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Delaware Governor Comments on DuPont / Dow Merger

The Press Offce of Delaware Governor, Jack Markell has released the following statement regarding the announcement of a merger between DuPont and Dow:   “Delaware has been home to DuPont's global headquarters for more than 200 years and to an important Dow Electronics Materials business for decades. These are world class companies whose merger has the potential to spawn three well-positioned competitors in the agriculture, material sciences and specialty products sectors. “I have spoken to DuPont CEO Ed Breen about plans for DowDuPont. We have talked about the great business environment in Delaware and the many talented scientists, engineers and business leaders who call Delaware home and who can be at the center of growth for the three new businesses. We will continue to advocate that Delaware's many advantages can be of major benefit to the new companies.   “None of this, Read more

Open Letter to the City of Wilmington, DE

GUEST OPINION By: Steve Washington, M.Ed. Why is the city government always in the news? One reason is that micromanagement in the parks and recreation division causes tension throughout youth employment. There are many concerns regarding the hiring process of youth workers and counselors. Although there is a lottery process for hiring youth, many of the youth are hired through word of mouth or by the powers that be in the department and sometimes city council representatives. This year, the department approached the hiring of program staff differently as in the past years since the beginning of the youth and family division. When do the powers that be have time to interview for temporary program positions? Perhaps, this may be a reason to such failures. Why have a manager of the youth and family service department if he or she cannot make decisions or interview the staff Read more

The Unemployment President Takes Aim At Romney Job Record

Faced with poor unemployment news for almost 4 years, the administration went on the offensive against Governor Romney's job creation record. They claimed the following. Even as the rest of the country was enjoying a brightening economy, during Romney's term Massachusetts plummeted to 47th out of 50 states in job creation; manufacturing jobs declined at twice the national average; and for the first time since 1995, its unemployment rate was above the national average. Long-term debt ballooned by more than $2.6 billion -- leaving the people of Massachusetts with the highest per capita debt of any state in the nation. State spending increased every single year, and Romney raised taxes and fees by $750 million per year -- leading to a higher state and local tax burden of $1,200 for every Bay Stater. Over his term, fees at public colleges skyrocketed by 63 percent, and during his first Read more

Is This How We Create Jobs ? Pt. 2

  On December 3rd I posted a press release from the Sussex County Council of Delaware. The press release was in reference to a proposed program intended to act as an incentive for businesses to either expand or locate in Sussex County. Here is a link to that press release,    Basically the proposed " Economic Development Incentive Program" would consist of a tax abatement of $800 per new job created. Companies would be required to create at least ten new jobs to qualify for the program. In the press release it was stated that all applicants for the program would be handled on a case by case basis and would need to meet certain criteria.   Since the original press release was a bit vague I requested and received more information. I would like to thank Chip Guy for his help in obtaining this information.   Read more

15 to 1

It is unforgivable that House Republicans are not voting on Obama jobs bills, we are told, but that the fact that the Senate Democrats refuse to vote on 15 bills passed by the House is not even worthy of mention.  Even President Obama recognized that some of those ideas were good.  Why won’t Harry Reid at least allow the bills up for a vote?  He can even use the 60 vote barrier.  He is afraid to blow the biggest lie in Washington.  The Republicans have no plan.  Once that one dies, they are in real trouble because even the causal public will see the Democrats are not the only game in town.

Open Thread on President’s American Jobs Act

If there is nothing controversial in this, why does he need 43 minutes to convince everyone?  He says everything is paid for.  We know that we need jobs.  Will his proposal do it?  What are your thoughts?  Be sure to visit the previous post if you have a question you would love the President to receive. I agree with him that we need to rebuild America's aging infrastructure.  That creates jobs in the long run.  I thought we were supposed to have done that with the Stimulus Bill?   Unfortunately, half of the spending was diverted to regular programs and much of the infrastructure money was poorly spent on projects that just happened to be ready not that happened to be needed.  We misspent hundreds of billions.  Now he wants another chance to do it right.  Maybe he should apologize for wasting our money then people will trust him with more.  He should act like the American people Read more

Heritage Foundation estimate on what the Obama, Pelosi, Carney tax plan would cost Delaware

THE EFFECTS OF THE OBAMA TAX PLAN Delaware President Obama’s tax plan would allow portions of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to expire, resulting in steep tax hikes beginning in January 2011 for small businesses and those earning $250,000 or more. The tax hikes would significantly affect the economy in Delaware, most notably in the number of jobs and change in personal income. Among the results, from 2011 to 2020, the state of Delaware would: • Lose, on average, 2,006 jobs annually. • Lose, per household, $7,424 in total disposable personal income. • See total individual income taxes increase by $1.5 billion. Source: Insight U.S. macroeconomic model, and data from the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Heritage Foundation calculations based on the IHS Global Read more

President Obama, Still Digging

 In an up-coming speech on Tuesday. First let me step aside for a moment and ask , does it seem like this president is always on T.V. giving another speech, or is it just me?  Okay so in another opportunity for Pres. Obama to get some face time on T.V., he will , according to the usual "UN-NAMED SOURCE ", be laying out his next plan to jump-start employment.   These sources say that the President plans to inform the nation that in an effort to get people back to work, he will ask congress to throw more money into the money pit. More federal funding for state and local governments, more federal funding for roads and bridges and other public works. So in other words more government.   The President plans to institute this federal funding , even after yesterday's startling good news that un-employment had taken a sharp decline of 0.2% and was down to "ONLY" 10%, this coupled with Read more

Does “Green” Job Markell have any responsiblity for this?

Valero to close Del. refinery (good job Mr. VP, evil energy co. gets its just deserts)–The Democrat energy bill removed many refinery provisions. Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | 11/20/2009 | staff Valero Energy Corp., the largest U.S. refiner, announced today that it will permanently close its Delaware City, Del., plant because of losses brought on by the poor economy. The shutdown is expected to affect about 550 employees. “A safe and orderly shutdown of the refinery will commence immediately,” the San Antonio, Texas-based company said today in a statement, adding that employees were told today of the move. The company said it expects to save $450 million in operating expenses next year by shutting the refinery. Comment Resuce

Will health reform hurt wages?

The Senate HELP committee's version of Health Care Reform is billed "The Affordable Health Choices Act". It had better be affordable because if it is implemented it may provide a disincentive to many employers paying higher wages. It gives credits to small employers to help with a mandate of coverage. The problem is that it only covers the micro business side. If you hire 50 people instead of 49 or if you have a lot of high flying sales people and well paid mechanics, you may not want to give a raise to that hard working receptionist. The incentive would be to keep some people with low pay to get the money. I didn't think that Senate Democrats were so angry at the bottom 50%. Weren't they suppose help the forgotten middle class? Yet they wonder why we get testy. Fromthe Kaiser Family Foundation. To qualify for the credit, employers must have fewer than 50 full-time employees, Read more

Back When…

…I worked for Judge Bill Lee’s gubernatorial campaign last summer, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to check out this company. I spoke about the company frequently when I was at because they invented a vending machine that makes hot, fresh, french fries, and they wanted to open up a manufacturing facility in Western Sussex. It was clear they had the support of the local politicians like Rep. Biff Lee, who gave us the “heads-up” about them, but they couldn’t get to square one with the Delaware Economic Development Office. Thankfully, it looks like that’s changed.

Need a Job? You Are Not Alone

I am pretty young.  The last time I saw employment numbers like we have now I was three and I had no idea what those numbers were.  I read in the Delaware Business Ledger that the unemployment rate in our state is now 8.4%.  That amounts to about 39,000 citizens of Delaware’s workforce.  Thankfully according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are states like Michigan with a 15.2% unemployment rate.  We look pretty good by comparison and thanks to Michigan skewing the statistics we are also doing better than the national average of 9.5%.  Unfortunately, both of those rates are nearly double what they were this time last year.    One interesting tidbit is that all 50 states experienced an increase in unemployment since last June.  However one state, North Dakota also experienced an increase in employment.  That of course, happens because the overall labor force added 6,000 Read more

The UK Outsources Its Green Economy While Promising Green Jobs

Check this out, Britain is going to build more wind farms, they're just not going to do it with turbines made there: One of Britain’s biggest employers in the green energy industry is to cease production within hours of a government announcement today pledging as many as 400,000 green jobs by 2015. Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, will claim that Britain will become a world leader in low-carbon technology and manufacturing. He will argue that raising household energy bills to pay for investment in wind, solar and tidal power is justified not only by the dangers of global warming but also the opportunity to build a new “green economy”. However, tomorrow morning the Vestas factory in Newport, Isle of Wight, Britain’s only significant manufacturer of wind turbines, will produce its last batch of seven-tonne blades. More than 600 people employed at the Read more

Green Jobs won’t make up for other bad policies

No matter what Jack tells you, the green job movement in Spain is a lot of hot air according to a major study. Spain's touted program cost 9 jobs for every 4 it created. I will await Tommy's response to the study. Yes, we need to encourage green energy. No, we can't shut down traditional energy and have it all work out. Contrary to Delaware's favorite wonkblogger's statement that "free market fundamentalists" like myself (proudly so),have "the mistaken belief that environmental benefits invariably come at an economic cost runs deep". Maybe we believe that everything green doesn't magically exempt itself from market principles because experience shows that some environmental policies do hurt the economy without much benefit to offset the harm. We do not oppose all environmental policies and certainly not benefits, but you cannot make policy willy nilly and think that it has no Read more

The Waterboy

Today I found out that my state representative thinks his job is to be the Governor's waterboy: "Part of my job is to carry the water for the governor and it's just that simple." ~ Rep. Pete "The Waterboy" Schwartzkopf We just got out of an election season where John Carney, the former Lt. Governor, and Jack Markell, the State Treasurer at the time, took great pains to articulate that as separately elected officials they were NOT there to "carry the water" for Governor Ruth Ann Minner...yet somehow my separately elected 14th District Representative thinks being Governor Markell's waterboy is HIS job? Are you kidding me? The people of the 14th District deserve to be represented by someone who doesn't think their job is to be the Governor's lackey, "it's just that simple." Read more


$328,835 is the pricetag for the White House's tragically stupid New York City photo-op according to the Air Force. Check it out: The flight by the VC-25, a modified Boeing Co. 747, and two F-16 fighter jets cost $328,835, Air Force spokeswoman Vicki Stein said. $328,835 for a picture at a time when many Americans are struggling financially, losing their jobs, and being kicked out of their homes. But, as they say in infomercials, that's not all.... It's being reported that the Feds were totally aware that the moronic stunt would send New Yorkers straight for the Prozac, but they demanded that the public be kept in the dark and "threatened" to punish the city if there was a leak: Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret Read more