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Markell’s Approval at 40%

The details of the Public Policy polling in Delaware have been released and the news is not good for Democrats. The three top Democrat office holders have followed the nationwide trend of dissatisfaction with Democrat officials. The winner for the biggest decline is Governor Jack Markell.  Polling in March gave Markell a 67% approval rating.  This month's results show a 27% drop to 40%.   31% of Delaware voters disapprove of Markell's job performance.   Markell's drop is across the board politically but he takes the biggest hit from Democrats.  Whereas Democrat approval ratings for Markell last winter was 76%, The current Democrat approval for Markell is at 43%. Senator Tom Carper also has taken a hit.  Carper's approval ratings are barely better than Markell's.  44% approve of Carper's performance.  His  disapproval ratings match Markell's at 31%.   Carper's approval Read more