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Jim Inhofe Takes On Reid’s Incompetence with a Real Plan

Senate Democrats last passed a budget April 27, 2009.  They blew up the Sequester avoidance talks.  Now our national security is at risk by their rank incompetence.  Enter our hero, Jim Inhofe R-OK. Senator Inhofe, (full disclosure, I have known him almost 25 years personally) has taken the role of a real leader once again and introduced a proposal to do what the Super Committee wouldn't, which is save 2.6 trillion dollars in federal spending.  Now the ball is in the Democrats court.  If they don't want the Inhofe plan, then give us a real budget plan yourself otherwise shut up and let those who will lead, lead. A great quote from Senator Dan Coats: Since the Senate Democrats last passed a budget: The United States has lost its perfect credit rating. Federal debt has increased nearly 50 percent to a staggering $15.6 trillion. America has assumed the unenviable position Read more