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My Thoughts on the Cain Candidacy

The previous allegations were worthless drivel.  Oh, he called me sweetie, I didn't like the way he moved his hand, then the people making the allegations turned out to be part of the other party's to boot.   If you took them at face value, they amounted to nothing but people being oversensitive during the sexual harassment firenze of the 1990's.  The allegation Monday was serious.  Sure it was a long time ago and didn't disqualify the man, but touching a woman who just wants a job is serious stuff.  That is called offensive touching and is a misdemeanor.  That is not mere sexual harassment, that is alleged criminal behavior.    That goes to character.  It is alleged to have happened 14 years ago, had no witnesses, was never filed and is beyond any legal statue of limitations and any reasonable moral statue of limitations.   I could accept an apology and recognition that such Read more

Cain For Delaware Call to Action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Herman Cain for President Campaign in Delaware is seeking Patriots throughout the state to actively support his run to the White House! In the words of Ronald Reagan, "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness". There is no question that President Obama must be replaced on November 6, 2012. The question you have to answer is “with whom”? It’s high time we had a real leader who can produce positive results, not rhetoric. My fellow citizen, it is now November and the Presidential Primary season starts in 60 days. We are absolutely committed to victory in our Primary on April 24. This is the sounding of the trumpet to any and all Herman Cain supporters in Delaware; we will build the most dominant grassroots Read more

Cain Meetup

First-Ever 999 Meetup Day Date: Wednesday, November 09 6:00 PM DE Description: Want to attend a meetup in or around Wilmington this Wed before the debate? Give me your ideas for a good location! Message from Herman Cain: As you know, the 999 Plan is my vision for economic renewal, and I've now officially declared November 9th the first-ever 999 Meetup Day. It is CRITICAL that supporters of my campaign find each other locally and start to build strong campaigns within each and every community. On November 9th, the day of my next debate, gather in groups of at least (you guessed it) NINE people to watch/discuss the debate and work together to figure out ways to help to spread word about 999 in your town. Remember, the more people you can get at your Meetup, the more powerful our message can be. So tell your friends, family, and anyone who will listen about 999 Meetup Day until your Read more

Did Cain Say Naughty Stuff More than a Decade Ago?

Maybe or maybe not, but it is meaningless to the issues facing the country.  If we were talking about harming someone, some crime of sexual assault, it would have a bearing.  Assuming he is guilty of the accusation, 12 years seems  to be beyond the statue of limitations morally as well as legally.  Take it at face value and it is does not rise to the level of being meaningful.   Considering the bar set by Bill Clinton, this is laughable. Here is his side of the story.   He claims innocence. He sounds credible. He also address the real issues in the above linked to interview.

I like the New Pro-Choice Position–Cain Moves Debate to the Right

Did you know that the pro-choice position is for overturning Roe and Doe and banning abortion except in cases of rape and life of the mother?  I know that sounds strangely like the pro-life with exceptions position, but according to liberals and a few conservatives alike that is now Pro-Choice.   Wow, I like it.  I don't agree with it, but millions of children can live with it.  Now since that is the new consensus, let's pass it tomorrow. Woe, not so fast say my "pro-choice" friends.  We don't favor that.  Then how do you mock Mr. Herman Cain as pro-choice?  You see hardly anyone watches Live with Piers Morgan so it was easy to distort Mr. Cain's answer to the question what about rape should the government make your daughter or granddaughter raise that child?  Mr. Cain answered no, that should be the choice of the woman and her family not a bureaucrat.  I disagree with exceptions Read more

Cain Gains Delawareans

Mr. Herman Cain's campaign for the Presidency has gained some support locally.  Mr. Cain stunned national observers with his victory in the first Presidential debate.   He has since vaulted into the top tier of candidates polling in double digits in the national polls (which have the people actually running and not people like Chris Christie who are not).   Mr. Cain has more than a resume, he has a life's story worthy of admiration.  He is a turn around artist who understands economics.   He ran a large business and was chairman of a regional Federal Reserve bank.  Few people have ever had their finger on the pulse of the nation's economy from such a practical aspect.  In spite of his impressive credentials, the former Godfather Pizza CEO and Coca Cola executive has not lost his common touch or connections with common sense conservative values. This combination inspired Christopher Read more