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Steve Smyk: Candidate and Treasurer?

In early September of 2018, incumbent 20th District State Representative, Steven Smyk apparently dismissed his campaign committee treasurer, discredited former Indian River School District CFO, Patrick C. Miller. In an era of highly charged politics, good campaign treasurers are hard to find, but in the wake of the IRSD missing funds scandal, he became a major political liability and had to go. Representative Smyk’s amended statement of organization of"Freinds of Steve Smyk" 11/01/2018 apparently indicates that he is acting as his own campaign committee treasurer. 15 Del. C. (e) § 8003 states: A candidate shall designate an individual as treasurer of that candidate's candidate committee, in order to assist with the duties under this chapter, but nothing shall relieve the candidate from the responsibility for keeping the records and filing the reports required by this Read more

DeMartino 2018 Campaign Gathers Momentum

James DeMartino's campaign for 14th District State Representative (the seat currently held by Delaware Speaker of the House, Peter Schwartzkopf) is gathering major momentum in the closing days of the 2018 general election. The mood was very optimistic at last night's meet and greet at the Lewes Diner, as positive feedback continues to pour in from the 14th District electorate at-large and the area's business community. Mr. DeMartino is gaining increasing support from a broader coalition of Independent and crossover Democrat voters desiring regime change and greater community representation in the public interest on a wide variety of issues in the Delaware General Assembly, instead of politics as usual. Independent/Republican/Populist congressional write candidate, Andrew C. Webb was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by the people present, as were the representatives of Read more

Webb Visits Apple Scrapple

Independent/Republican/Populist write-in candidate, Andrew C. Webb is greeting voters at today's 2018 Apple Scrapple festival in Bridgeville, DE shown here with Sussex County Libertarian Party Chairman James Brittingham. The Sussex County LP Organization recently endorsed Mr. Webb at its regular monthly meeting. Further information about the Delaware Libertarian Party is available at . The official website of the WEBB 2018 campaign is Read more

LP Sussex Endorses Webb

The Sussex County Chapter of the Delaware Libertarian Party has endorsed write-in candidate, Andrew C. Webb for U.S. Representative, The party is currently running Nadine Frost for U.S. Senate, but does not have a U.S. Representative candidate on its 2018 ticket.

Libertarian Party endorsements are selectively awarded to candidates who best advocate and exemplify its core principles of smaller government, less taxes and more individual liberty.

The Webb campaign is gratified at the SCLP’s endorsement.

36th District Candidates Forum

All candidates in the 36th Representative District will be given an opportunity to present their platforms at the Slaughter Neck Community Action Orgainzation’s “Meet the Candidates Evening” event tonight Monday, October 8 at the Slaughter Neck Community Center, 22942 Slaughter Neck RD, Lincoln, DE at 6:30pm.

The public is cordially invited. Refreshments will be served.

Independent Republican Populist congressional write-in candidate, Andrew C. Webb is scheduled to participate.

Walker Doubles Down on Drugs

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Disavowed Republican U.S. Representative candidate, Scott Walker has “doubled down” on his position to legalize heroin and other opioids. In a recent WXDE 105.9 FM radio he viewed America’s opiod epidemic as a threat to national security. “It’s time to get opiods off the streets and into the pharmacies”. he said. When asked about the conduct of his 2018 campaign, he said “I have to do these outlandish things to get the voters attention ... I let the Holy Spirit lead me”. He added that he is single-handedly campaigning and that his family was “staying out of it because of the controversy” and appealed for volunteers. He also stressed that he was now back on his previously banned Facebook page , “scottwalkerfordelaware”. Although on the Delaware GOP ballot, the Delaware Republican Party State Executive Committee Read more

Scott Walker’s Facebook Woes Continue

Scott Walker's Facebook woes continue as the disavowed Republican U.S. Representative candidate, faces elimination of subsequent pages for violation of community standards for continuation of his inflammatory comments on newly opened accounts. ,p>The process began with a three-day suspension for posting a rather pointless video recording of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting which he attended, thereby violating member's reasonable expectation of privacy and confidentiality, as aired on WXDE Delaware 105.9 FM radio. The story of the termination of his official campaign Facebook page "Scott Walker for Delaware" was first made public yesterday evening on the Midlantic Dispatch.The "cat and mouse" game continues with the candidate opening new accounts as soon as one is eliminated. There is growing voter backlash to Walker's incendiary comments, resulting in complaints to Facebook and Read more

Walker Calls for Slave Rising

In a publicity move reminiscent of John Brown at Harper's Ferry in 1859, Delaware GOP congressional candidate, Scott Walker has called for African Americans to "rise" in the "Slave State of Delaware", posting on Facebook on Sep 25 at 8:47 pm as follows: "African American Delawareans unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains! How long will you live on the plantation? Delaware is a SLAVE STATE! Must it be that way in perpetuity??? RISE!" He faces The First State's first African American and first woman U.S. Representative, incumbent Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester and Independent/Republican/Populist write-in candidate, Andrew C. Webb in the November 6 general election. Mr. Webb said he decided to run for U.S. Representative after the results of the September 6, 2018 Republican Primary. The Delaware GOP has recently renounced Scott Walker's candidacy and will not Read more

Farina Files as U.S. Senate Write-in Candidate

Peter Todd Farina of Wilmington has officially filed as a write-in candidate for U.S. Senator.

Previously, Matthew Walter Stout and Barry Eveland officially declared as Write-ins for U.S. Senate, challenging multi-term incumbent Democrat, Tom Carper and Republican Rob Arlett.

This continues a new trend of citizens, dissatisfied with the major parties choices of candidates, taking the initiative and entering the election as write-in candidates, most notably the Andrew Webb for Congress 2018 campaign, filed on September 13.

Citizens meeting constitutional requirements for various offices may officially declare themselves as write-in candidates by filing with the Delaware Department of Elections.

The deadline is October 1.

DE GOP Renounces Scott Walker

The Midlantic Dispatch has obtained a Delaware Republican Party (DEGOP) State Executive Committee official statement that strongly renounces and disavows its 2018 Republican congressional candidate, Scott Walker: Dear Fellow Delaware Republicans, The Republican Party of Delaware stands squarely as the party of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Regan for the principles of: • Equality and respect for all. • Personal freedom and liberty • Smaller government. Through a series of unfortunate events, we have on the ballot a candidate for Congress whose actions and views do not in any way represent the principles of our party. Under our Party rules, a candidate can only be formally endorsed in a primary, if he or she has received 60% of the vote of the delegates to our spring convention. No candidate for Congress was put forth at that convention. Shortly Read more

Webb to Appear at Lincoln Community Center

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Populist write-in U.S. Representative candidate, Andrew C. Webb will appear at a candidates forum on Thursday, September 20 at 6:30 pm in the Lincoln Community Center on 1883 Washington Street in Lincoln DE to answer your questions and listen to citizens concerns. Mr. Webb is running for Delaware’s at-large congressional seat.

He faces incumbent Democrat, Lisa Blunt-Rochester and Republican challenger, Scott Walker.

Andrew Webb Launches 2018 Campaign

Populist write-in candidate for U.S. Representative Andrew Webb, kicked off his 2018 campaign for Delaware's single congressional seat earlier this evening at the Stargate Restaurant in Seaford. Here is a transcript of his opening speech: Before I get started, I want to thank everyone who took time out of their evening for coming and allowing me to hear your concerns and ideas for our state and nation. Remember, it is your voice that I want to take to Washington. I would like to take a moment and thank my parents for coming out and supporting me in this endeavor. I would also like to thank our growing team of supporters who are helping me make it all possible. To tell you a little but about myself, My name is Andrew Webb and I am 26-year old graduate of Del Tech in Georgetown from the HVAC program. Currently, I have returned to study addictions and learn the steps of becoming Read more

Webb Campaign Launches Website

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Barely three days after announcing his populist write-in campaign, Delaware congressional candidate, Andrew Webb has added a ‘b’ to the term “website”. debuted the internet early Sunday morning. Developed in-house with volunteer staff, for a fraction of the cost of most political websites, is streamlined and to the point, stating his position on major issues. It openly invites citizens to share their concerns and encourages active voter involvement and support. There is also a page dedicated to voter registration with instructions on how to cast a write-in ballot. Casting a write-in ballot in Delaware is more complicated than pushing a button in a column. Due to the very narrow roll of paper embedded in the state’s obsolescent voting machines it takes some extra effort. However, with a bit of concentration, Read more

Webb Files for U.S. Representative

In the aftermath of the 2018 Republican State Primary, a fresh new face is running for Delaware’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Andrew C. Webb (26), an HVAC serviceman, concerned citizen and Del Tech student, majoring in drug and alcohol counseling, has filed as a write-in candidate, yesterday. “After considering and seeing our options to represent Delaware in Congress, I have decided to officially run for US House of Representatives as a write-in candidate and clear alternative to Delaware politics as usual. My message is simple: Consistency and Transparency. I will be officially filing on Thursday. Stay tuned!!”, he announced on social media. Although he is a registered Republican, he is running a highly motivated independent write-in campaign to run for U.S. Representative as a popular alternative candidate. “Our campaign is intended to represent Read more