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The Aftermath: A look at the legislative session part 1

UPDATE: Comments fixed. So many bills were passed on June 30th alone that it is going to take several installments just to examine the last two days of the General Assembly. Here is a quick overview of the session and major bills. Your comments and analysis are welcomed. Consider this a General Assembly/Governor Open Thread. Specific analysis is in process. My apologies to those who experienced site problems especially comment issues yesterday. It is partially solved. We will have it resolved by week's end. A trouble ticket is in process. Please have a little patience if the comments take a minute to load. Most of the bills that concerned the Loyal Opposition (see category on the side), did not pass with the big exception being HB 334--Common Core testing which failed before it passed. The death penalty repeal died (pun intended) in the House. Some other bills of interest included Read more

Conservative Caucus of New Castle endorses Sigler; Lavelle

Under the leadership of Chairman John Radell, The New Castle Conservative Caucus has endorsed John Sigler of Kent County for the office of Chairman of the Republican State Committee, Greg Lavelle as Vice Chairman of the State Committee and Kim Hoey Stevenson as Secretary of the same. From their release: ....We endorsed John Sigler for Chairman of the Republican Party, Greg Lavelle as Vice Chair, and Kim Stevenson as Secretary.   We did so because John has the courage, strength and will to stand up against the liberal machine that is trying to drive our state into the ground.  Greg Lavelle stood firmly with Nicole Theiss and the Delaware Family Policy Council in fighting against the Civil Union bill.  His combined support of life and being in the State Legislature will add continuity and unity to our elected officials and our rank and file members.  And Kim is the new energetic and Read more

Representatives Lavelle and Hocker Say “the time has come to fundamentally reassess” DEL DOT’s Organization

January 31, 2011 Governor Jack Markell Tatnall Building Dover, DE 19901 Governor Markell, Given recent events, we are deeply concerned that questions over management of the Delaware Department of Transportation have seriously crippled public confidence in the agency and impacted its ability to operate effectively. Our apprehension involves a long and well-publicized list of missteps, miscues, and questionable deals and is highlighted by news stories that surfaced today regarding two lawsuits in which the agency is currently engaged. The first involves action the state is taking in Chancery Court, alleging a 66-year lease NKS Distributors received from DelDOT for a prime parcel of land along Delaware 1 was a “typographical error.”  NKS, not surprisingly, is challenging that notion, contending that they have spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars developing the site Read more

Greg Lavelle-his money is where his mouth is

In an effort to call attention to the Delaware Compensation Commission's automatic raise system for legislators and other high level political figures, Representative Greg Lavelle R-11 is donating his raise to six local charities.  He has been donating his raises since 2005 and is now up to $20,000 in total donations. I like a man who sticks by his principles and just doesn't talk about them. Lavelle said in a letter to the editor in Sunday's Delaware State News, Lawmakers can and have already receive compensation through the normal budgetary process, which involves passing a budget on which they must justify their votes.  It's my opinion this method--the same one we use for paying other state employees--should be the only valid avenue for enacting pay increases.  Until we change the system to improve accountability, I'll continue to donate my Delaware Compensation Commission raises. Read more

In Case you Missed it

The Governor’s office responded to Rep. Lavelle’s FIOA request for Mr. Vince Meconi. The answer is there is no formal contract and no formal standards have been set. He is a casual/seasonal employee with no formal job duties contracted, but his agency sets out expectations. He is paid $38.46 an hour and must keep a time card. I think he will be around for a while. On page 8 of the packet Lt. Governor Denn makes the case that we have gotten more than our money’s worth and we need him more now than before. What is interesting is the admission that most of the stimulus money has yet to go out. So much for it stimulating anything.