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More Issues Emerge From Proposed Allen Harim Poultry Plant

After attending a meeting of the "Protect Our Indian River" group, I've got to wonder why Allen Harim would want to purchase this particular site for their next Delaware enterprise. , I have to address the off-site well testing of the residential areas adjacent to the Vlasic Pickle Brownfield site. Cobalt was detected in eight of the thirteen wells tested. Of those wells that tested positive for Cobalt, five were found to exceed the threshold of 4.7 micrograms per liter, which qualifies as a Superfund site. These test findings would lead one to believe that the contamination plume has already moved into the Possum Point residential area. Allen Harim applied to the Sussex County Board of Adjustments for a variance that would exempt them from "hazardous usage" and were granted that exemption. The only legal problem with this ruling by the Board of Adjustments is: Allen Harim did not Read more

Hexavalent chromium Found at Closed Vlasic Pickle Plant and Possum Point Groundwater?

Because this post was taken down earlier without either Mr. Anderson's or my permission, I am reposting it, and a follow-up will be posted within days. Independent analysis of the existing environmental reports reveal that hexavalent chromium has been found at the site of the recently closed Vlasic pickle plant in Millsboro DE and has leaked to adjacent residential areas at Possum Point on the Indian River Bay. At a public hearing in Millsboro to discuss the viability of opening a new poultry processing plant on the closed Vlasic site, it was revealed through public documents published by concerned citizens from Protecting Our Indian River, that "Vlasic/Pinnacle Foods are walking away from contamination and now want to use public funds to clean up the contamination, including VOC's, carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic contamination, including chromium. Bob Bowcock of Erin Brocovich's Read more