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Petition Circulating Demanding Resignation Of DE GOP Chairman

GOP Revolt, First Shot Fired, Who Will Resign First According to anonymous sources, a petition has started circulating in Republican Circles, demanding the resignation of the party's leadership, all the way to the State Chairman's position. Republicans lost both the State Auditors and State Treasurers Seat, leaving them devoid of any statewide positions. In addition to losing the statewide positions, they lost both a state senate seat and a state representative seat. Anger within the GOP has been heavily voiced by more than a few in the GOP ranks. GOP State Chairman, Mike Harrington stated, "It was not a total loss, and we can make a comeback in 2020." "If this Midterm election wasn't a total loss, then what the hell is, a disgruntled party attendee at the post election party was heard saying. The petition claims, that a total lack of competent leadership is the cause Read more