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Should America Boycott Chinese Products

Are Americans too timid to boycott products from Mainland China? I think not! Americans are reeling from economic disaster and the Chinese are scolding us like middle-school children. America is the largest market for Chinese Products. In short, we are their biggest marks. People have told me that if Americans stopped buying Chinese products that Wal-Mart would come to a grinding halt. That's not true, but they would have to reassess how they do business and perhaps, just perhaps, if Americans would stick to their guns on this issue, America might gain back some self-respect and also some world-respect. C'mon America, freedom always comes at a price. It's not free. Our forefathers paid the price, for our right to have life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the least we can do is boycott products. It's our turn to step up to the plate and take a swing. The only language Read more

The Real Agenda: No Growth

The real agenda of the global warming crowd is not in your interest. At the Climate Change Conference in Cancun, one of the advocates called for a no growth rationing scheme for the developed world.  He called for electric rationing and making it too expensive to drive the family car.  It sounds a lot like Jack Markell, John Carney,  and Tom Carper who all favor energy rationing  schemes.   In the real world, that means poverty, unemployment, and suffering. “Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing the poor nations to continue to grow, is to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years,” according to The Telegraph. Prof. Anderson admitted that electricity rationing would likely be necessary to achieve the desired decrease in carbon emissions. Read more

Jud Bennett and His Primary

Why GOOD people like Jud Bennett Won't Win Primaries He does not bend his principles.  Jud Bennett is indeed a Republican, despite the derogatory labels, such as RINO, that have been lobbed in his direction.  On a most-local issue, growth management in Sussex County, Jud stands, convicted in his belief, against a progressive growth strategy.  Unfortunately, the Republicans that are supportive of progressive growth strategies used their abilities to accuse Jud of being liberal or socialist.  Interestingly, many residents in Sussex County recognize Jud as a conservative, especially in growth strategies.  This flies in the face of what those supportive of progressive growth claimed about Jud. So, what went wrong?  Those that recognize Jud as a conservative growth strategist, unfortunately, don't vote in Republican Primaries.  For the most part, they aren't registered Republicans.  Read more

NCCo Council Erodes UDC – Swings Door Wide Open To High-Density, Low/No Open Space

The small image below (click image to see enlarged copy) is a letter House Majority Leader Dick Cathcart mailed to his constituency in the 9th representative district more than a week ago.  This letter is in response to the burgeoning popularity among the New Castle County Government to erode the UDC and allow a destructive-land-use version of "workforce housing."  I called it "destructive" because, if approved, the plans will waive open space requirements and landscaping requirements.  Lot and building standards are reduced as well.  Representative Cathcart explains this in his letter far better than I certainly can, so please click and read (you may need to click the image a second time, after the ensuing page loads).  Please keep reading after the page-jump for additional comments. There is a public meeting taking place at Crossroads Presbyterian Church, located at 627 Vance Neck Read more

A better approach to county planning

When I listen to the land management debate, I wonder why the real issues are often mentioned only in passing.  We are in danger of becoming a bedroom community not a vibrant self-sustaining one.   In Kent county, most people can no longer afford to live here on the wages paid.  According to the housing report, most people are being stretched by rent and mortgages beyond what they can comfortably afford.  High energy costs make commuting  to find a better job an unproductive option for many.  Stagnant wages, high energy costs, and a lack of affordable housing have created an iron triangle of despair for many people.  To answer this we need to begin with a smarter, fairer approach to land management.  It should meet these three objectives:  reviving our towns and cities, providing a diversity of housing stock, and promoting a vibrant business environment.  It needs to respect Read more