe is the termination of innocent human life is incompatible with the heritage of diversity. Even when we had a draft, we exempted people from combat that was even when national survival was at stake. This ruling preserves people's right to choose on both sides. You have right to Ella and Plan B, but I have a right not to pay for it. America has always respected the right of people to practice their faith in their business, churches, family, and government. The Constitution bans religious tests. It prohibits laws that inhibit the free exercise of religion. It forbids setting up a state sponsored Read more

Persons of Interest

One of my favorite TV shows is Persons of Interest on CBS. It is a series about a computer program that is constantly spying on us, so it really plays into the concern that many people have with the surveillance state. Of course the program was installed for a good reason, to track down terrorists and prevent them from carrying out attacks, but since the program tracks everyone it could also be used to prevent murder and crimes on a smaller scale, but that was outside the scope of the governments interest so the programs designer created a backdoor to give him access to the more personal crimes so he could do something about them. He gets a former military/government operative to help him do the heavy lifting and BAM you have a really intense and engaging story. Well, rather than science fiction, I think people will look back on this series as a thriller, but also as a historical fiction. Read more

Trust the Government?

Time and time again, we hear the siren song from that great Democratic bard saying have faith in the heroic government and your problems will be solved. Now the administration is power playing a new global warming strategy in what is described by many as a massive federal power grab. The executive order involves every agency of the federal government and even trying to pull in state and local representatives. There is no legislative or treaty authority for this move, but trust them, it is for our good. Trust us with your health care, it will be cheaper, and you will not lose your current insurance, unless you do or can't afford it after it skyrockets with the new mandates attached. Trust us with your privacy. We will only spy on you if you are a terrorist. We just need to monitor everyone to find out who to spy upon. Promise. This is a government even allied heads of states Read more

Liberty Disappearing in the Name of Tolerance

Tolerance is supposed to mean that opposing points of view can coexist without one being coerced by the other. The new tolerance seems to mean punishing people who do not subscribe to the new social order and endorse Gay Marriage and other left wing social agenda items. Please read this link to see the loss of freedom. A sample is below to pique your interest. On Aug. 12, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill mandating, in effect, that boys be allowed to use girls’ restrooms in the state’s public schools. The bill, part of an effort to advance “transgender rights,” says every student can “use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.” The new California law applies to sports teams as well as locker rooms and bathrooms, and obviously undermines privacy and parental rights. A week later, on Read more

NSA Spying On Americans a 46 Year Affair

In 1967, President Lyndon Johnson took domestic spying to a new level that even Hoover's FBI didn't travel. He ordered the NSA to wiretap Senators Frank Church-D and Howard Baker-R. They were not alone, the list grew to 1600 people including journalists, civil rights leaders, and war critic boxer, Muhammed Ali. Now the technology is so advanced that the 150,000 communiques intercepted in this program seem like small potatoes. ] A free people do not lose that freedom immediately, it is chipped away piece by piece until one day you ask, What ever happened to liberty we once knew? From Lawfare The Minaret program, which lasted from 1967 to 1973, was a surveillance program aimed at intercepting the telegrams and phone calls of critics of the war in Vietnam. As the NSA history documents, With FBI as the prime source of names, NSA began expanding the watch list to include domestic Read more

Our Bill of Rights and the Curious Case of Dr. Jahi Issa

Guest Post by: Doug Beatty On March 1, 2012 Dr. Jahi Issa of Dover was arrested at Delaware State University for failing to be a white female on horseback. That's a provocative statement that demands support. In 2010 Delaware State University threatened to cut the equestrian team. The all white all female equestrian team protested by riding horses in front of the administration building and attending a public board meeting. There was no permit issued or sought for this protest. Campus public safety personnel didn't approach or apprehend anyone. March 1, 2012. Dr. Issa and his class meet during class time at the Martin Luther King Student Center to walk to the public board of directors meeting to voice their concerns. A guest speaker was on hand for any of Dr. Issa's students who didn't want to participate in the organizational activity. Previously, Dr. Issa and his Read more

Sussex county Council Refuses ‘Institute On The Constitution’ County Office For Training

Sussex County Administrator Todd F. Lawson refused a request by Sussex County Sheriff, Jeff Christopher to use office space in the County building located at 22215 North DuPont Boulevard in Georgetown. The building known as the Sussex County Administrative Offices West Complex, is also the location of the Sussex County Sheriff. Use of this facility after hours by private groups requires approval by County Administration. With the "Institute on the Constitution," training for citizens, set to start on April 22, the meeting had to be moved to Yoder's Farm until an alternate location could be obtained. A letter sent by the County Administration Todd F. Lawson stated: While your letter requests to meet for "Constitutional training for citizens," other documentation from the Institute that have been circulated describes the event as "Constitutional Training for Deputies, Posses, and Read more

The Best of the Pro-Liberty Filibuster; We Stand With Rand

The great young heros of liberty, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio are fighting for the America we deserve. Please support them. The seven best moments according to the Washington Post are here. Rand Paul has captured the attention of a nation. Stand with Rand. We do. I am so proud of Rand Paul for standing up for the holy cause of liberty. Paul is fighting for liberty as surely as if he were on the battlefield with a rifle. These drones over America is an issue that we brought up here. They are just the beginning. This is not just a fight on one issue. This is the opening salvo for the fight against all of these intrusive, anti-liberty laws. Finally, the people are awakening. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. This is about civil liberties and the Constitution. It has gotten so much attention that even in the mountains of PA doing military training Read more


A reprieve for religious freedom has been found in the 1st circuit court of appeals. The court is ordering the Obama administration to revise their health care contraceptive rules to accommodate religiously motivated institutions not just churches. This overturns two lower court rulings and is a victory for Protestant Wheaton College and Catholic Belmont Abbey College specifically. The broader sweep of the ruling is a major victory for religious freedom and diversity over arbitrary government power to decide a whimsical definition of the common good over individual conscience.

Update: Chicago Tribune Calls Out the Thought Police

The Tribune chided the Mayor and one Alderman for their Chick-fil-A rants and threats to block the restaurant from opening in the city by asking, "Does Chicago value Free Speech?". The Boston Mayor has since admitted his error of judgement. They pointed out the this is not the first time Mayor Emmanuel held up a project because someone disagreed with him politically. This man puts his agenda above jobs and liberty. I hope the people realize that when his election comes up in a couple of years. I am glad the local paper of record had the courage to stand for a first amendment freedom, I would add his freedom of religion was also violated which as the paper pointed out would result in a law suit if the denial happens. If Moreno sticks to his guns, though, his colleagues will have to summon the courage to overrule him. If they don't, they risk a costly lawsuit that positions the city Read more

The Thought Police in Action–The War on Chick-fil-A

Go buy a delicious Chicken sandwich with a freshly squeezed lemonade today. Give a black eye to the thought police. Back when this was a free country, people used to be able to share and support mainstream or even kooky ideas without people in government trying to prevent them from employing people and serving the public. Now in Chicago and Boston government officials are trying to block Chick-fil-A for no other reason than it supports Biblical values especially traditional marriage. In other words, it is a religious war they are waging. They are saying that views held by the President of their own party until a couple of months ago are now so evil that the government can violate the first amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The majority of Americans in every vote held support the Chick-fil-A position so this is a war against our values not just theirs. If Read more