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A New Republican Party, At War With Itself

Can the Republican Party hold itself together enough to win in 2016 or will the left of center republicans implode the party? Nationally as well as locally the republican party is bursting at the seams, and can't decide whether is wants to stay conservative or go further to the left for the sake of political correctness. The question is, the conservative values of the party have been severely compromised by both national and local infighting, to the point of becoming radically dysfunctional. National Leaders like Karl Rove, Reince Priebus, along with many other more moderate republicans have sought to defeat so-called "Tea Party" candidates or run primaries against them. Some examples in Delaware are Christine O'Donnell, and myself locally and now nationally Donald Trump, and Ben Carson, because they aren't the "Moderate Republicans" choice, or in other words; they want to represent Read more