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This is a challenge for all intelligent life to post constructive, effective sustainable and constitutional university level solutions to the institutionalized problem of illegal immigration.

A more advanced cerebral systematic virtual think tank approach is required, ab initio.

The scope is not limited to the territorial confines United States, so international comments are welcome.


TRASH comments will be deleted. This is NOT a forum for personal attack, racism and ethnic hated.

We Support the Border Patrol

The invaders who attacked our law enforcement officers at the border where turned away properly with minimal force. The open borders left all of a sudden acts like tear gas is some crime against humanity. They offer no solutions. They never had a problem with numerous such actions in other administrations including their beloved Obama administration. They are hypocrites of the first order. Worse, they are advocates for the end of America as we know it. It is no secret that I differ with this administration on legal immigration policy. I oppose the RAISE Act. I supported Rubio not Trump in the primary mainly because of immigration. What we do not differ in is the rule of law and opposition to illegal immigration. If we allow these group of thugs to bully their way into our nation by rioting, throwing stones, and setting fires instead of waiting in line, we will be subjected to wave Read more

The Human Cost of Illegal Immigration in Delaware

Why am I opposed to making Dover a Sanctuary city or Delaware a Sanctuary state? We are holding 78 people with detainers from ICE in our prisons. 23 rapists, 12 murders and so on. At least 16 Delawareans have lot their lives due to these illegal immigrants. Children were abused. Human trafficking was conducted. Child pornography was spread. Women and children were raped. Here is a list of the charges these people were convicted of. Tell me who in their right mind thinks they should be released to stay here instead of being sent on a one way ticket anywhere? Source Delaware Department of Corrections DUI: 3 Fugitive from another state: 2 Possession of a controlled substance: 2 Drug dealing: 5 Trafficking: 1 Racketeering: 1 Reckless driving: 1 Conspiracy: 1 Manslaughter: 3 Murder 1st: 6 Murder 2nd: 6 Vehicular homicide: 1 PWDCF: 10 PWID: 2 Tier 3 Possession: 1 Assault Read more

Trump Should be Praised for Keeping out 500 criminal invaders

500 felony criminals tried to invade America under cover of “the caravan”. You think the people who stopped them would be praised. The open border crowd only whines that we need to be more compassionate. I say compassion is protecting your own people.

Do I believe in helping refugees, a welcoming immigration policy to those who respect our laws and traditions? Yes. I have the greatest respect for people who leave everything familiar to build a better life for themselves and their families. They make us better. That starts by respecting us enough to do it right. Importing random people including criminals is self destructive.

Many Mexicans feel the same way.

Immigration needs to refocused to serve both Immigrants and Americans

What do I and many other conservatives want for America's immigration system? A controlled system where we know who is here and why, give vaccines to those who need it and keep criminals out, stop the drug, gun and human trafficking, and have an efficient system for workers and students to be and stay legal is what I value. I want an immigration system that benefits immigrants and Americans alike. It needs to look out for the health and safety of Americans. America benefits more from legal immigration than it costs us. How many inventions, services, small businesses and innovations come from immigrants? Immigration keeps our economic engine fresh by allowing us to control our population growth necessary for economic growth. Illegal immigration has some benefits, but I believe it costs us more than benefits us. In Delaware alone, the net cost of illegal immigration is around Read more

What should we do to stop the Terrorists?

What does America need to do about terrorism? I don't know all of the answers, but I do have some positive suggestions. I absolutely reject the idea that people should have their rights suspending because they have the wrong name or religion and some bureaucrat put them on some list with a bad sounding name. Terror watchlist means that we have no evidence even to arrest you. Obviously, no rights should be suspended nor can be. Do you want to suspend first amendment rights too? There is room for compromise. If someone is on the list, the FBI should know and have a day to respond before someone on the list (or use up to 3 days available under law if necessary). If you ban them from getting it, you alert them that they are being watched which they may not have known. They may go underground or use alternative weapons. There is no violation of rights or due process to vet someone Read more

Trump Has The High Ground On Immigration Policy

Open borders advocates attempt to show how foolish and dangerous Donald J. Trump's immigration plan is, they actually make his case for him. They claim that restaurants would shutdown, construction would grind to a halt, and food would rot in the fields. 11% of food service jobs, 14% of construction jobs, and 26% of farm jobs are held by undocumented workers according these advocates. Does anyone really think that one couldn't find workers to do construction or prepare food? If indeed illegals are taking double digit percentages of those jobs while Americans don't get work they seek or are given part time work to avoid healthcare mandates, does this not argue for controlling the borders? There are so many Americans who could fill those jobs. Ex cons who have given up because they can't get a leg up because an undocumented worker has taken their reentry job. People who are unemployed. Read more

Markell and Merkel Will Not Reverse Position on Syrian Refugees

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Just as Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel (CDU) announced that she would not reverse her position on Germany’s acceptance of Syrian refugees, Delaware Governor, Jack Markell (D) has declared that Delaware will accept Syrian refugees in accordance with Obama Administration policy. This statement comes in the wake of Saturday’s bloody coordinated bombings and massacres in Paris at the hand of ISIS-sponsored terrorist agents, most of whom were identified as French and Belgian citizens and one was confirmed to have been a recent Syyian refugee. While there are basic international humanitarian concerns regarding resettlement of refugees from war-torn areas, the question is also balanced with legitimate national security concerns, specifically: proper background checks of individuals seeking asylum in host nations and public safety issues arising in Read more

Delaware Rep. Smyk Blasts SB 60

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Movement Afoot to Make Delaware a Santuary State Speaking before the monthly meeting of the Sussex County chapter of the 9-12 Patriots, on Thursday night in the Millsboro Fire Hall, Delaware State Representative, Steve Smyk, (R-20th District) severely criticized SB 60, a bill intended to encourage immigrants to report crimes or other emergencies and facilitate their applications for a Delaware driving privilege card, regardless, legally of their documentation or immigration status. [ Delaware State Representative Steve Smyk Speaking on SB 60 ] Photo: Wolf von Baumgart He said that he believes that the effect of the bill would be to limit state and local police authority to detain individuals suspected of violating US immigration laws and compromise public safety. Read more

Trump Being Attacked for What?

What in the world is the issue with attacking Donald Trump for a question asked by someone else? He answered it properly. He laughed at the premise and answered the real question about the training camps. It is not his job to defend President Obama. You dismiss it and make him go to the real question or move on to the next person. You never engage the silly prefaces and get into arguments over nonsense. It is silly season. He could have said let's talk about the future or I made him produce his birth certificate so I know he is a citizen, what is your question? The fact the question was the musing and grandstanding of a radical is not a reflection on the candidate. As you know, I do not support Donald Trump. I have problems with some of what he actually says, but this attack is so outrageous that all fair minded people should defend him. He wasn't even asked about the President, Read more

Trump not popular with Hispanics, but some in GOP Field are gaining Favor

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump's hardline immigration stance is not gaining him towering levels of popularity in the Latino quarters. Pundits who with hand wringing, warn that the "Republican brand" would ever be damaged by having a spirited discussion and fight within the party are so far wrong. According to Gallup, Bush and Rubio have gained in popularity with Hispanic adults. You see Hispanics are not shallow and uniformed, as some seem to presume. They can decide who they like and don't without looking at labels. Trump should stay true to his beliefs. It is working for him. I would also submit that Bush and others should stay true to theirs. It may be working for them in the long run. Let's engage in a battle of ideas. It is good for America. I wish the numbers where broken down by registered voters as many of the adults are not registered and a few may not be citizens. Read more

Senator Bryan Townsend Responds to me about SB60–DE Sanctuary State Bill

Thank you David. Here is additional information I have provided to people who have reached out to me: "Although in June I had already decided not to pursue SB 60 even as we moved forward with SB 59, I want to respond to your message with more details and explanation. SB 60 is, along with SB 59, the product of a task force that met in 2014 and issued recommendations. We passed SB 59 this year. I currently do not plan on bringing SB 60 to a Senate vote next year, and I had made that decision more than a month ago once it became clear that SB 60 codifies the current practice of most (if not all) law enforcement agencies in Delaware. That practice is as follows: if someone has been processed for any criminal-related activity and is entitled to release (e.g., turns out they picked up the wrong person; or the person made bail; or there is no bail and the person is entitled to release, Read more

How Soon We forget: 3 Del State Students Killed in 2007 by Illegal Alien with child rape charges pending

Senator Bryan Townsend is prime sponsor to Senate Bill 60 which is The TRUST bill. He thinks that people here illegally should be able to trust that we will hide them even when arrested for crimes. I thought that law enforcement had a public trust to enforce the law for the betterment of the community. My own state representative is a cosponsor. I really don't understand how my honorable friend, Rep. Sean Lynn can co-sponsor SB 60 which would make Delaware a Sanctuary state. It would over rule local control of cities like Dover that choose to cooperate with federal authorities. If they want to instruct State Police to release back into the community potential felons, at least don't force the cities to do so. We have enough problems keeping law and order. We didn't choose to cooperate in a vacuum. In 2007, 4 Delaware State University Students were shot and 3 died. A Peruvian Read more

Obama Breaks Promise To Enforce Law On Immigration Hire

According to the Washington Times, President Obama is breaking his campaign promise to crack down on employers of illegal immigrants, which extends his attempted executive amnesty beyond immigrants to their employers.

Through the first five months of this fiscal year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted just 181 workplace audits and brought charges against only 27 employers, putting it on pace for fewer than 500 audits and just 65 arrests this year. That’s less than 15 percent of the total audits conducted in 2013. Read more: Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

Another Reason to Oppose Fast Track

TPA Fast Track Authority could be Trojan Horse for Open Borders Dick Morris exposes how Congress would be foolish to give up its authority to make amendments and give up its proper role of supervision of trade. Now buried in the Trans Pacific Partnership is climate change and open borders. It may be a stealth EU. Some Republicans have been quick and even shrill to denounce as amnesty anything that addresses the problem of the 11 million immigrants here without proper papers. Here is something worse than amnesty. It is open borders. They had better wake up on this one. Republican leaders are blindly and inexplicably pushing Fast Track in spite of the fact the last 8 years have demonstrated that many responsible trade pacts can be passed without it. In fact, you have a broader and more responsible consensus when the President knows that Congress has there as an equal partner. Reagan Read more

Carper Blasts Curious Timing of President’s Immigration Memo

Senator Carper was quoted in the state's largest newspaper criticizing the timing of the President's grant of temporary amnesty to 5 million undocumented immigrants. It is as if the administration wanted a fight turning down the advice of its party Homeland Security Committee Chair. The $1.1 trillion spending bill awaiting Obama’s signature funds all other federal agencies through Sept. 30. The deal that produced the bill gives Republicans a chance next year, when they will take control of the Senate and expand their majority in the House, to block Obama’s immigration order, using the Homeland Security Department’s finances as leverage. “No one told me this, I just think the president was hell-bent to do it,” Carper said of the executive order. “(He) thought it was the right thing to do, and went ahead. We’re turning out to have a productive lame duck, at least with Read more

The Sword that Executes the Law is Not Above It

With that quote, a federal district court in Pennsylvania declared that President Obama’s executive action violated the Separation of Powers and was unconstitutional. The issue at hand did not require the court to set aside the policy so it did not. This ruling gives powerful ammunition to the next Congress to defund an action ruled unconstitutional. If the President then pursues it, Congress can say wait, you are not just fighting us but defying the courts. It takes opposition to it out of the realm of politics. Read the ruling here.

The Lawless Presidency

Congress shall have power "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization", Article 1 Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution. It is not a Presidential power nor merely a federal power. It is a Congressional power and only a Congressional power. Any attempt by the Executive to rewrite the law is lawless. Surely the President has the power to set aside prosecutions or deportations to focus resources on the most dangerous and disruptive of those here illegally. If the President stopped at the next two years we will focus on felons not families, I would support him. We have no hope of deporting everyone here illegally if we wanted to do so. We pretty much decriminalized unlawful entry long before President Obama. He is stuck with making the best of the situation. He has deported more people than anyone else and he is sick of the broken families and multitude of complaints from immigrant Read more

117 Children

206,001 children live in Delaware according to the census bureau, but 117 new visitors are getting all of the attention. 117 children are the number the federal government reports to the state that 117 children have been sent to Delaware from the last group of 57,000 children who fled Central America. It appears the administration has no intention of even letting the Democrats in on the plan until after the fact. No money to take care of the bills. No political cover. Just backtracking. If that is the way the administration treats its allies, is their any wonder Republicans don't trust it? The children have a right to due process. They have a right to stay with family. The problem is that public health has a right to know what diseases if any they are bringing in to the state. The local tax payer has a right to avoid unfunded mandates. The local police have a right to know if Read more

Chris Coons Refuses to Admit Administrative Dream Act Is The Problem

Senator Coons gives an intelligent and much more capable defense of the administration than they do. He gives a very good speech here, but as I shall explain, it is dead wrong in the parts where he tries a partisan defense. Now that you have seen his speech, let's dissect it. He says it is not the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill or the the administration's executive order to defer deportations based upon the failed Dream Act. He gives reasons such as why then are not we being flooded with minors from Panama or Mexico? Why is the problem coming from 3 nations? He gives valid reasons why the 3 nations have special problems, but he ignores why they would travel all the way here in an expensive and dangerous journey. There has been a specific campaign to say that the Dream Act and Child Trafficking Acts will protect their children. In Mexico, they know it is not true because Read more

Mr. President, You Have Done Enough Already on Immigration

The President made a bold move last year to act alone on immigration. He decided to announce that Dream Act eligible children would not be deported. The result has been an epic humanitarian crisis at our borders usually brought about by war or natural disaster. The only disaster is that Hurricane Barry who is blowing through laws and procedures and leaving an epic mess in his wake. Tens of thousands of children flood our borders with no adults. Our border towns are facing a meltdown of services and the administration keeps losing children before they come up for hearings. In response, it has created refugee camps. So instead of announcing a reversal of the action, which thank GOD did not pass into law; he demands Congress pass legislation that many think will create other problems. Instead of working with Congress, he poisons the well, costs members willing to work with him their seats Read more

Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Not Documented Enough?

Don't take this wrong, but am I alone in seeing the irony of disqualifying a 7 year old girl from her rightful crown because her parents could not get the documents from her grandmother who arrived her as an ahem--undocumented resident. We (myself included) would be up in arms if this American girl were denied some benefit because her deceased grandmother was an illegal alien. Latino groups tell us that we need to pass the Dream Act to give full citizenship to children brought here without documentation because it was not their fault. (I support that if the Dream Children do not have chain migration rights or else you reward people who break the law--the parents of the Dream Children.) People who raise questions are condemned as -- you know the drill. It seems it is do as I say not as I do. I guess the Hispanic Community is just like the rest of us. The next time someone is called Read more