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Making room for both the forgotten man and the rugged invidvidual

The last 90 years of American politics and economic philosophy has been a conflict between two philosophies. The philosophy that made America, that of rugged individualism, equality of opportunity and free markets. The other is the philosophy of Franklin Roosevelt, that policy needs to focus first on the forgotten man. An interesting question is there room for both at the policy table? The left would tell us that income inequality is the issue of our time. Income inequality is a not a problem, any more than inequality of talents, ambition, goals, or activities is a problem. Not everyone should earn the same because not everyone wants to earn the same, not everyone does the same thing, not everyone wants to live in the same type house or drive the same car. If we do different things, want different things, and contribute different things then why would we want to earn the same thing? America Read more

Girls Inc. August, 2015 Latina Family Bonding and Health Conference

Posted by: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Girls Inc. of Delaware and Beebe Healthcare will present a free family bonding and health screening event for Latinas in Delaware on Saturday, August 15th, beginning at 9:00 am at: La Iglesia de Dios Maranatha on 24620 German Road, Seaford, Delaware. The free bi-lingual event, SABER ES VENCER: SALUDABLES PARA NOSOTRAS Y NUESTRAS FAMILIAS (designed to strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters between the ages of 9 to 15) will be hosted by Pastor Israel Figueroa and La Iglesia de Dios Maranatha and will include : • Health Screenings will by Beebe Healthcare including Blood Pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol • Programs with speakers from La Red, Westside Health, NAMI Delaware, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and more • A discussion about Diabetes Prevention and how to manage chronic illnesses • A presentation about Read more

Why Support for Traditional Marriage is not Anti-Gay

America is about family not so called gay marriage. Too few people have any understanding of the dynamics of this nation, and why the nuclear family is central to it. Undermining it with the latest fad is detrimental to our national character. Marriage has been the central civilizing institution of humanity. It is the union of the sexes to form a family unit not a contract between two people. The family in the Anglo Saxon version is what made us unique. It formed our understanding of liberty, and it made us entrepreneurial and free market oriented. The dynamic of being independent with our own property and able to move across the expanse and build a new, stable life is what gave energy to the Manifest Destiny that made us a great power. The family and the church were the two keys to colonizing then expanding this nation in a stable fashion. If we had the continental model, it would Read more

Privatize the Children

I support the privatization of children. Now I know this will probably draw as much blowback as the idea of even partially privatizing social security did, but someone has to say it. Until they become adults they should belong to their families. A mother and father should have the rights and responsibilities to raise their children. They should be allowed to choose where their child lives, where they go to receive their education, if and where they attend church, what food their children will eat, and where they will go on vacation and how they will use their free time. If a parent wants to home school their child that should be their right, if they want to send them to a public, a private, or a charter school that should be their right. No matter where they choose to have their children educated parents should have the ability to influence what their children are taught. Unfortunately, Read more

Family Impact Statements

Question of the day, we have environmental impact statements for new projects, the state requires budgetary impact statements for new state law as as we should in both cases, Is it time for family impact statements? The biggest problem in America is that at best public policy does not take into account the impact on families and at worst some directly undermine them. Give you an example, one proposed state law would require your health insurance to pay for a school based clinic treatment of your child and simultaneously ban them from telling you what treatment your child received. Efforts to undermine parental authority abound. Marriage is disrespected. The government wants to be intrusive in discipline. The right to protect your family is undermined with new proposals like 1000 feet gun free school zone. What if you live in a neighborhood with a school? When children are taken from families Read more

Follow Up on the Spanking Controversy

Personally, I don't think spanking should be controversial. As long as children are being raised in a loving, safe home, I don't care how you work it. Don't spank, spank, it is none of my business or anyone else's business. Live and let live. Run your home in any reasonable way that you see fit. The new law passed has unfortunately raised this to front and center. I received an email saying spanking was just outlawed. It was not. Nonetheless, it appears that with the banning of corporal discipline in schools and this chipping away that we do need to have a two way conversation before it is banned. I always noticed that the so called studies that were against spanking included non spanking activities with the fringe that brutalized children. They take some child hit upside their arm with a bat while protecting their head and include them in a sample with one slapped on the rear Read more

Danger in Redefinition of Abuse: Bill Could Harm Families

Senate Bill 234 is completely unnecessary. It seeks to redefine abuse in a way that says "(j) “Physical injury” to a child shall mean any impairment of physical condition or pain." I am with you until that last phrase or pain. Does that mean that lawful discipline under other chapters such as an old fashion spanking is fine as long as it tickles? Pain is a valuable part of life my friends. It teaches us lessons. Pain like pleasure is an essential part of human existence. If you get a ticket, it causes emotional pain, but could save your life. If someone gets handcuffed, the may have minor pain, but it protects them for hurting themselves or others. A child spanked for running out in the road associates the bad behavior with pain. That negative association changes behavior. Transient pain to prevent serious injury or death is good not evil. I am proud to say that I have smacked Read more

Alert from DFPC, call today

Parents Choice Amendment to H.B. 303 FACTS to know: This bill (H.B.303) was first introduced as SB 135, another bill altogether, but because of our efforts it was tabled twice and now completely rewritten. The Parents Choice Amendment is just the first step and we need to be heard on this issue! To address the bigger parental rights violation in Delaware law, we need to elect different Representatives. HB 303 is a bill that deals with non-confidential services that can be billed to third party insurance. But it leaves parents in the dark completely and does not address the bigger problem. That would require a whole new bill. But the reality is the Democrat majority in the HOUSE and the SENATE is not willing to deal with this problem. If a parent does allow their child to receive “confidential” services, it will not be billed to their insurance. The state picks up the cost…it Read more

The Defense of Marriage is More than Politics

Several years ago, I was a key person in getting a Defense of Marriage law passed in Delaware.  We were on the cutting edge.  Only 6 other states had passed the law and there was no federal legislation.  I consider it one of my finest achievements along with my friends Rep. Buckworth, Sen. Bonini, and Senator Venables and Tom NiCastro.   Sadly, the passage of the law may have protected the definition of marriage, but it did nothing to strenghten it. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to strengthen marriage is one person, one community at a time.  This year I decided to launch a marriage initiative to give people the proper tools to have strong and healthy relationships.  I needed help.  Fortunately I found friends who were equally passionate and ready to launch.  Christianity Today Marriage Columinists Mike and Trish Fox are certified marriage coaches and have agreed Read more

Is Delaware Family Court Broken?

I am asking the questions that no one is supposed to ask.  Is family law in Delaware reasonable?  Is the family court helping families or hurting them?  Are the polices we are enacting hurting the next generation? I believe there are 4 types of families.  They are  mainstream families, hurting families, weird families, and dangerous families.  The goal of public policy should be preservation of familial relationships.  You don't break up families because they are weird, inconvenient,  angry, or hurting.  You don't break up families because they are poor or broke.  The damage to children when families are broken is enormous, deep, and long lasting.  Without intervention of some type, family break up creates a wound that most of the time never heals correctly.  It is like a broken bone that is never set.  For this reason we need to insure our public policy serves our own best Read more

Pro-family Victory

SB 135 is laid on the table in the House. This bill is unique in that it would be the only state that we have found which would make parents pay for school based wellness services but refuse to allow them to know what they paid to get. As of 5:30pm on the 30th this bill was said to be a done deal. Instead it is delayed. We will have time for answers and a chance to improve the bill.

SB 135 Raises Flag in Pro-Family Community

SB 135  is a common sense bill that stops spending Medicaid money on people with insurance by requiring School Based Health Clinics to bill private insurance, if any exists, before billing Medicaid.  Medicaid will then pay whatever is left.  Currently children of millionaires are covered under Medicaid if they go to their Wellness Center while the state is looking to take vision care away from poor people for lack of funds.  So what is the problem that the pro-family community has with SB 135? (e) To the extent that parents of students using SBHCs have consented to the confidential use of SBHCs by their children, services subject to this Section that are submitted for reimbursement pursuant to insurance contracts shall be exempt from any legal or contractual requirements relating to an explanation of medical services provided. In lieu of an explanation of services provided, carriers Read more

The Delaware Democratic Attack On Motherhood and Apple Pie

Actually, they don't seem to have a big problem with apple pie. Parenthood is another issue. Recent legislation passed by the Democrat majority threatens parenthood. In 2009, the Democrat majority decided to fix what wasn't broken. In 2011. the civil union bill doubled down on the error. While most people focused on the marriage like aspect of the bill. We also focused on the redefinition of the family. Here is why. From Delaware Online, the new de facto parental rights.  Thanks to the Democrats, a mother can now lose her child to her ex-boy or girl friend (not a step parent by marriage or union) without any evidence of unfitness.  This an assault on parenthood like few others.  We are a national laughingstock. .The order, issued April 12 and released Monday, denies a request to re-argue the case and leaves standing the court's decision in March to recognize the "de facto" parental Read more

Calling the Roll on SB 30

SB 30, The Civil Unions bill, unsurprisingly passed the State House 26-15 yesterday. Sadly all 9 attempts to improve the legislation were turned down. Here is your Roll Call. Atkins N Q. Johnson Y Ramone Y Barbieri Y Keeley Y Schooley Y Bennett Y Kenton N Schwartzkopf Y Blakey N Kowalko Y Scott Y Bolden Y Lavelle N B. Short Y Brady Y Lee N D. Short N Briggs King N Longhurst Y Viola Y Carson N Manolakos Y Walker Y George Y Miro N D.E. Williams Y Heffernan Y Mitchell Y D.P. Williams Y Hocker N Mulrooney Y Willis N Hudson N Osienski Y Wilson N Jaques Y Outten N Gilligan Y J. Johnson Y Peterman N

Attention Pro-family Voters

I want you to go here and view the Pro-Family score Cared by the Delaware Family Policy Council.  You will see both Federal and State issues and the candidate stands on them.  The contrast between Coons and O'Donnell and Carney and Urquhart is stark.  Chris Coons and John Carney refuses to even say tax money should not be pay for abortion or that the states should be allowed not to have alternative definitions of marriage forced upon them.  It borders on cultural anarchy.  Please print this and distribute it at the door of your church when people leave next Sunday.  Send emails to your like minded friends with this in it.  When you go to mid-week Bible study take it and tell them to spread it like Wildfire.   We will win this if the Conservative Evangelicals and Conservative Roman Catholics unite and turn out for both of our candidates.  Let's go all for one and one for all.  I Read more

Parental Leave for Children’s Educational Events

My Representative and friend Darryl Scott D-31  has introduced house bill 231 to require employers provide up to 16 hours of unpaid leave a year to attend children's school conferences and extra curricular events.   Now it should noted that I rarely agree with Rep. Scott's politics.  My initial  instincts are to oppose this bill as a mandate on employers better worked out in the marketplace, but I know the reality is that some employers are for the lack of a better word, jerks.  They are a small minority, but they exist.  We do not make laws for those who follow common decency, but those who will not.  After further consideration, I have decided that I like the basic law and believe it will strengthen society and families with little cost to employers, most of whom would do this anyway. Here is the snyopsis of the law. This act grants working parents with 16 hours of leave each Read more

House Bill 350 – Parental Encouragement?

Legislation was introduced Thursday, March 25, 2010, to involve parents more in their children's education. The "Parents' Declaration of Responsibilities", which would affect all public and charter schools in the state, seems like an unnecessary adoption of common sense. Parents would be asked to sign the declaration at the beginning of each school year stating that they would commit to spending 15 minutes each evening helping their children with their homework or resolve to volunteer to help with school functions throughout the school year. Local parent/teacher organizations would help draft the declaration. There would be no penalty for noncompliance and no forcing of either parent to sign the declaration. Why then would the state ask for such legislation to be passed? Delaware currently has no laws which require schools to inform the public of parental involvement. When deciding which Read more

Its national family week

The President has proclaimed this national family week. I applaud the sentiment behind the proclamation. I wish some substance would be added to it. Families are often not even an afterthought in policy making. Why not have a family impact statement be required before any new regulations go into effect or we sign on to any UN Conventions. It would take only the stroke of pen. The same pen used to praise families could be used to protect them.

Maine Voters Lean to Overturning Same Sex Marriage

The legislature foisted same sex marriage on the voters of Maine as part of the 6 for 6 campaign. PPP shows a majority of it’s voters are not enthused and the traditional marriage measure may have majority support. Tabor, the tax and spending limitation, looks a bit in trouble. You got it even before real clear politics and the Drudge Report, provided you don’t sleep before an election like the author.

Pandora Comment Rescue

Thanks to the assistance of Pandora I have raised my lazy blogger self out of oblivion. I originally posted about voting procedures in North Carolina on this site. The comments meandered through every conceivable Constitutional Argument one can imagine. Near the end of 54 comments about we drifted into a discussion on sexism. Reading this I posed this question on the comments page. "My question to Paula and Cookie (and Pandora if you are still out there). Has the Feminist movement, which has said for decades, that the only differences between male and female is internal plumbing, helped or hurt the advancement of women??? I would really like to see some honest expression on this as I have heard from a wide variety of smart, honest, attractive women that they believe that the LIBERAL Feminist movement has been a negative for them." Pandora responded instantly and Cookie replied Read more

Go Outside Kid

This past week the official signing ceremony for Michelle's law occurred. It sets restrictions on teens use of tanning salons and requires annual parental permission. I approve of the law because some teens are not realizing the damage they are doing to their skin in tanning booths. What is not discussed is the fact that if it is considered so cool to look like you spend time outside, why don't those kids go outside? Maybe parents should tell their teens go ride a bike or play sport the next time they ask for permission to go to the salon. It is cheaper and has long term benefits. Don't forget the sun screen. Seriously, why are we such an artificial society? What benefit is it to fool people into thinking that you go outside? Be real. Do it right. I have to wonder what this bill does to liberal logic. A sixteen year old can drop out of school, have sex, and have an abortion Read more