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Guest Opinion: Joanne Christian on HB117

smitty-note: bumped this post up to give it a chance in the sun, rapid posting caused it to get pushed down on the page rather quickly passed an Onion not an Apple by Joanne Christian Let me applaud the 17 Representatives who "got it" in their decision to vote "NO" to HB 117. HB 117 has been presented simply as a "cost savings measure" to move school board elections to general election days. Sounds great, sounds easy, sounds right, and makes sense. Aaah but is it really that simple? If entire sections of Delaware code are dedicated to education practice and law from the Secretary of Education, to State School Board, through Superintendents, Administrators, teachers, and school boards, shouldn't that give one a clue of the major over-arching impact this presents, using this naive fix of a simple date-change? Move a wedding date, you get Bridezilla, move an election Read more