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Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Not Documented Enough?

Don't take this wrong, but am I alone in seeing the irony of disqualifying a 7 year old girl from her rightful crown because her parents could not get the documents from her grandmother who arrived her as an ahem--undocumented resident. We (myself included) would be up in arms if this American girl were denied some benefit because her deceased grandmother was an illegal alien. Latino groups tell us that we need to pass the Dream Act to give full citizenship to children brought here without documentation because it was not their fault. (I support that if the Dream Children do not have chain migration rights or else you reward people who break the law--the parents of the Dream Children.) People who raise questions are condemned as -- you know the drill. It seems it is do as I say not as I do. I guess the Hispanic Community is just like the rest of us. The next time someone is called Read more

This Explains A Lot

Our world is becoming increasingly bizarre.  The man who signed Delaware's defense of marriage law is now changing sides after much soul searching.  I like Tom Carper, but this is quite depressing.  Bill O'Reilly even seems swept away with the craziness. I searched the internet for an answer.  I think I found what is happening.  What would inspire us to torpedo the foundational element of human culture with no discernible event? It is a conspiracy of the new world order to weaken society and control us.  How did they get it to happen?  First they told us they were putting Fluoride in the water for our teeth, but in reality it was a mind control drug that made us more sensitive to electronic radiation.  The next step was to have the CIA flood our country with mind altering drugs then criminalize them so that they could imprison and indoctrinate our young people. They put slow hypnotic Read more

Now sick babies go on death pathway

When conservatives and those of faith opposed abortion on demand, they argued that the acceptance of this type of procedure would eventually lead to infanticide and pressured euthanasia. Liberals responded with "Oh that would never happen." Well once again liberals are wrong. It is coming to pass in Great Britain. Sick children and babies are being having food and hydration withheld because their cases are "futile". My experience is that any baby will die after not having food or water for a period of time. Conservatives have also argued that the supposed cost savings for Obamacare would eventually lead to Death Panels. This would be in an effort "save" the government money. Actually, In socialized medicine Great Britain, it is not called Death panels, it is called the Pathways to Death. Gosh, that sounds so much nicer. Testimony by doctors and nurses are showing that Read more

Environmentalists kick Africans off land for carbon credit profits

Remember first and foremost that liberals only talk a good game about caring about the poor and  dispossessed.  The fact is when no one is looking Liberals pass dumb legislation so they can take advantage of it.  In this case the Al Gore Global Warming crew is kicking people off of their lands and burning down the houses of people in Uganda who have lived on their land for 50 years.  Remember scratch a liberal and you will find a hypocrite.  Consult Fay's prior post.  It seems one of those multinational corporations that sells carbon credits by planting trees, in this case the New Forest Company, claims that they own the land that native Ugandans have been living on for as long as they can remember.  The New Forest Company is one of those companies whose business model is what Al Gore thinks we should all buy into.   Remember liberals really care about these people.  Read more

Shame on Delaware Liberal

The edgy and sometimes outrageous liberal counterpart to this blog has jumped the shark. They declared John Sigler and the Sussex Republicans racist, KKK, and whatever else based upon a quote in a column of an attendee of the Take Back Our State Rally. Not based upon a quote from an organizer, but dredging a quote from the also flamboyant and sometimes outrageous MC. I hesitate to send people over to it, but you have to see it to believe it. This is an amazing quote. As of now we are not sure if this “Take Back Our State event” was a full blown KKK meeting, or some subsidiary group affiliated with more mainstream Republican racists. The whole post is full of if it turns out or we don't knows that it makes one wonder why it was even posted. Oh, we know so it provides an excuse to slander and defame. I didn't even go but that didn't exempt my name from eventually surfacing. Read more

Liberal solution for Recession: Alien Space Invasion

One can't make up things liberals say and do.  Liberal icon and New York Times columnist has suggested that a possible threat of the invasion of earth by space aliens would generate the kind of government defense programs that will snap this nations economy into recovery in 18 months.  Krugman, who liberals tell us is very smart,  was on Sunday's CNN's show  "Fareed Zakaria GPS".  Krugman's analysis is to use the analogy of World War 2 and how the war got us out of the Great Depression.  Hey wait, I thought Roosevelt's New Deal got us out of the Great Depression!!  It is so hard to keep straight the things liberals say.  At any rate here is what Krugman said.  PAUL KRUGMAN, NEW YORK TIMES: Think about World War II, right? That was actually negative social product spending, and yet it brought us out. I mean, probably because you want to put these things together, if we Read more

PolitiFact Dings Stewart

Political humorist, Jon Stewart said that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed viewers according to every poll out there.  That seemed more like a Donald Trump worthy overstatement.  Politifact actually found the comedian worthy of being fact checked and concluded he was incorrect.  Fox News viewers are not any worse than the average.   What I consider interesting is the reaction.  Politifact was swamped with protest.  This mildest of dissent from the left wing orthodoxy by a nonpartisan fact checking source was viewed as some sort of heresy.  Apparently, it is an article of faith for those on the hard left that "Faux News" is not a real source of news, but misinformation filling the minds of ill informed, bitter people who cling to GODand guns.  Politifact attempts to be fair.  I think they lean left, but not to the point of not being a useful and credible source.  If Read more

Stupid Liberal Media Caught in Hoax

The dumkopfs in the liberal media have been exposed as the biased idiots that they are.  The Associated Press has gone on record as reporting that General Electric (Obama's favorite crony capitalist company) is returning the 3.2 billion tax refund it is receiving this year.     General Electric gets paid back regularly for putting money into money losing Liberal Propaganda operations such as NBC and MSNBC.  This makes them the one corporation liberals love.  The AP story also said that GE would phase out foreign tax havens used to avoid corporate income taxes in the U.S.. In the press release was a statement that GE would add one U.S. job for every foreign job created.  The only problem for the liberal fact checkers at the Associated Press is that none of this is true. It was a hoax perpetuated by a group called the Yes Men.  In the true tradition of Dan Rather and CBS News,  Read more

Biden’s crew imprisons Reporter

Joe Biden’s team decided to violate the rights of a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. The Vice Kidnapper in Chief didn’t want reporter Scott Powers to mingle with the rich hoity toity liberal big buck donors at an Orlando Florida fundraiser for Democrat Senator Nelson. Biden’s staffers locked the reporter in a closet. Remember when it comes to the First Amendment and transparency, Biden is a typical liberal hypocrite. His crew locked up a reporter and the local paper wanted to try and cover it up.  The reporter did take pictures of the room where he was imprisoned. Any bets that no one will be fired for this?

Will they Report this?????

So to all of the liberals out there who bought the stupid idea that Obama was going to make us loved by the rest of the world, here is further proof that the Obama U.S. abasement tour meant nothing to those who hate the U.S. On Friday Molotov cocktails were thrown at the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janierio in the midst of anti Obama protests in Brazil.  Care to see what the protestors think of Obama.  Well as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. And at the top we have the pictures.   Brazilian authorities also had to cancel Obama's outdoor address at the Main Square in Rio.  Here is one account of Friday's Protests: Does anyone think that if Read more

Stare at Breasts: Live Longer

I have to give a shout out to my friends at the Colossus of Rhodey.  It is a great blog and they are linked on this website.  They were the ones who originally posted this story.  I have decided to publicize the story because, well this is a matter of health and life or death, and the word on this should go out far and wide.  So here it goes, the story is about a German study .  What they say: Five-hundred men participated in the German study. Half were told to refrain from looking at breasts for five years, the other half were told to ogle them daily. The study found the men who stared at breasts more often showed lower rates of heart problems, a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure. The authors of the study recommend that men stare at breasts for 10 minutes a day. Well I don't know about the rest of you guys but when qualified German researchers make a recommendation, Read more

Fed Money for Cowboy Poetry Essential

Harry Reid defends Cowboy PoetryI Those mean rotten stingy Republicans are at it again. They are proposing budget cuts to the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Liberal Democrat Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid has his panties in a bunch over. One item that may be impacted is Cowboy Poetry Festival. Let's see what Reid has to say about this. The mean-spirited bill, H.R. 1, eliminates National Public Broadcasting," said Reid in a floor speech. "It eliminates the National Endowment of the Humanities, National Endowment of the Arts. These programs create jobs. The National Endowment of the Humanities is the reason we have in northern Nevada every January a cowboy poetry festival. Had that program not been around, the tens of thousands of people who come there every year would not exist.” I am curious as to how many people would cease existing if this funding is cut.  But at any Read more

Defund PBS and NPR Now

Well the James O'Keefe video sting has done it again and this time they have exposed the U.S. Tax supported liberal biased Public Radio and Television.  The video crew has recorded the effete liberal Senior Executive Ron Schiller as bashing Middle America the Republican Party, tea party, Jewish influence in the Media etc..........   Of course to liberals the biggest sin Ron Schiller  committed was his statement that Public Television and Radio would be better off without Federal Financing.  Well to this I say let's give them what they want,  No more federal dollars for NPR and PBS.  The accumulated bias and bigotry expessed by Mr. Schiller are too numerous to mention on one post.  I will separate more out.  Until then go to this website: The video can Read more

Comment Rescue: Useful Idiots

 I am always amazed by what basic things liberals don’t know.  One of the problems of posting as a conservative is the total lack of historic and cultureal  knowledge of liberals.  Liberals can take one word out of context, due to their ignorance, and then go ballistic when they are the ones who misunderstood the term in the first place.  I saw this phenomenon in person when I referenced 2 Delaware State News Reporters as “useful idiots”.  The usual liberal, get your panties in a bunch, crowd used this term to accuse me of name calling etc.  Not to be out done the usual liberal choir then chose to justify their own name calling based on their ignorance of a term I used.  (Aren’t liberals always preaching that 2 wrongs don’t make a right?)  At any rate I consciously used the term “useful idiots” not as name calling or as a pejorative.  Instead I used the term Read more

The Real Agenda: No Growth

The real agenda of the global warming crowd is not in your interest. At the Climate Change Conference in Cancun, one of the advocates called for a no growth rationing scheme for the developed world.  He called for electric rationing and making it too expensive to drive the family car.  It sounds a lot like Jack Markell, John Carney,  and Tom Carper who all favor energy rationing  schemes.   In the real world, that means poverty, unemployment, and suffering. “Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing the poor nations to continue to grow, is to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years,” according to The Telegraph. Prof. Anderson admitted that electricity rationing would likely be necessary to achieve the desired decrease in carbon emissions. Read more

Keep Velda!!! Dems Circle the Wagons.

The Liberal Democrats have picked their poison and have chosen to defend the indefensible. Liberal Democrat Jack Markell has decided to stand by his ill advised appointment of Velda Potter-Jones or is is it Velda Jones-Potter? Keep Velda is part of the corrupt Wilmington Liberal Democrat clique that has transformed a once proud first city of Delaware into a hat in hand beggar. Velda it seems has this great and wonderful leadership program that has never once was initiated when she was an upscale city administrator during the 90's and prior to 2009.   It seems that female Wilmington employees needed a self esteem program  for years and Miss Velda never once decided to use her knowledge and expertise to do her Liberal uplifting while on City Time. (Velda is reported to be a Cityof Wilmington  Administrator since 1990 according to the News Journal).    No instead Miss Velda Read more

KEEP VELDA!!! She Gets YOUR Money

It appears that the measly salary that one gets as State Treasurer isn't enough for a liberal Wilmington Democrat.  Velda Jones-Potter is collecting significant bucks from a $150/hour consulting job from the City of Wilmington in addition to being State Treasurer.  It seems that perenially cash strapped Wilmington is getting its usual liberal dose of  "It's the Government's Money!!!!! Hand it over Sap!!!" Keep in mind Wilmington has been the recepient of State and Federal largesse for years (that would be the rest of the State's money) and still comes up short when needing things like police officers, firefighters and the like.  Workers in Wilmington also get to pay 3 types of Income tax with a City Wage tax on top of Delaware and Federal Income taxes.   You gotta love it when liberals get long term unfettered control of a Government body.   That is the case in Wilmington Read more

Yacht Hypocriscy

The Hallmark of  Liberals is their constant  hypocrisy. Keep in mind that before the ink is dry on a tax increase that liberals will be the first ones to find a way around any new or increased tax for themselves and buddies.  For Liberals Charity begins in someone else's wallet. Well we have yet another example in the case of the favorite American Veteran of Liberals  (So much a favorite they nominated him for president!!!) Yes one can be a veteran of the armed services and still gain liberal favor.  Of course one first has to slime and smear your fellow service members in a public display before Congress.  Once you disgrace your nation and its veterans, than you too can become a U.S. Senator!!! This is provided you find a liberal state in which to run and at least 2 rich women that you can giggolo your way into their money. Ok I have given enough clues.  Our focus is the Read more