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The Ugly Face of Socialism

Shame on the leftist hoodlums in Chicago for assaulting free political speech by violently stopping a Trump rally. This is tyranny on display. We, the People, will not tolerate it. The fact that it happened is wrong. The fact that powerful left wing groups like issued congratulations to the protesters is worse. Sanders needs to condemn this or look like a socialist strong man like Chavez because it was his signs being waved. I would be shocked if he had anything to do with it. The point is that this is common with socialism. In Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, we see that the resentment socialism breeds naturally leads to strong arm tactics or worse. If Sanders wants to lead a Danish style socialist movement, it will not happen by accident. He has to nip the radicalism in the bud. This is the moment that will tell us if Senator Sanders is the man who we believe him to Read more

Gadsden Flag removed from NY Military Armory; Claimed It Is A Tea Party Symbol

Claiming, it is a Tea Party symbol, the City of New Rochelle, NY has removed the Gadsden from the city's military armory. The City Manager Chuck Strome ordered the flag removed after receiving complaints from citizens that the flag is a Tea-Party symbol. The United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association of New Rochelle if fighting the decision. "Their outrageous decision to confiscate a cherished symbol of our War for Independence smacks of pure partisan politics," said Richard Thompson, chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center," who will represent the Veterens, told World Net Daily. "Many Americans fought and died for our independence under that flag, and the law center will take available means to return the Gadsden flag back on the veterans' flag pole. As one Revolutionary War hero said, "we have only just begun to fight." According to the US Navy website, beginning Read more