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National Archives Document shows Hillary Clinton Avoided indictment for political reasons

Unindicted Career Criminal Hillary Clinton? That is the view of some close observers. The Special Prosecutor could not get some key figures to flip and we all know that a couple had unfortunate deaths such as Jim McDougall who died of an heart attack while in isolation where he no longer had access to his heart medication and Vince Foster who killed himself and his Clinton related records wanted by subpoena were taken by Clinton aids which were held in the White House Library until they were found after the statue of limitations. Susan McDougall was later pardoned by President Clinton. Now we know how close she was to being indicted thanks to archives being made public. The career prosecutors likened the difficulty to that of a case against a Mafia Kingpin. The April 24, 1998 memo said, "First, when we are confident of the ultimate ground of our case -- the factual guilt of the accused Read more