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Making room for both the forgotten man and the rugged invidvidual

The last 90 years of American politics and economic philosophy has been a conflict between two philosophies. The philosophy that made America, that of rugged individualism, equality of opportunity and free markets. The other is the philosophy of Franklin Roosevelt, that policy needs to focus first on the forgotten man. An interesting question is there room for both at the policy table? The left would tell us that income inequality is the issue of our time. Income inequality is a not a problem, any more than inequality of talents, ambition, goals, or activities is a problem. Not everyone should earn the same because not everyone wants to earn the same, not everyone does the same thing, not everyone wants to live in the same type house or drive the same car. If we do different things, want different things, and contribute different things then why would we want to earn the same thing? America Read more

The Pusillanimous need not apply

America is at a point of decision. Some say that we are a power in decline just like Rome of old.  The case for decline pretty strong.  We have gone from surplus to huge deficits in a decade.  We have gone from almost of a third of the world's GDP to less than a quarter.  We have cultural rot and economic decline.  We are half heartily engaged with radical Islam in a struggle of civilizations.  We have lost about a third of our manufacturing base.  We invest our time and resources into meaningless pursuits.  Foreign lands hold the mortgage to our economy.  Our treasuries were the safe haven for the world just a year ago and now are under pressure.  The dollar lost half of its value.   Some wonder if the decline can be reversed. I would add that we abort a million children a year. Our government run educational system is second to none in the developed world or third or fourth.... Read more

ASPIRE in Ignorance

How would you like to get $500 just for being born?  That is what ASPIRE or the "America Saving for Personal Investment, Retirement, and Education" act would do if enacted.  It would provide every person born in America with a $500 savings account.  Sounds great right?  How about when you stack that $500 up next to the estimated $38,834.79 average share of the national debt owed by each citizen?    This looks like another attempt by the US government to buy something from its citizens with their own money.  I wonder what it is this time?  One thing is clear, they would rather have us pay attention to the “free” $500 that they want to give every newborn and ignore the $38,834.79 that they are going to take away from that baby at some point.    The estimated $3.25 billion dollar annual price tag for this program certainly isn’t going to help the burden of debt they are placing Read more

Harry Reid’s Selective Memory Kicks In

According to a report in The Hill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is blaming the media for setting the August deadline to pass healthcare legislation: Reid said reporters created a fictitious deadline of a successful vote by the August recess, and downplayed the fact that the chamber won’t meet that mark. “That is a deadline that you created,” Reid told a group of about 75 reporters. “It’s not like we don’t have a product. Significant progress has been made … The mere fact that this wasn't done by last Friday or by five o’clock doesn't mean we’re not going to get a quality product." So, I've gotta ask, where was Senator Reid when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was sure she'd meet Obama's deadline in an article from this past May: Speaker Nancy Pelosi told President Obama today that the Democratic-led House will have a health care bill on the floor before Read more

Polly Wanna Participate Now?

The Sussex Countian is reporting that Polly Adams has decided to participate in the Sussex League of Women Voter's forum on July 30th at the County Council Chambers on the circle in Georgetown: Democratic State Senate candidate Polly Adams Mervine confirmed on Monday that she will take part in a Thursday candidate’s forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters.... “Thursday will be a very tough day. Dad was the rock of our family and the fair was a big part of his life,” Mervine said. “But so was serving the people of the 19th District and I think he’d want me at this forum explaining how I plan to carry on that commitment to service.” I guess her Dad wouldn't have wanted her at the Crossroads Community Church forum in her hometown of Bridgeville in between Bridgeville and Georgetown. Meanwhile another blog is reporting that Sweet Polly Purebred had a Read more

UPDATE: Polly Ever Wanna Face The Voters?

It appears that the plot may be thickening when it comes to the alleged candidacy of Polly Adams Mervine Polly Mervine Adams. When we last left the alleged candidate, she apparently tried to get Senator Bob Venables to stand in for her at tonight's forum at Crossroads Community Church in her hometown of Bridgeville, got shot down, and was planning on showing up just to make an opening statement, then bailing before she actually had to answer any questions so she could go to what is looking like a fundraiser. Meanwhile, the rumors are still a-swirling that Ms. Adams' campaign isn't responding to outreach attempts from a certain talk radio station that has a heck of a lot of listeners in the 19th. And to top all of that off with a tiara, I have learned that as of right now, there is only one other live debate/forum between tonight and the special election in the works, and Read more

Polly Wanna Stand-in?

I've heard from multiple sources that Polly Adams Mervine, a faux painter (that's someone who paints stuff with sponges or stencils) who's vying for her deceased father's state senate seat on a platform of blatant nepotism, wanted to have Senator Bob Venables stand in for her at a debate in her hometown of Bridgeville. Yeah, you read that right, Senator Bob Venables. What better way to prove you're ready to step in as a state senator during precarious times then having another state senator answer questions for you in a debate. But alas, my sources tell me that the venue, Crossroads Community Church, rejected the stand-in idea so Mervine will be bailing on the debate part of tomorrow night's debate. Don't get me wrong, apparently Mervine is going to be there, she's just not going to answer any questions. Instead, she's showing up to give an opening statement, giving her best Read more

Madame Speaker, Your Private Jet Awaits

According to Judicial Watch, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her "extended family" are enjoying the benefits of travel via Gulfstream jet on the taxpayer's dime. Here's a little preview: The documents also detail correspondence from intermediaries for Speaker Pelosi issuing demands for certain aircraft and expressing outrage when requested military planes were not available. "It is my understanding there are no G5s available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable...The speaker will want to know where the planes are..." wrote Kay King, Director of the House Office of Interparliamentary Affairs. In a separate email, when told a certain type of aircraft would not be available, King writes, "This is not good news, and we will have some very disappointed folks, as well as a very upset [s]peaker.".... During another email exchange DOD staff advised Kay Read more

This week, we finally stopped paying for Government

...At least we stopped paying for this year.  Cost of Government day came this week. "Cost of Government Day (COGD) is the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government on the federal, state and local levels", according to Americans For Tax Reform. Congratulations, my fellow Americans, you are now free to look out for yourself and your fellow man. The worst part of the sad fact that Americans work the equivalent 197 days to deal with the economic consequences of government is that it will likely get worse. The entitlement bomb is crying out for reform. According to the Concord Coalition we face 53 trillion dollars (present value of money terms) of unfunded liabilities if we don't implement reforms. That is about the equivalent of the world's economy. If you Read more

Let’s play cut that budget.

Our leaders in state government are grappling for ways to keep government afloat.  I think the revenue shortfall will not be as bad as now projected any more than it was as good as projected 3 months ago.  Nonetheless, they are the best numbers we have and we have to make tough decisions.  Our leaders could use fresh ideas.  Let's play cut that budget. Here are my top ten in no order of priority. Repeal the  new prevailing wage law because it is not the real prevailing wage.  I am all for a decent living wage in government contracts, but it makes no sense to cancel projects and have no wages.  Balance is a good thing. Allow more competition in the state supplier list by opening it up to new suppliers every quarter for mundane items and simplify the process.  Many times it is cheaper to go to Sam's or Staples than buy from the state's approved list.  If a company can come up with Read more