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Support Graham Cassidy Petition

Please review and sign this petition for Graham-Cassidy. The Unaffordable Care Healthcare Deform has been devastating to family, friends and many across the nation. Job growth for full-time work has been harmed by the employer mandate. Premiums have increased while coverage has declined. Co-payments have become unaffordable, many times deductibles and copays are in the 5 figures. Premium increases are directly related to Obamacare including excise taxes on health insurance, taxes on medical devices, commercial underwriting restrictions, and new benefit mandates. Working class people are being priced out of the market. State governments are suffering because people in the working class are being dumped from private plans into Medicaid. Graham-Cassidy Read more

Why does Delaware have such a budget issue?

Health Care is a major driver of the state budget issues. It cries out for fundamental reform. An approach worthy of study is the health pact approach.  It forms networks of doctors who deal directly with patients at an affordable flat rate instead of having the middle men of big insurance.  For $212 a month a family can have 99% of its medical needs met. Health Pact could be a boon for people with pre-existing conditions in our state exchange because it would one, cover them and two be attractive enough to bring healthy people into it.  We need to take the exchange and make it a market based approach.  Frankly, I believe that we should integrate Medicaid into such an approach as an option with Medicaid serving as a catastrophic and paying for medicine.  It would have the benefit of controlling costs and expanding the universe voluntarily of the exchange.  We could automatically Read more

AETNA Calls it quits in Delaware Obamacare Marketplace

AETNA EXITS ACA EXCHANGE IN DELAWARE FOR 2018   Dover, DE (May 10, 2017) – On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Aetna, Inc. (“Aetna”), informed the Delaware Department of Insurance that it would not be participating in the Health Insurance Marketplace (“Marketplace”) in Delaware for 2018. As a main reason for their exit, Aetna cited an approximate $700 million loss for individual policies between 2014 and 2016, and an estimated loss of $200 million for 2017 throughout the United States.   In response, Commissioner Navarro issued the following statement:   “I am disappointed that Aetna will not be servicing the health needs of Delawareans in 2018. Given the uncertainty and instability surrounding the future of the Affordable Care Act, however, I understand their reasoning. I would hope that our elected officials in Washington will come up with solutions to guarantee that health Read more

Girls Inc. August, 2015 Latina Family Bonding and Health Conference

Posted by: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Girls Inc. of Delaware and Beebe Healthcare will present a free family bonding and health screening event for Latinas in Delaware on Saturday, August 15th, beginning at 9:00 am at: La Iglesia de Dios Maranatha on 24620 German Road, Seaford, Delaware. The free bi-lingual event, SABER ES VENCER: SALUDABLES PARA NOSOTRAS Y NUESTRAS FAMILIAS (designed to strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters between the ages of 9 to 15) will be hosted by Pastor Israel Figueroa and La Iglesia de Dios Maranatha and will include : • Health Screenings will by Beebe Healthcare including Blood Pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol • Programs with speakers from La Red, Westside Health, NAMI Delaware, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and more • A discussion about Diabetes Prevention and how to manage chronic illnesses • A presentation about Read more

Flu Deaths Spiral in Delaware

The number of flu deaths in Delaware have exceeded the total deaths for the last 5 years. The 23 deaths from the flu, 18 of which are in New Castle County is concerning public health officials. One of the reasons that we have the worst season in years is that our vaccination system is not up to date. It is based upon guessing almost a year in advance. The H1N1 outbreak should have alerted the FDA, CDC, and the NNPHI that we needed to move with dispatch to funding and approving new flu vaccine technology. The old egg technology is not fast enough. 3 years later, spurred by the latest outbreak, the FDA is finally getting around to approving the incest cells and vaccines grown in mammalian cells gained approval in November. How slow is the FDA? It took 20 years to prove the technology to them. How many people died unnecessarily on the alter of bureaucratic caution? "I am from Read more

ObamaCare reaches 1% of Delaware?

The Unaffordable Health Deform Act has served fewer than 9000 Delawareans through the Delaware Marketplace. Normally, that would hardly be counted as a success especially since some of the people were forced on from other plans which were discontinued or changed to be more expensive. Advocates are celebrating it as a success, however, due to last year's dismal kickoff with approximately 800 Delawareans enrolled. A tenfold increase looks sensational in comparison. We need take control of our own destiny in Delaware regarding health care. The answer is not single payer like the Democrats propose, it is a more vibrant market place. Delaware should press for a wavier to expand medical savings accounts. Singapore shows what can happen with a market based system which actually has fewer restrictions than our HMO’s and Medicare. It is based upon health savings accounts and has a basic level Read more

Why Isn’t ObamaCare more popular?

The Unaffordable Heath Care Deform Act, as we call the ACA here, has its ups and downs. Supporters do not understand why the law doesn't get more credit. Pluses The hated denial for preexisting conditions is supposedly gone. Young people can be covered under their parent's plan until 26. 9 million more people have health coverage than before and the number of uninsured has dropped for the first time by double digit percentage points in many years. So why doesn't the public rally behind the scheme? For every winner, there seems to be two losers. Minuses The plan is so complex that 4 years, close to 5 years later the regulations are still evolving. The plan was projected to bring insurance to 36 million uninsured, it has done so to around 1/4 of the goal for a cost that exceeds initial projections. Similar results could have been achieved quicker for a fraction of the cost Read more

Who’s Gruber? Don’t Know Him, move on! Oh, that Gruber

You have to love Nancy Pelosi. For one who looks so young, her memory is obviously failing. She denied Professor Jonathan Gruber as having any significant role in “writing our bill” and acted as if she never heard of him. Unfortunately, in a televised press conference in 2009, his brilliant analysis was a reason to dismiss Republican alternatives. She apparently thinks that voters really are too stupid to get it. Maybe in the Bay area, they are. Today 2009 Money quote is about a minute in.

Hobby Lobby Ruling a Boost for Liberty

The High Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act can't make people who own Corporations choose between their business and their beliefs. Freedom is still alive, even by one vote. The Supreme Court recognized the diversity of this country. Forcing people to pay for what they sincerely believe is the termination of innocent human life is incompatible with the heritage of diversity. Even when we had a draft, we exempted people from combat that was even when national survival was at stake. This ruling preserves people's right to choose on both sides. You have right to Ella and Plan B, but I have a right not to pay for it. America has always respected the right of people to practice their faith in their business, churches, family, and government. The Constitution bans religious tests. It prohibits laws that inhibit the free exercise of religion. It forbids setting up a state sponsored Read more

5300 Delawareans Lose Out Because of Obama Care

The unaffordable health care deform debacle continues to hurt Delawareans. 5300 Delawareans are being forced to lose their health care coverage under just one insurer next month. Others are also making adjustments. So far 50 Delawareans have been able to sign up for the exchanges. So we are net 5250 uninsured by a law that was supposed to bring insurance to those who didn't have it. The intent of the law may have been good (at least the intent of some fooled into supporting it the few that drafted it behind closed doors knew what it would do), but the critics were spot on that the actual wording of the law would hurt Americans. When Nancy Pelosi said you have to pass the law to know what's in it, that should have set off the Sucker alarms. It is a bad law and it needs to be repealed and replaced with something that does the job while respecting freedom, free markets, and freedom of Read more

The Unaffordable Health Care Act

The first two weeks are in and 1 Delawarean has signed up for the “Affordable Health Care” Exhange. One reason people may not be signing up is that premiums for the bronze plan for a 27 year old are 99.9% higher than what the average was in DE a year ago and 65.1% higher for a 50 year old.  For a family of 4 the the $873.52 a month is 19.9% higher.  It seems we should call it the Unaffordable Health Care Act. Of course the other reason maybe the website doesn’t work well.  Call the doctor, not for you, but the Unaffordable Health Care Deform Act.  It isn’t on life support yet, but its condition looks serious.

Where In Law or the Constitution is This?

How does a judge think that he can make himself the FDA? Just because he likes the morning after pill, he thinks he can make it available to children without a doctor's or nurse practitioner's oversight. The FDA is an imperfect but scientific organization which bases its decisions mostly on the science and also takes into account cultural, economic, and political factors that impact the functioning of that science in the real world. I personally hated that they made the so called emergency contraceptive available, but the problem is with the Congress that did not set as policy the personhood of the unborn.  By the science, it is relatively safe for adult women over 16 to take.  It is not the job of the FDA to make law.  It made a reasonable decision to make it available. I never questioned the FDA on that because I trust them to make decisions based upon the science. The same FDA was Read more

Your Current Health Care Won’t be Affected????

The battle cry for the unaffordable health deform act, was that your current health care will not be affected. The latest news on Delmarva brings that into question. Read for yourself. Some families could get priced out of health insurance due to what's being called a glitch in President Barack Obama's overhaul law. IRS regulations issued Wednesday disappointed liberal backers of the president's plan, who had hoped for a fix. Starting in January, the law will provide millions of uninsured working families with subsidies to buy private insurance. But it also says that in some cases families with job-based coverage can't get those subsidies. The problem is the way the law defined affordable. What counts is self-only coverage offered to the individual worker, not his or her family. Family coverage typically costs much more. So if the employer isn't willing to Read more

Immigration Reform Could Skyrocket Obamacare Costs

Recent reports from, say comprehensive immigration reform could make millions of people eligible for Obama's healthcare law, assuming a final deal paves the way for undocumented immigrants to receive papers. Illegal aliens are now ineligible for Medicaid under most circumstances, making the law's expansion of the program fruitless for people without documents. If Hispanic lawmaker's get their wish, the U.S. will overhaul the U.S. immigration policy that includes a path to legalization, millions could be added to the cost of Obamacare. Obama has already stated in his Inaugural Address that Immigration reform is one the the issues at the top of his list and advocates like Rep. Luis Guiterrez (D-Ill), said, "we have to figure out a way in which undocumented immigrants incorporate themselves into a larger workforce, and into our society in general, and not be a burden." The Read more

Now sick babies go on death pathway

When conservatives and those of faith opposed abortion on demand, they argued that the acceptance of this type of procedure would eventually lead to infanticide and pressured euthanasia. Liberals responded with "Oh that would never happen." Well once again liberals are wrong. It is coming to pass in Great Britain. Sick children and babies are being having food and hydration withheld because their cases are "futile". My experience is that any baby will die after not having food or water for a period of time. Conservatives have also argued that the supposed cost savings for Obamacare would eventually lead to Death Panels. This would be in an effort "save" the government money. Actually, In socialized medicine Great Britain, it is not called Death panels, it is called the Pathways to Death. Gosh, that sounds so much nicer. Testimony by doctors and nurses are showing that Read more

My Thoughts on the Next Step in Healthcare; Health Pact, HSA’s, and Innovation

Even as a city councilman, I hear about the problems of access to our health care system in an affordable fashion.  That is why I brought in the Dover Health Card to give a free vision discount plan, $25 prescription glasses,  huge discounts with hearing aids and diabetic supplies, and up to 70% of prescriptions even for many pet medications.  People do care about this issue, but they understand the wrong approach makes matters worse not better. President Obama desired to take on a tough issue, but he farmed out the actual bill to the career politicians, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, not real world problem solvers.  It ended up being a tax bill masquerading as a health care reform bill. The law fundamentally reduces individual choice, pushes us to rationing, raises premiums, undermines Medicare, and unconstitutionally forces you to buy government approved insurance.  It would attack Read more


UPDATE: Check out this editorial in the Wall Street Journal. The Unaffordable Health Deform Act mostly stands on a technicality.  Chief Justice Roberts needs to read a little more carefully, the Pelosi Health Deform does not say tax, it says penalty.  The fact the IRS collects it just expands the IRS mission -- witness the thousands of new employees.  A brilliant man just had the nutty moment of a lifetime. Sadly, he was the 5th vote.  It just proves what I say, you cannot depend on the courts to protect your rights, you have to do it in the political process.  The courts are a last resort. The chains are being much longer will the gentlemen cry peace.  How long before we are once again forced into that corner Liberty or Death?  Wake up people. There is good news even in defeat.  The court struck down the Medicaid blackmail.  The court also ruled the individual Read more

A Defining Moment: HB 392

Representative John Kolwalko AKA Job Killier is trying to take away your right to choose with a single player health system along with colleagues Senator Bruce Ennis, Rep. Jaques, and Rep. Osienski . §1622. Insurance Reforms. Insurers regulated by the Delaware Insurance Department are prohibited from charging premiums to eligible participants for coverage of services already covered by the Health Security Authority. The State Insurance Commissioner shall adopt, amend, alter, repeal and enforce all such rules and regulations and orders as may be necessary to implement this section I call it single player not payer because the bill makes government the only real player in health care. The power is not really with consumers and medical professionals. You would be stuck in a system where your only real choice is to pack up and leave the state or abide by the health board's decisions. Read more

Launch! Dover Health Card Unvieled

Discounts on Medications, Vision care, $25 eye glasses, hearing aids, diabetic supplies and more are available with a free card regardless of residency. There has never been a health card like the one offered now by the City of Dover. It is available on the city website, at the library, customer service, or city hall. The News Journal covered it here. I was inspired by the fact that people needed some help affording eye glasses and vision care. Many Employers and Delaware Medicaid dropped this coverage but the need remains. This is why I searched for a program that would be free to participate in which allowed people easy access and affordable access to this vital health need. Vision care is important to the economy. People who cannot get proper vision care cannot advance themselves as easily by studying or be as efficient at work. It impacts the quality of daily life. It is too Read more

A 4/20 ode to medical marijuana

I was born and raised in Delaware, but I almost died in Maryland. Medical marijuana could have drastically changed my life. I tend to keep my personal life just that - personal - and for good reason. Governor Markell of Delaware has forced my hand in revealing something I would normally hold close. I was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder in 2007. Doctors told me that my life would drastically change, as well as be shortened. I never realized that the shortened life expectancy was due to the medication prescribed to me by physicians as well as the nerve disorder. My primary care physician, an amazingly sweet man, looked at me with pity as he sent me to a pain management clinic (another reason I kept this information private in the past is that I hate to be pitied). My pain management doctor started me out on the usual treatment, a high dose of narcotics. You see, with Read more

Obamacare individual mandate could be like how you must pay into Social Security

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, the United States Supreme Court began hearing arguments regarding the health care bill passed by the current administration.  The individual mandate has been given intense scrutiny so far, but will it be enough?  Some in the United States Supreme Court seem to have different views regarding the role of Government than others. For instance, Justice Scalia compared the United States Government forcing people to buy health insurance to the United States Government forcing people to buy a certain type of food: "Everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli,” Scalia said" This writer recognized that some people like broccoli, but this writer is not one of those people.  Regardless of the health aspects of broccoli, this writer tends not to purchase Read more

Finally, The Unaffordable Health Deform Act Gets to the High Court

It should have never been passed, but for the next 3 days, the Unffordable Health Care Deform Act goes before the SCOUS. This is a central debate to what kind of nation do we want. Do we want an all powerful nanny state or a free republic? Stay tuned. This debate is why I cooled on Mitt Romney in 2007 and went with Mike Huckabee. The more I looked at Romney care, the less I liked it. Naturally this is worse, it seems to have preserved the worst features of Romney care and rejected the best of them. I do not believe the government has the responsibility to mandate coverage of insurance. I agree with Senator Obama (2008) who stated that if you make it affordable, there is no need to mandate it. We need to look at healthcare from an entirely different perspective than the insurance paradigm. Until we do, we are just spinning our wheels. This act is bad for freedom, bad for the Read more