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Stewart Sued?

Our sources say a lawsuit is titled Indemnity Insurance v. Karen Weldin Stewart and Steve Kinion was filed about 5 weeks ago in the Federal District Court in Baltimore. It is sealed. The allegation is unfair trade practices. Rumors say that Indemnity applied for admission as a Captive for ACE in Delaware. It is alleged that Stewart and cronies made illegal demands. Indemnity refused and they were told to pound sand. Indemnity’s damages are the money they would have made had they been admitted. If anyone can verify this, please contact us. If true, it is another reason we need to get rid of the embarrassment that is the incumbent insurance commissioner. I call for transparency and the parties to unseal the lawsuit. Let the public know the full story.

Van Houten Declares Candidacy for Insurance Commissioner

Bear Delaware resident and U.S. Army veteran, Jim Van Houten announced his candidacy for the position of Delaware’s Insurance Commissioner. Van Houten is facing a primary by republican, Benjamin Mobley. The winner of the republican primary will face the winner of the democratic primary, which will include current democratic incumbent, Karen Weldin-Stewart, Mitch Crane and Vincent White. Van Houten, who challenged incumbent Valerie Longhurst (D) for the 15th District Representative seat in the 2010 election, has earned an MBA from Wilmington University and has twenty years experience in the insurance industry. “The people of Delaware deserve effective and efficient government. I’ve decided to run because I have the business experience and fresh new ideas that will restore integrity to the office,” said Van Houten, a former Allstate Insurance Agent-Owner. Van Houten stated, Delaware’s Read more

Is Stewart On The Ropes; faces Crane’s Challenge?

Persistent allegations of resume puffing and a lack of attention to consumer interests have hurt Karen Weldin Stewart's credibility within her own party.  Rumors have been flying that Mitch Crane would run for the seat even if that met challenging her.  Now that he filed paperwork with the elections commissioner and posted a website, that seems to be more of a fact than a rumor.  How will she respond? Mitch Crane's release MITCH CRANE FILED PAPERS WITH DEPARTMENT OF ELECTIONS AND FORMS FINANCE COMMITTEE IN PREPARATION FOR A RUN FOR DELAWARE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER Former Delaware  Insurance Department Regulatory Specialist and Acting Director of Consumer Services Mitch Crane has filed a Statement of Organization for the political committee “Mitch Crane for Delaware” together with paperwork forming a fundraising committee, with the Department of Elections on July 5th, for Read more

Karen Weldin Stewart: For the Powerful over the People

What is the deal?  Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart (KWS) made much public fan fare about her audit of Blue Cross' denial of pre-test heart claims. It looked like our insurance commissioner was looking out for the people. A year later, we still do not know what the result of the audit is. I wrote we do not know.  KWS has known for most of three months.   She is too busy working out the details with the carrier to talk to the little people.    Forgive me for wondering if the show of concern is yet another in a long line of fraud that KWS has perpetrated  on the voters. She seems to have actually used the audit and report to undermine legislation that would protect the clients.  Now the prolonged delay seems a cynical ploy to protect the profits of big insurance companies over the people she was elected to serve.  She has gone to the extraordinary measure of requiring Read more

Just one question Ms. Stewart

On the Department of Insurance website is a blistering statement refusing to give out information to Rep. Daniel Short and others because she says it will compromise her own investigation.  I will accept that at face value.  The question that I have is how do you comment on her site?  There is no box for comments, but the webmaster has added two reader comments. Thank Karen for this. We who support her are glad she fights back. She is the right person at the right time whether her detractors like it or not. Thank You. - Bill Anthony Karen Weldin Stewart is doing an excellent job as Insurance Commissioner. - John Parisi My question is are people so in love with the job that you are doing that they find a way to hack into the site to praise you or are those comments planted?   Follow up, If they are planted for PR purposes and the contrary view is censored, is that the proper use Read more

Karen Weldin Stewart– I am NOT a Rotten Manager-continued

I have never been insurance commissioner, but it seems to me that a key step in good management of the Department would be to hire a Director of Company Regulation. The legislators asked her why the position was vacant after nearly a year and a half in office and it is still vacant months later. I am just glad that we at least have a Director of Market Regulation to…. Wait, I guess we don’t. How can you run a regulatory oversight office and not hire the chief regulators? At least we have her assurance that she is not a rotten manager. Thankfully we have a controller looking after the funds. Oh did you say he quit? I guess you don’t know the players on KWS’ team without a scorecard.