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Making room for both the forgotten man and the rugged invidvidual

The last 90 years of American politics and economic philosophy has been a conflict between two philosophies. The philosophy that made America, that of rugged individualism, equality of opportunity and free markets. The other is the philosophy of Franklin Roosevelt, that policy needs to focus first on the forgotten man. An interesting question is there room for both at the policy table? The left would tell us that income inequality is the issue of our time. Income inequality is a not a problem, any more than inequality of talents, ambition, goals, or activities is a problem. Not everyone should earn the same because not everyone wants to earn the same, not everyone does the same thing, not everyone wants to live in the same type house or drive the same car. If we do different things, want different things, and contribute different things then why would we want to earn the same thing? America Read more

Plantation Politics Or Institutional Racism In Delaware, OR Both?

Is Delaware a racist state, practicing "Plantation Politics," or are all of the following incidents just coincidence? The last few years I've been writing for Delaware Politics I've noticed a worsening trend that disturbs me greatly. I've written articles about the obvious lynchings of African Americans at or around Silver Lake Park, in Dover, that the Dover Police claim were suicides. I wrote two articles that can be found here in the archives of Delaware Politics, called "In Delaware, They Lynch Negros" Part I and Part II. I've written about the recent election of Kent County Recorder of Deeds, When Kent County NAACP Chairman, Dr. Lamar Gunn ran against a white female incumbent and apparently won that race. As I recall the race was so close that a recount was invoked according to existing laws. In fact, election officials counted the votes four times until the count finally favored Read more