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Hate Blogger, Frank Knotts Strikes Again

Frank Knotts Hate Blogger Usually Targets Christian Candidates, This Speaks For Itself Mr. Knotts has every right every right to express his opinions and print his thoughts. What I don't quite understand or agree with is why he has maliciously chosen to malign conservative Christian candidates. I could give many examples but I will only state a few in this commentary to make a point. Hate Blogger Frank Knotts has maligned and denigrated Jeff Christopher, former Sussex County Sheriff, Lacy Lafferty, candidate for Governor, Cindy Greene, current Sussex County Register of Wills, as well as myself, Don Ayotte former candidate for Sussex County Council and 20th District Representative seats respectively in two different election cycles. It seem that the only connection between nearly all individuals that Knotts attacks are all Conservative Christian candidates, who want to correctly Read more