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Kudos To Senator Colin Bonini For Upcoming Bill

Bonini unveils bi-partisan bill that would allow Delaware cancer Patients to access experimental cancer drugs that could possibly save their lives. Senator Colin Bonini unveils a bi-partisan bill that is much needed in Delaware and will benefit many Delawareans. The Bill would allow cancer patients to gain access to Drugs, products or devices that have passed the first phase of FDA clinical trials. According to a NewsJournal article, "Delaware is among the 21 states, including New Jersey poised to consider "Right to Try" legislation this year according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. The FDA has an "expanded access" application process in Place since 2009 to help patients and Physician gain access to such experimental drugs, and last week, it introduced new guidelines intended to simplify that process. Bonini said the FDA's process is "very lengthy and complicated." Read more