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Delaware AG to Crackdown on “Hate Crimes” in Schools

Department of Justice Reissues Guidances to Law Enforcement and Schools on Hate Crimes  Friday, August 25th, 2017 Categories:  Department of Justice DOJ Press Releases New Anti-Bullying Video Directed To Students Also Released for New School Year Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn reiterated Friday the Delaware Department of Justice’s position that “Threats and intimidation against our neighbors based on who they are will not be accepted here in Delaware,” and reissued enforcement guidelines from last November to schools and law enforcement on responses to hate speech. Attorney General Denn also released a new video aimed at returning school students about bullying and mutual respect. Attorney General Denn’s legal guidance to Delaware law enforcement agencies focuses on criminal statutes that may relate to charges involving “threats and epithets directed at minority groups.” Read more

Responding to the Charleston Massacre

The face of evil changes, but its heart does not. The hatred of Dylann Roof exceeded his humanity. It is said that he stated he almost did not go through with the killing because the people were too nice to him. They welcomed him with open arms, but he did not even treat them with the dignity that one would give to a stray dog as he gunned down people as they closed their eyes to pray. Dylann Roof says that he did not grow up in a racist family, judging from the reaction of his family, I believe it. I can barely imagine the shock, shame and disgrace they must feel. In his manifesto, Roof explains his transformation. It may provide some insight into heading off future Roofs. Cicero, he is not. In fact, he is not even up to the level of the Turner Diaries, which spawned a small but new generation of White Supremacy race warriors in waiting. There is not likely to be scores of warriors Read more

Holder Slams Ferguson Police Discrimination

Exoneration of Darren Wilson Brings more Protests for Ferguson Residents, In The Wake Of DOJ,s Announcement Eric Holders scalding speech of the Ferguson Police Department's racial practices incited more protests that resulted in two more people being arrested. Holder quoted statistics and individual accounts of police brutality and bias while enforcing the law. After an extensive investigation, the DOJ found that there existed, an extreme imbalance in the way law is enforced when it came to African Americans and European Americans. It was found in an investigation by the Justice Dept. that a disproportionate use of force was used toward blacks by the city's police force. "The highly toxic environment created by years of problems explains why Ferguson was set off like a power keg, after Michael Read more

In Delaware, They Lynch Negros, Part II

Cross-posted in While Dealing with the "Dover Human Relations Commission's" (DHRC) Response To Action Form, " I will address the alleged assault and attempted lynching of Mr. Henry Fordham. I will include information in the Response To Action Form as well as modus operandi of other alleged lynchings as well as conclusions from investigative political activists. Before launching into fresh material, I will briefly refresh the reader of the alleged lynchings of two African Americans in or about Silver Lake Park in Dover Delaware. On Sunday October 17, 2010, a 19 year-old Wesley College student from Edison, New Jersey was found hanging from a tree suspended by two belts linked together, in an alley off of the 200 block of Governor's Ave. in Dover. Charles Conley was a well-liked, athletic and intelligent young man, with no apparent reason to commit suicide. Although Read more

In Delaware, They Lynch Negros

Research by: Donald Ayotte Doug Beatty Dr. Jahi Issa EShed Alston Part one Yes, I admit plagiarizing my headline from the movie, "The great Debaters," starring Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker, and I also admit, we are far from Marshall Texas and 1935, or so I and many others had thought. This story starts in Dover Delaware on October 17, 2010. A young African American Man, a Wesley College student and star athlete from Edison, New Jersey was found hanging from a tree in an alley off of the 200 block of North Governors Ave in Dover. Charles Conley was found hanging from two belts linked together, according to his mother. Conley was a well liked intelligent young man, with apparently no reason to commit suicide. Although Conley's friends, family and neighbors lend little credibility to the Dover Police's ruling of suicide in Conley's untimely and violent death, the case Read more

There Are Not Enough Hate Crime Laws

Last Thursday, the US House passed HR2647, a bill authorizing appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for the Department of Defense. Stuffed away in this bill are some controversial expansions of so-called "hate crimes". If passed in the US Senate and signed by the President, it will add "sexual orientation" to a list of federally protected classes. These extremist measures threaten First Amendment rights of free speech and the freedom of religion. Charisma News reports: Several Christian leaders have decried the hate crimes law, saying it could criminalize preaching against homosexuality. They point to cases in Canada and Sweden, where Christians have faced criminal prosecution for preaching that homosexual practice is a sin. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins states additional injustices of the bill: Congress should protect all Americans equally and not provide special protections Read more

Exposing Hate – One Fraudulent Fool At A Time

First, big h/t to Pandora for including this on her post, pondering if hate talk can lead to murder (YES, IT CAN). Rev. Wiley Drake, pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Calif., is praying for the death of the president. It is important to note that the Southern Baptist Convention has quickly and emphatically disavowed Drake's comments as representing them and countered them with scripture that the mainstream of the convention recognizes as a commitment to praying for the well-being of the president. Read on, in this link to the Washington Post (my source of the paraphrasing above), as there is more to the story, but nothing good about this fool. It appears this "reverend" is serving his own feelings and not that of what he was given a charge. Also, make no mistake, this is hate-inspired (my best guess is it's political hate, but still hate) and probably fear-inspired. Read more