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Guest Post by Christian Hudson on the Psuedo National ID

Goodbye Delaware Driver’s License, hello National ID Card? If a small group of Delaware legislators get their way, that’s exactly what will be happening in Delaware soon. Senator Bushweller (Democrat-Dover), has introduced Senate Bill 74 in the Senate ( The main sponsor in the House of Representatives is Representative Mitchell (Democrat-Wilmington). The bill was just recently released out of the Public Safety Committee with 5 Senators voting for it “On Its Merits.” At first glance, Senate Bill 74 looks fairly innocent. The Official Synopsis of the bill makes it look like a simple legislative house-keeping bill, stating: “This bill enables the Division to issue driver license and identification cards, when certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Read more

Why is comprehensive immigration reform not comprehensive

There is a cry for comprehensive immigration reform. I could go along if it were comprehensive. First, we need to ramp up securing the borders. Physical security needs to happen right away. Second, we need more federal and state partnership with employer enforcement and law enforcement. When an illegal is picked up for a crime that should be communicated immediately to the feds and they should have response teams. Third, we need to deal with identity theft issues. Upgrading social security cards with the same technology used for passports would be a start. Expanding access and providing incentives for employers to participate in the data base verification of applicants would be positive. Requiring it for interstate commerce and government contractors is essential. Fourth we need to enforce the law regarding employment of undocumented workers. Fifth, we need to repeal some social Read more

Almost every Physician in America at risk for ID theft

Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Chicago has been compromised The result is that almost every practicing physician in the country is at risk for ID theft or worse it could allow breeches into their networks which could affect you. Friends this can happen at anytime to anyone. Please click the link on the side bar and investigate the only comprehensive ID theft program. This one not only helps you with financial ID theft, but medical and criminal as well. Stop waiting and just do it.

MOTHER @#$%^*%!!!!

I just found out last night that my personal information (name, adds, ssn#, etc.) was sold by some a$$&*!# now-fired employee at Countrywide to some “third party”.  Some third-party?  Hello?!  If you know it’s sold to a third-party, who is the third party?  I have a right to stand them up in court, damn it, as well as your prick ex-employee! I am as picky as they come when it comes to shredding things, so this just pisses me off to no end, beyond the feeling of vulnerability with something I have no control.  Thanks a whole freaking lot, Countrywide. My day today will now deal with getting credit reports, putting fraud alerts and combing months of transactions for details.  This, after my wife’s purse was stolen last week and we called all those things in as stolen. MOTHER @#$%^*%!!!!