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People Concerned About Renewable Energy Mandate

I have gotten several people responding to this Dover Post article on Dover's joining the green energy regime. Patrons even came up to me in the library after my Downtown Dover Development board meeting expressing agreement. Calls are running 100% in favor. We struck a nerve. However, Councilman David Anderson took umbrage with the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard. Anderson has described the RPS as an assault on individual liberty due to the fact it would artificially cause either higher energy costs or rationing, Anderson said. He also doubted the state's lofty goal of requiring utilities to provide a product that was one-fourth green energy by 2025. "The idea that 25 percent of the state's energy is going to come from renewable sources is a fantasy," Anderson said. "I think the state needs to come to reality. "The Renewable Portfolio Standard is already costing the ratepayers Read more

Awards Galore!

First Barack Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Then rumors start flying about Barack Obama getting the Heisman Trophy. Now Saturday Night Live tells us the President has won the Powerball. Next? Will he win an award for the best music video of the year? Will Kanye West offer his opinion? Will the President respond? The best thing I've heard on the whole matter: "Genuinely great men don't need awards..." - Mark Steyn (link) Read more

Wow…Freaking Wow Wow Wow. Did I Say Wow?

As a “Greater-“Middletownian, I don’t know what to say beyond, “Freaking Wow.  I am freaking impressed.  Holy Freaking Wow!” Git your 80’s hat and early 90’s party personna revved…and maybe your favorite John Waters’ lines of all-time rehearsed! Middletown, people!  Freaking WOW!  Read this! What’s disappointing is, if they waited just a couple more weeks, John Waters could have served as a judge at the Peach Festival.  That would have been worth at least two more “Freaking Wows!”