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Clinton Rushed Back to Campaign Trail

Why do they have her flying out to a speech added after the pneumonia diagnosis. Didn't the doctor say a week of rest? I would set up a studio in her home and do satellite links and radio talk show interviews. In this day of technology, there's no reason to risk your candidate. Have a surrogate go to NC then have her give a five minute link up speech from home. Michelle Obama is literally twice as popular and a better speaker. She is willing to go. This campaign defies my understanding. They should have cut half of the events Immediately Friday past. They let her literally run herself into the ground against medical advice and now she's back early. They are risking the first debate and maybe by default the campaign. Then again, I should be happy with their foolishness as a longtime critic. Could it be that deep down that I care more about her as a person than her own senior staff? Candidates Read more

Sanders Comments on Wasserman-Schultz Resignation

Sanders Statement on DNC Chair Resignation

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement on the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Democratic Party chairwoman:

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz has made the right decision for the future of the Democratic Party. While she deserves thanks for her years of service, the party now needs new leadership that will open the doors of the party and welcome in working people and young people. The party leadership must also always remain impartial in the presidential nominating process, something which did not occur in the 2016 race.”

Rubio Looks Strong, Republicans May Hold Senate

Senator Marco Rubio has a 8 point lead in the Senate race versus has likely Democratic opponents and a reported 50 point lead in the primary race. His kick off was successful and anchors good news for Republicans in the tight Senate races. Democrats need to pick up 5 seats. Republicans were trailing the Democrats in Florida. Now they are leading. Neighboring Pennsylvania was supposed to be close, Pat Toomey had the great fortune of the Democrats backing a hack they could control over the stronger candidate, Adm. Joe Sestak. He is up 9 points and polling near that magic majority. North Carolina is too close but looks like a Republican hold as well. New Hampshire is too close to call. Ohio is tied, but people don't like Strickland and he is likely polling near his ceiling while oddly Portman is still unknown by 1 of 3 voters after 6 years in the Senate. Nevada is a toss up and may Read more

President Comments on Orlando Massacre

The WHITE HOUSE has issued the following statement on last night's mass killing in Orlando, FL. "Today, as Americans, we grieve the brutal murder -- a horrific massacre -- of dozens of innocent people. We pray for their families, who are grasping for answers with broken hearts. We stand with the people of Orlando, who have endured a terrible attack on their city. Although it is still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror and act of hate. And as Americans, we are united in our grief, our outrage and our resolve to defend our people. "I just finished a meeting with FBI Director Comey and my homeland security and national security advisors. The FBI is on the scene and leading the investigation, in partnership with local law enforcement. I've directed that the full resources of the federal government be made available for this investigation. "We're Read more


Donald J. Trump has issued the following response to Lindsey Graham: "I fully understand why Lindsey Graham cannot support me. If I got beaten as badly as I beat him, and all the other candidates he endorsed, I would not be able to give my support either. Every time I see Lindsey Graham spew hate during interviews I ask why the media never questions how I single handily destroyed his hapless run for President. As a candidate who did not receive 1% in his own state - compared to my victory at nearly 40% with many others in the race - he has zero credibility. He was a poor representative and an embarrassment to the great people of South Carolina. Judging by the incompetent way he ran his campaign, it is easy to see why his military strategies have failed so badly --- we can’t even beat ISIS! While I will unify the party, Lindsey Graham has shown himself to be beyond rehabilitation. Read more

PA 2016 Primary Returns

With 98.78% of precincts reporting, Pennsylvania 2016 primary returns are listed as follows:

Democratic: CLINTON, HILLARY 55.59% 913,493 Votes SANDERS, BERNARD 43.54% 715,527 Votes DE LA FUENTE, ROQUE ROCKY 0.86% 14,200 Votes

Republican: CRUZ, RAFAEL EDWARD 21.62% 338,440 Votes RUBIO, MARCO A 0.75% 11,704 Votes BUSH, JOHN ELLIS 0.59% 9,286 Votes CARSON, BENJAMIN SOLOMON 0.93% 14,580 Votes KASICH, JOHN R 19.35% 302,895 Votes TRUMP, DONALD J 56.76% 888,456 Votes

Source: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of State

Romney v. Trump : A Party Under Siege

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Yesterday, at the University of Utah, Mitt Romney, under the banner of the Hinckley Institute, ironically fired a political “shot” across Donald Trump’s “bow” and put up a lot of “Flak” in a vain attempt to “shoot down” the TRUMP campaign jet through a “barrage of character assassination”, while projecting himself as the “elder statesman” or “savior” of the embattled GOP. Media “scuttlebutt” and speculation has it that he may be the purported “last ditch” hope of stopping Trump in a brokered convention. In reality, he placed himself in the disadvantageous strategic position between Trump’s political “panzer divisions” and the “Rocky Mountains” impending avalanche of genuine anger and frustration of masses of American voters. After all, the current GOP hierarchy and its governing special interests, Read more

Kasich Clear Winner In Thursday’s Presidential Debate?

While watching Foxnews last night, the only winner was clearly Gov. Kasich. He discussed the issues and didn't take the bait from any of the moderators. Too bad his experience is going to waste. The other three in the GOP republican race, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have long ago stooped to name calling and expressing disparaging comments about their opponents private parts and hands. John Kasich was clearly the presidential candidate on the stage Thursday night. I was suitably impressed at his abilities that included balancing a federal budget, his knowledge on foreign policy and amazing knowledge on how to fix a broken education system. He clearly articulated policy with substance and clarity, while not attacking any of his opponents. Kudos for Kasich! while the world was laughing at the new Thursday night clown act on the parts of Donald Trump, Little Rubio and Liar Read more

A Statement from Donald J. Trump on Signing the RNC Pledge

Republican Presidential Primary candidate, Donald Trump issued the following statement pledging not to run as an independent and to support to the future GOP presidential nominee at a press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan earlier today: Trump for President Road Sign Near Georgetown, DE [Photo: Wolf von Baumgart] "It is my great honor to pledge my total support and loyalty to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands. This is far and away the best way to secure victory against the Democrats in November 2016. I am leading in all local and national polls --- my whole life has been about winning and this is what must be done in order to win the election and, most importantly, to Make America Great Again! " Meanwhile, political speculation on national media abounds. Read more

Rubio Is the Worst Nightmare for Progressives

If the election were yesterday, what would a Rubio v. Clinton election look like? Rubio would win by 2 or 3 points, but would have a strong showing in the electoral college giving Clinton the doubt in VA, NH, MN, and Rubio IA and OH where he leads within the margin of error. New polling puts him solidly ahead in MI and PA. Map created at By Comparison Donald Trump is not at that level currently. Map created at A Bush v. Clinton race would be unpredictable. Map created at Read more

The 10 are revealed

In the new BattleStar Galactica, we waited almost 4 years to discover the final 5. We discovered the first 10 today for the Fox Debate. Fox News has announced the line-up for the prime-time Republican presidential debate this Thursday, and here's who qualified: Real estate magnate Donald Trump; former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush; Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson; Texas Sen. Ted Cruz; Florida Sen. Marco Rubio; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The roster of 10 candidates was determined based on an average of the five most recent national polls. Trump as expected made the cut, securing the top slot. Right behind him were Bush and Walker, who each have posted strong numbers in recent surveys. The drama, rather, was at the edge of the top 10. Christie and Kasich, who were Read more


John Ellis Bush is set to go for a place in history. 3 members of one family serving in the White House would be new for America. His family has done so much for America. The Bush family is one of dignity, intelligence, and caring for the people whose voice is often not heard. Compassion is part of their DNA. Bush was a star as governor of Florida, now he hopes the light has not gone dim and history moved beyond him. At 3:00 pm today Jeb! announces.

He has a great deal of good will and a great deal of fatigue due to his family name. His biggest problem maybe of his own making. He unnecessarily provoked Conservatives that he may have needed to overcome negatives from the other side.

Clinton 10.2

Hillary Clinton has a habit of reinventing herself. It has served her well so why stop. There are as many versions of Hillary Clinton as Apple Operating Systems. Saturday featured the latest and greatest version. She is now the populist fighter. The message has potential though the delivery was so dry that I fell asleep on the address. After two months of running, she actually gave a speech. Her hour long tribute to yesterday was a tribute to a radical progressive agenda. Hillary Clinton was fighting in four areas. She is going to fight to restore wages and income. That is great, when has she ever done that? Here is a woman who doesn't even know businesses create jobs. I am not filled with confidence. She is pledging to lower wages by expanding the Obama Presidential Memo on Immigration even though it is currently ruled illegal. She has gone mum on TPA. She wants more government Read more

Is Rubio the Man?

I really like Senator Marco Rubio, but this is not an endorsement. This is an analysis of the momentum his campaign has received. Since launching his campaign, Marco Rubio has consistently been in the top tier of GOP candidates. He has a billionaire surrogate godfather willing to fund his super Pac. His poll numbers have put him 1, 2, or 3 every week. He has gained the praise of the Conservative media and attacks by the liberal New York Times and left wing blogs have been so petty that even many moderates have mocked them. Attack him for sipping water when he got a little choked up. Attack him for his wife getting speeding tickets (the latest evidence is that this petty story was orchestrated by a Clinton Super Pac). Attack him for not being rich and borrowing money to get a good education so he could be comfortable. Attack him for saying that anyone who defends religious freedom Read more

Domestic Surveillance: Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand?

Would you believe Yahoo News has a cutting edge article on the Presidential Candidates and the renewal of domestic surveillance? I encourage you to read it. Hillary Clinton is all over the map and not answering questions just like every other issue. This woman is so risk aversive that I wonder how anyone can support her for President. She is afraid of her shadow or maybe the ghost of an election lost. One of the strengths that Hillary had was that people saw her as a strong leader. She is not honest and trustworthy, but she was perceived as a strong leader. Today, I question even if that is true. Bernie Sanders opposes it. Scott Walker is out of the country and can't answer questions, they seemed to have forgotten Dr. Carson and Carly Fiorina did not respond. The rest of the GOP field is lining up on one side or the other. On the side of liberty are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Read more

Why Huckabee Would Be The Best President

I love the GOP field this time. It is deep and diverse. Rubio excites me, Carson inspires me, Bush reassures me, Paul rallies me to liberty, Cruz illustrates the power of principle, and Walker shows me courageous leadership. One person does it all. Governor Mike Huckabee. He has a strong record of success. No state advanced more in relationship to moving up the ranks in family income, education, healthcare, and improved infrastructure. He brings a statesman skill and a pastor's heart to the equation. He understands that the divides that hold us back need to be bridged. He is unafraid to confront our enemies and unapologetic about American Exceptionalism. He is willing to protect Judeo-Christian principles and republican principles. He is a populist in that he is for the forgotten man and not owned by the billionaire class. He is all for billionaires, just on an equal footing. Read more

Why does the establishment hate Rand Paul?

Analysis In 2014, no one was a more valued and demanded booster for Republican U. S. Senate candidates than Rand Paul. He travelled the country fighting to elect conservatives, appeared in ads, and raised money. Paul was the among most popular Republicans in America not just in the party but among independents. While he no longer leads the field in the Presidential primary, he is the strongest in blue and purple states in a general election head to head with Clinton. His campaign kickoff was greeted by 1 million dollar neocon attack ad that accused him of supporting President Obama's foreign policy then went so far as to claim that he was dangerous to America. Paul responded that virtually everything in the ad was a distortion. He is a cosponsor to the bill that requires the Iran deal be sent to Congress and a signer of the open letter. He accused the group of always being in favor Read more