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DE Governor’s Weekly Message 2/19/2016

Improving Our Criminal Justice System to Create New Opportunities

By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell

One of the ways we have worked to improve public safety and create opportunity for all Delawareans is through a smarter criminal justice system – a system that reserves limited prison space for violent criminals and emphasizes treatment and community supervision for low-level offenders whose needs outweigh their risks to the community. Together, these programs provide a range of services that simply aren’t available in prison and they show the potential to reduce recidivism and to transform lives for the better. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.


Delaware Governor Comments on DuPont / Dow Merger

The Press Offce of Delaware Governor, Jack Markell has released the following statement regarding the announcement of a merger between DuPont and Dow:   “Delaware has been home to DuPont's global headquarters for more than 200 years and to an important Dow Electronics Materials business for decades. These are world class companies whose merger has the potential to spawn three well-positioned competitors in the agriculture, material sciences and specialty products sectors. “I have spoken to DuPont CEO Ed Breen about plans for DowDuPont. We have talked about the great business environment in Delaware and the many talented scientists, engineers and business leaders who call Delaware home and who can be at the center of growth for the three new businesses. We will continue to advocate that Delaware's many advantages can be of major benefit to the new companies.   “None of this, Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message: 12/11/2015

Preparing Students for Success in the New Economy By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell Delaware’s future success, depends on how well we prepare our students today. We must create new opportunities to support them in an economy that requires more education and training than ever to thrive. That’s why I recently announced an additional $600,000 in Pathways to Prosperity grants to high schools to fund more than 50 programs that allow students to earn college credit and gain workplace experience in growing, well-paying fields, so they have a head start on earning a degree or getting a job after graduation. We’re adding programs in finance, health, and computer networking, while expanding others in IT, engineering, and culinary arts. Next year, more than 5,000 students will participate at 29 high schools across the state. And that’s only in the second year of the initiative. Read more

Proposed Water TAX Resurfaces

Apparently, Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s proposal to impose a water TAX , or “fee” on Delaware property owners has resurfaced. It was first revealed in his 2014 State of the State Address. It was subsequently incorporated in the Governor’s Clean Water for Delaware's Future Initiative. On Thursday, November 19, 2015, a draft of the Clean Water for Delaware Act was distributed and discussed at a Clean Water and Flood Abatement Task Force meeting. The official purpose of the proposed legislation is to provide the State of Delaware with a new revenue stream to raise Delaware’s natural and drinking water quality levels. According to the latest USEPA’s 303-(d) list, 90% of Delaware’s natural waterways are impaired as they fail to meet their designated uses for swimming, fishing and drinking. Under the proposed "Clean Water for Delaware Fee", Delaware residential property Read more

Delaware Governor’s Statement re: Syrian Refugees

In response to a Midlantic Dispatch inquiry, Press Secretary to Delaware Governor, Jack Markell has issued the following statement: The Governor supports the President's decision to provide asylum for refugees in the United States. It is unfortunate that anyone would use the tragic events in Paris to send a message that we do not understand the plight of these refugees, ignoring the fact that the people we are talking about are fleeing the perpetrators of terror. The safety of our citizens is always a top concern. And while any security system can always be improved, the federal refugee review system has the highest level of security checks of any traveler to American shores, including biometric and biographic checks and in-person overseas interviews by federal officials trained to ensure the applicant is a bona fide refugee and not a security risk. That system involves multiple agencies, Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 11/20/2015

Delaware City Refinery: Six Years Later – By: Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message An anniversary this weekend provides an opportunity to take stock in our state’s economy and recognize how many Delawareans have contributed to putting us on a promising path. On this day six years ago, this familiar Delaware manufacturing facility – the Delaware City Refinery – shut its doors. 750 people were put out of work. For many, that meant unemployment. For others, it meant missed mortgage or car payments, or even bigger problems at home. Today, the Delaware City Refinery is up and running more efficiently, cleanly, and safely than ever. And we should pause and take note of what that says about the spirit and fortitude of our people. The refinery closed during one of the most troubling recessions in modern American history. Delaware saw thousands of job losses as the national economy Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 11/06/15

Preserving Natural Resources While Strengthening Our Economy Weekly Message By: Governor Jack A. Markell The Delaware Bayshore is a unique and beautiful landscape. It’s a place where we enjoy fishing, hunting, bird watching, boating, kayaking and cycling; where our farmers plow bountiful fields and where watermen bring their harvest onto shore. Preserving and using these natural resources provides tremendous opportunities to enhance the quality of life in our state and strengthen our economy. We can be proud of four new milestones we recently reached, all of which encourage Delawareans and visitors to enjoy the Bayshore by connecting with nature, exploring our history, and discovering waterfront towns. First, we have preserved a key wetland, part of the Thousand Acre Marsh near Port Penn. The property provides habitat for thousands of waterfowl, protects our state’s water Read more

Delaware Governor Pardons Underground Railroad Conductor

On Nov 2, The Offfice of Delaware Governor, Jack Markell issued the following media release: Governor Markell Pardons Conductor on the Underground Railroad Samuel D. Burris Dover, DE – In an effort to right a historic injustice, Governor Jack Markell today issued a pardon for Samuel D. Burris, a free black man from Delaware, who, on Nov. 2, 1847, was convicted of aiding slaves escaping from their owners. The ceremony, which took place in the same courtroom in which Burris was convicted 168 years ago, was attended by several of his descendants. [ Full text of the pardon is available here. ] “This pardon is an extraordinary act in recognition of a historic wrong that cannot be corrected by a single stroke of a pen,” said Governor Markell. “But while we cannot change what was done more than 150 years ago, we can ensure Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 10/23/2015

Ensuring Every Child has the Best Opportunity to Succeed Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message We have no more effective way to give our children the opportunities they deserve than by investing in their development from the day they're born. It's why I'm proud that our state has prioritized early childhood education -- from infant care through pre-school. Our efforts are rooted in growing scientific evidence that shows early experiences literally shape the brain, setting the foundation for a child’s lifelong health and success. We are making great progress for Delaware's kids. This past week, we celebrated the Christina Early Education Center for becoming the state's 100th 5-star program. That's the highest rating in our state. Better still, more than 58 percent of the state’s most vulnerable children are enrolled in highly rated Stars programs, up from just 5 percent in 2011. Read more

Partial State of Emergency in Sussex County, DE

Coastal flood warnings in effect along Atlantic Coast and Delaware Bay Wilmington, DE – With moderate to major coastal flooding expected at high tides today and tomorrow, along with high wind warnings along the coast, Governor Jack Markell has issued a Limited State of Emergency for Sussex County, effective immediately. State offices will remain open and no driving restrictions are being implemented, however localized road closures may occur as conditions warrant it. See full text below. Residents of flood-prone areas of Sussex County and throughout Delaware are at risk of significant flooding and residents of those areas should seriously consider taking precautionary measures, including evacuating voluntarily or planning for potential evacuation and use of travel routes around flooded streets and roads. A list of flood-prone areas is included below. “Though predicted rainfall Read more

DE Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message 9/18/2015

Promoting Job Growth by Supporting Business Development – Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message 9/18/2015 Since the financial collapse seven years ago, middle class jobs have changed drastically. Industries that fueled middle class jobs, no longer had the ability to support our middle class in a sustainable way. We have fought back from these losses by recognizing that in our transformed economy, good jobs look different and require a higher level of skills than they did in the past. With the right approach to encourage job growth in key industries, we are giving Delawareans a better chance than ever before to make the most of their abilities. It’s why we continue to outpace the region in job creation while seeing total personal income increase by more than 6%. And recent developments show our state making further progress. Innovative companies are creating new industries to Read more

DE Governor’s Trade Mission to Promote Delaware to German Companies Begins Tuesday

REPRINT From the Governor's Press Office: The Governor will meet with business and government leaders in Munich and Berlin to strengthen economic ties Wilmington, DE – Having made it a top priority to ensure Delaware fully benefits from the global economy, Governor Markell will be in Germany beginning next Tuesday to strengthen relationships with German companies and business organizations. The visit follows this year’s launch of the Department of State’s ‘Global Delaware’ initiative ( and focuses on the three goals of the program: paving the way for Delaware companies to increase exports, building on Delaware’s global leadership in corporate governance and as a preferred site of incorporation, and promoting the state as a place for foreign companies to expand. “Success for our state in the 21st century means looking beyond our borders for Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 9/11/2015

Paying Tribute to Those Who Serve By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell As we mark 14 years since 9/11, we are also reminded of the tremendous sacrifice and unyielding bravery of our service members in the days, months and years that followed. Thousands of Delawareans volunteered to go into harm’s way on behalf of our country following that tragic day – and this anniversary is a particularly fitting time to recognize the efforts made by the men and women of Delaware’s National Guard. Earlier this month, we celebrated the Guard’s 360th anniversary, recognizing its deep-rooted history in Delaware, along with the men and women who have represented the First State both abroad and in domestic emergencies. From peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, to serving victims of floods, ice storms and hurricanes at home, the National Guard continually answers the call to serve and Read more

Governor Vetoes HB 130: Sexual Contact Legislation

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Delaware Governor Jack Markell, on strongly-worded legal and constitutional grounds, has vetoed HB 130, bill that would have made sexual contact between consenting adults a felony level offense, earlier today. The bill specifically applied to health care professional/patient relationships during the course of treatment, but it failed to differentiate between consensual and non-consensual sex. It would have made it a Class F felony, punishable by a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment with an automatic loss of professional license upon conviction. The Governor , in support of his veto, has issued the following statement: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ August 17, 2015 TO THE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE 148th GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Pursuant to Article Read more

White House Announces New Federal Drug Program Funding for Delaware

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Less that one week after Delaware Governor, Jack Makell announced his drug priorities, White House officials have announced that a $2.5 million federal allocation will fund the Heroin Response Strategy. Speaking with the Governor, in Wilmington earlier today, Michael Botticelli, Director of National Drug Control Policy, announced that federal funding for Delaware via the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program is part of a new law enforcement and public health initiative to deal with heroin and prescription drug abuse. New Castle County was designated as an HIDTA last year by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. The White House announcement on the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program can be read in its entirety at: The Read more

Markell Issues Tone Deaf Veto of Parental Opt Out Bill

Governor Markell issued a veto message with his veto of HB 50 in spite of the fact it passed with veto proof majorities. Part of which is below. “HB 50 would undermine the only objective tool we have to understand whether our children are learning and our schools are improving. It has the potential to marginalize our highest need students, threaten tens of millions of dollars of federal funding, and undermine our state’s economic competitiveness – all without adequately addressing the issues that motivated many to support the legislation. That is why educators and school leaders have joined the civil rights community and business leaders in opposing the legislation, and why I am returning the bill unsigned,” wrote the Governor in a statement delivered to the House of Representatives. “I have heard the concerns of some parents and teachers that our students are experiencing Read more

Delaware PTA Disheartened by Smarter Balanced Assessment Announcement by 4 Colleges and Markell Administration

In a statement made today by Governor Markell, Delaware PTA learned that the four colleges; Wilmington University, University of Delaware, Delaware Technical and Community College and Delaware State University have all agreed that the outcomes of the 11th grade Smarter Balanced Assessments is a good indicator of college readiness. In addition, these institutions have all agreed to accept the assessment in lieu of other placement exams. At a time when there is so much turbulence in our public education system, we are disheartened to learn that the conversations that proceeded this major conclusion did not include input from any of our major stakeholders. The Delaware Department of Education and the Governor's office have publicly committed to greater transparency and collaboration with the broader community, yet Delaware PTA, the Delaware State Education Association, state legislators Read more

Delaware Animal Control Reform Petition Available On-line

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer A Petition to Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Attorney General Matt Denn to "Immediately investigate violations by and clarify authority of the contracted dog control agency, known as Kent County SPCA, First State Animal Center & SPCA, Camden SPCA and Delaware Animal Care & Control" is available on-line at: . NOTE: This information was contributed by D. Meier in a comment regarding a previous article: “Talk Show Host Legally Challenges SPCA”. Read more

New Energy in the Delaware Political System

Widespread Early Jockeying is a new trend in 1st State The political dynamic is going to shift some in Delaware next year. The Governor and Lt. Governor slots will both be open. Matt Denn vacated the Lt. Governor slot to be Attorney General, leaving it open for the next two years. There will be no incumbent in that slot to whom the Governor can transition or who will have the public eye this year. Governor Markell is term limited out of office. Republicans are fresh out off of their momentum gaining 2014 with people already stating their intentions for 2016. Former state trooper Lacey Lafferty is still running for governor, but she is joined by State Senator Colin Bonini. The only Democrat announcing is former Attorney General Beau Biden, but the New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon seems to be making moves and others are preparing the ground for Congressman John Carney just in Read more

Education: It’s All About the Children

A tip of the hat to Shirley Min of WHYY for bringing to our attention this reminder from Governor Markell that education in Delaware is all about the children. I am not sure what happened here, but someone was clearly a little distracted.  I'd hazard a guess that the Governor's staff might be getting a little bit smaller soon and if it saves taxpayers a few pennies then at least something good came out of this. If you follow the link to the Blaze article it is clear that this was not the Governor's intended picture, but it is hard not to take notice when the slip-up is this spectacular.  The Markell administration has since corrected the picture and has issued a number of tweets in reference to it. When you consider the chronology of how things played out on his twitter feed it paints an amusing picture.  The misspelling of inadvertently in a thread about education becomes Read more

The Loyal Opposition Asks, Who Has Been In Charge the last 5 and 1/2 Years?

President Obama and Governor Jack Markell stood at I-495 Thursday and panned the horrible state of the infrastructure in Delaware and around the nation. It is a terrible problem. I am glad they discovered it after 5 years. I say 5 because President Obama recognized it when he first came into office, he wanted to fund shovel ready projects to stimulate the economy. Most of the money in his stimulus went elsewhere and it seemed to drop off his list of top priorities. At least President Obama can claim almost 3 years of an opposition House (though certainly arguably), but Governor Markell has a super majority in both houses. Of course the Governor will claim that if he got his gas tax hike this year, all would be well. It still begs the fact that he ignored the problem for 5 years, went for an unrealistic proposal that even his own party couldn't buy in an all or nothing package. Read more

Markell Gun Measures Panned by Gun Rights Advocates

While Governor Markell received the support of his Lt. Governor Matt Denn, and Attorney General Biden, gun rights advocates panned his plan as a violation of the Delaware Constitution. The proposals to address gun safety issues in the First State in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy drew harsh criticism from the National Rifle Association, yet they drew praise from the Delaware State Education Association, the state's largest teachers' union. Markell, Denn and Biden were joined by Delaware Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security Lew Schiliro, members of the General Assembly, police officers and members of the faith-based community for the unveiling of the gun safety legislation at the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington. "The gun safety measures we are proposing will strengthen our ability to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them," Markell said. "No Read more

Markell’s Fisker Folly, Fraud? Or Failure?

                                            Back in 2009 Vice Pres. Joe Biden came back to Delaware to announce that Finland based automotive company, Fisker, would be taking over the former General Motors Boxwood Road Plant near Wilmington, Delaware.      Of course no announcement such as this by our own "Scranton Joe" could come alone, surely V.P. Biden had bigger news.   At the announcement of the take over of the plant, an announcement attended by Delaware Governor Jack Markell (D), Republican Alan Levin, head of Delaware's Department of Economic Developement, it was announced that the federal government would be guaranteeing a loan for $529 million .  Which as of now they have received approximately $193 million, and still not a single car has been produced.   Not to be out done by the federal government in its attempt to socialize Read more