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Persons of Interest

One of my favorite TV shows is Persons of Interest on CBS. It is a series about a computer program that is constantly spying on us, so it really plays into the concern that many people have with the surveillance state. Of course the program was installed for a good reason, to track down terrorists and prevent them from carrying out attacks, but since the program tracks everyone it could also be used to prevent murder and crimes on a smaller scale, but that was outside the scope of the governments interest so the programs designer created a backdoor to give him access to the more personal crimes so he could do something about them. He gets a former military/government operative to help him do the heavy lifting and BAM you have a really intense and engaging story. Well, rather than science fiction, I think people will look back on this series as a thriller, but also as a historical fiction. Read more

Billionaire Goes All into Gold

First President Clinton says we wouldn’t have these currency problems if the dollar were still pegged to gold, now we find a commodities expert has gone all into gold. I guess it is not just Glenn Beck and Ron Paul anymore. A lot of people see storm clouds on the horizon. They may blow over or pour down. Smart people hedge their bets. I don’t know about going all into gold, but the demand for gold is now exceeding its production for the first time in a long time. I expect the value to increase. Can we hear an apology from Congressman Anthony Weiner? Find out the background here.

David Barton On Beck

I am a fan of David Barton. I DVR his program on TBN and have DVD’s and books by him. Today, you have a chance to see rest of the story when it comes to America’s founding generation. From the Beck Report
A full hour about God? America was built and anchored on faith in God – but has since become unhinged and is going it alone. How can we restore and reconnect America with its roots in faith? Glenn finds out with David Barton tonight at 5pm and 2am only on the Fox News Channel!

Companies Boycotting Fox News

Twitter user "jpconnorjr" posted a tweet about Apple boycotting Fox News because of Glen Beck's show. I'm not sure if this was a recent development or if this is old news. The far left has pressured several advertisers to avoid Beck's opinion show and with some even avoiding the whole network. If Apple has wussed out and jumped ship, it looks like Jon Scott and Jane Skinner, hosts of the network's 11AM show "Happening Now" need to start covering those Apple logos on the back of their MacBooks. It's understandable that companies pick where they want their ads placed. If a company didn't want ads placed on a news opinion show, they certainly have the right to act on that. It does seem stupid to avoid a ratings goldmine, considering Fox leaves their news rivals CNN and MSNBC in the dust. If these boycotters leave their ads at the opinion/news networks CNN and MSNBC, I sure hope there are Read more

The distortion brigade goes gangsta on Beck

Glenn Beck's Mercury has done a great job complying with 50 state's tax laws and localities such a New York State, but it has not been without minor disputes.  Enter a Democrat consultant who tries to make it look like Beck has his own tax problems like Daschle or Geithner. Since most people have no understanding of corporate tax law, they think that they can get away with blatant distortions. The Politico article in the link, while sympathetic to the administration actually gives a fair review to Beck.  The real problem is that our tax code is so complicated that a corporation like Beck's that grew beyond the 10 million threshold in a year and relocated, had to file different forms than when they started their planning at the beginning of the year.  This is why it costs corporate America a quarter trillion just to comply with the tax laws and everyone still gets dinged. It is time we Read more

You Know that You Are Winning When

Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America? By David Von DrehleWhen they can no longer ignore you they attack you. I am anxiously awaiting the "Insane Woman: Is Speaker Pelosi Bad for America" article. You see the fact the Beck has been proven right only infuriates them. The fact that Pelosi is in power and talks about her opponents as Nazi's and fears that they are going to break out into murderous rampages is no big deal. The facts are that the organized violence has all been from her side. A pro-life protester gunned down by someone who choose a post natal abortion for him. Senator McCaskil's aid led a mob into beating peaceful anti-Obama care protesters. Organizing America muscled out people who did not agree with them at some town halls. Yet, the big question is about Glenn Beck. Former alcoholic Teddy Kennedy killed someone in his days of intoxication, yet he is celebrated by Time which Read more

The FCC Diversity Officier admires this Guy

Another 29 Radio stations are shut down by Chavez and the one opposition television network is under threat. This is the guy that President Obama's FCC Diversity officer Mark Lloyd admires. If his new rules ever get adopted by the new Democrat majority at the FCC, it could be a foreshadowing of our future. He declared, "But he came back with another revolution, and then Chavez began to take very seriously the media in his country". Pat Caddell is right they are trying to flood the zone, but we have to be up to the challenge. Infrastructure Minister Diosdado Cabello closed 34 radio stations in July, saying the government was "democratizing" media ownership. Critics say the move limits freedom of expression and has taken critical voices off the airwaves. The powerful Chavez ally has threatened to close over 100 stations in total, part of a long-term campaign against private media Read more

Glenn Beck Unstoppable force?

Glenn Beck exposed Van Jones months ago then moved on. Van Jones' allies orchestrated an advertiser boycott of the top rated Glenn Beck program. Glenn Beck came back and now has defeated Van Jones. This is not the first administration official Beck has defeated. He was among the first to go after Tom Daschle, the auto czar, and Van Jones. Politico has declared Beck the leader of the opposition. As an aside, the fact that groups tied to the administration are trying to shut down (unsuccessfully) the voice of the opposition doesn't seem to concern Politico, but it should. Even so, the historic clash has been won by Beck. Whether you like Glenn Beck or think he is the clown prince of conservatism, you have to agree that he has shaken things up. If Jones left under pressure from the Obama administration then we are in for a very long and painful four years,” said Melissa Harris Lacewell, Read more