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Brexit Defeat for Globalism and Bureaucracy

The People of Great Britain voted almost 52% to 48% to leave the Bureaucratic European Union. The EU is in trouble. The rumbling is starting in Italy, France and elsewhere. European Markets will be shaken, but in the long run Britain is a place to be. British and American Markets look to be down but not as much as Europe. The globalists are in a panic and already trying to figure out the next 20 moves to mitigate the vote. Globalism is declining in popularity worldwide. Their big fear has to be losing here in America this November. The vote was a victory for Democracy over Bureaucracy in the place that started the modern movement a thousand years ago. It was a vote for national self determination over the bureaucrats determining everything. It was a vote to control a nation's borders over open borders. The future looks bright, but self determination means the right to make Read more

United Nations Agenda 21, Fact Or Fiction?

Most people I know are concerned about UN Agenda 21, being slowly implemented in America as well around the world affecting every sovereign nation on the planet. We have heard bits and pieces of the creation of a New World Order that would rip America's sovereignty from our grasp, never to be recaptured, but is it fact or fiction. I can assure you that there is mounting evidence pointing out that this not only true, but quickly becoming a reality. This is an excerpt from, William F. Jaspers book, "The United Nations Exposed:" We are talking about a revolutionary transformation that has been gathering steam since World War II and is now entering its final stages. It is a revolution that, if completed, will mean the end of the United States of America, as well as the abolition of every other sovereign independent nation. This radical revolution is simultaneously overturning the nation-state Read more

UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development Or The Enslavement Of A Planet?

Over two hundred people poured into the Millsboro Fire Hall, Thursday night to hear a presentation of the United Nation's Agenda 21, also known as "Sustainable Development." The plan for for "One World Government that George Herbert Walker Bush called the, "New World Order" was about to begin. The 9-12 Delaware Patriots hosted Maggie Roddin to present the two hour Agenda 21 presentation, Her radio website is: President Obama signed his 86th Executive Order (13575) on June 9 that established the White House Rural Council that seems to be in line with the United Nations radical Agenda 21, and it is designed to begin taking control of almost all aspects of the lives of 16 percent of the American People. In 1992, President Bush signed the Agreement for the Administrative Implementation of Agenda 21 and another 178 Nations also signed on. The Objectives Read more