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La Mar Gunn Has His Day before the Supreme Court

The video is here. The last race of the 2014 election is not over. The Delaware High Court heard La Mar Gunn’s appeal of the declared tie in the 2014 election Wednesday.

The toughest issue is the bar for malconduct being shown by the Board of Canvass. It seems everyone admits mistakes have been made, but the attitude of Democrats is tough luck to the people who voted for the winner of the Recorder of Deeds Race in Kent County last November. Will technical arguments carry the day? We will update you on the ruling when we receive one.

Road Kill

Poor Mary Landrieu, she was abandoned and left for road kill before she was even defeated 57 to 43% in yesterday's runoff. How do you already have 1.9 million in ad time already reserved then pull it publicly? How do you abandon a senior member of your caucus and committee chair when the logic of her campaign is that her seniority and respect on the Hill is why voters need to keep her. It gives them clout in both parties. Then when she needed a vote on the Keystone Pipeline XL that President Obama once said he favored and his own State Department says is safe and will create 40k jobs and have 172 billion dollar boost in the U. S. economy, they let her swing in the wind 1 vote shy with the White House working behind the scenes to undermine her. It is a foregone conclusion that the bill will pass in two months. Democratic constituencies such as labor and lower income working class Read more

GOP Chair Issues Statement Following Challenge To Kent County Election Results

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 13, 2014 CONTACT: John Fluharty, Executive Director GOP Chair Issues Statement Following Challenge To Kent County Election Results Newark, DE -- The Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party this morning issued the following statement regarding the Party's challenge to the recount in the Kent County Recorder of Deeds race: "Today the Delaware Republican Party, the Kent County Republican Party and Mr. La Mar Gunn, Republican candidate for Kent County Recorder of Deeds, filed in the Kent County Superior Court challenging the election recount process and certification of the election in the Recorder of Deeds race. "On November 4, 2014, the Kent County Department of Elections reported La Mar Gunn as the winner of the election for Kent County Recorder of Deeds by 2 votes. Under Delaware Read more

Gunn v. McKenna Recount: GOP files in Court to fight for Justice

PETITION CONTESTING ELECTION AND FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI Petitioner La Mar Gunn hereby challenges the Kent County Board of Canvass recount and election certification declaring Respondent Betty Lou McKenna by two votes after the Kent County Department of Elections had declared Petitioner the winner by two votes on election night, and, in support thereof states as follows: PARTIES AND JURISDICTION 1. Petitioner La Mar Gunn is the Republican candidate for the Kent County Recorder of Deeds in the 2014 general election. Petitioner Delaware Republican Party is a political party under Delaware law. 2. Respondent Betty Lou McKenna is the Democratic Candidate for the Kent County Recorder of Deeds. The Delaware Democratic Party is a political party 3. Respondent Kent County Board of Canvass is the body charged with certifying the election results. 4. This Court has jurisdiction pursuant to Title Read more

What Happened?

The People's Republic of Maryland saw a Republican Governor and 9 new Republican state legislators. New York State once again has a Republican Senate and Cuomo took so much heat for Common Core and social liberalism that his dreams of exceeding his father's 65% reelection evaporated with only a 54% total. Governor Quinn lost and Maine's tea party darling Governor LePage increased his margin beating the last week switch of endorsement from the Independent to the Democrat by Independent Senator King. In spite of the unified effort to get rid of him, he got nearly half of the vote. Senator Udall killed himself by running on abortion in Colorado driving Latinos to the Pro-life Republican not because he supported abortion but because he celebrated it and ignored the economy. Of course the South went solidly Republican. I had two surprises, I thought Scott Brown would pull it out and I thought Read more

They are back

The feud between Mr. Frank Knotts and Mr. Don Ayotte took a new twist. Not Don Ayotte signs have returned. This time paid for by Frank Knotts. Mr. Ayotte says he is stunned by this waste of time and money, but believes it won’t hurt. It shows supporters the establishment is scared of an upset, he believes. You can see Frank’s view at the link. At least one survey shows the 20th Representative to be a real 3 way race.

Senate Debate Night

It's debate night.  Here is a link to a live-stream.  At least on my connection the live stream is a little jumpy so if you prefer you can watch it on C-SPAN 2 or listen on these radio channels WDDE 91.1 FM,  and WMPH 91.7 FM Congressman Carney was on first for an interview due to Rose Izzo backing out and 3rd Party candidates not being invited.  He didn't really do much to impress, but he did show up so that's something. The real show starts at 8 when Keven Wade goes head-to -head against Senator Coons.  Once again there will be no third party candidates, for better or worse.  However, I expect to see the two candidates that are on stage to bring their A-game. I'll be watching the debate so this post may be updated.  If you have an opinion or a post-mortem on the debate it is welcome here. Updates: Syria and ISIS are the topic of the first question... followed Read more

Kent GOP Candidate Video

The Kent County GOP has put together a video of several of their candidates so that you can hear from them in their own words.  The video could use a some fine tuning but this shows some initiative that I have not seen out of the Republican Party since I have been involved in Delaware Politics.   It is well worth a look if you live in Kent, and since it is on YouTube it is easy to skip ahead to find the candidates in your district.

Flowers Flips for Simpler

According to the News Journal/Delaware Online, the current state treasurer gave a not so veiled endorsement to Ken Simpler. Call it an October surprise. The twists and turns in this race don't cease. Democratic state Treasurer Chip Flowers says he will support Democrats in November, but did not endorse the Democrat running to replace him in the treasurer's office. "With respect to the state treasurer's race, I have spent my career standing for the fundamental principle that ideas matter over endorsements. Based upon this principle and the questionable actions over the last 60 days, I cannot in good conscience endorse a candidate for this office," Flowers said in a statement posted to his social media accounts. In the statement, Flowers appeared to make a veiled nod to Republican candidate Ken Simpler, a former hedge fund manager who works as chief financial officer for his family's Read more

Colin to the Rescue

No one is a better, smarter, conservative leader in Delaware than Senator Colin Bonini. He is a friendly, helpful, team player with serious insight into the direction that we need to take in the future. He is destined for more than being a backbench senator. Right now that destiny is helping to rebuild the GOP. Colin has an enormously difficult task as the new Republican Victory Chairman with less than 6 weeks before the election. I do not expect miracles, but I believe the groundwork that he will lay down will have benefits this election and will give us the foundation for the shoots of a Republican Renaissance. I hope when Colin calls that you answer. He answered our call.

NJ Democrats Blame Republicans for the Fact Their Candidate Said N-Word While Mooning People

You have to love the brazenness of Democrats. Their council candidate dropped his pants and mooned people while drunk in a diner 7 years ago. What made it worst was yelling the N-word and other profanities while doing it. Imagine if a Republican had done this 7 years ago. With this being public record, you think that he would have addressed this earlier and talked about how long he has been alcohol free. When it was revealed, he choose to drop out. What makes this a big story is the reaction of his fellow Democrats. It is the big bad Republicans fault. Really? Talk about tone deaf politics. If they spent time saying that this was unacceptable, but in the past and talk about the need for redemption and that the man is different today, I respect that. This I don't because it dismisses the offensiveness of the actions. I could vote for him sooner than them. At least he knows it was Read more

Wade Within Striking Distance of Coons

Critics will say Wade may be with in striking distance, but it is a lightning strike. Still, the latest public poll with Rasmussen shows that Wade can indeed win the Senate race if some significant though less than likely things come together. Chris Coons is polling under 50% and Kevin Wade is 15 points down. Wade got a boost off his big primary win. In another year, national money would flow to Delaware where a million dollars could mail, blanket with local radio, target phone call, and flood with internet ads as an insurance policy in case some of the tight races don't pan out or add padding if they do. Calling the Koch brothers, this could be our Scott Brown shocker. It won't happen naturally though. Senator Coons is the favorite and can count on a strong union base in New Castle County. Kevin Wade currently does not have the resources to get his message out to close the deal and the GOP Read more

Simpler Responds To Barney’s Negative Political Attack

The following is a campaign release Simpler Responds To Barney's Negative Political Attack State Treasurer candidate Ken Simpler, fresh off of his impressive victory in Tuesday night's primary, reacted today to Sean Barney's immediate negative attack. "I'm disappointed that my opponent's first communication in this race was not one welcoming us to the campaign, or encouraging a high-level debate on the issues, but was instead a negative, political twisting of some words I once wrote," said Simpler. "My opponent is unfamiliar with Delaware tradition, since he's only lived here a few short years, but I'd like to restore some civility and substance to our political contests. Delawareans deserve more than cheap-shot politics. "I also hope I don't develop symptoms of whiplash. I'm merely hours away from a primary campaign where Sher Valenzuela spent hundreds of thousands of Read more

Barney Greets Simpler with Nasty Distortion

Sean Barney is a great American and a true patriot.  It is too bad his campaign is not living up to those standards.  Barney is obviously not as qualified in finance as Simpler.  It doesn't mean he can't do the job, but that difference must be intimidating because the Barney campaign couldn't wait an hour to begin smearing and distorting Simpler's writings and topping it off with name calling.  It is shameful, but unsurprising. WILMINGTON, Del., September 9, 2014 — The Barney campaign released the following statement in response to the results of the Republican Primary for Treasurer: “Delawareans face a real choice, between Sean Barney's record of mainstream leadership and public service and Ken Simpler's right-wing approach of comparing seniors on Medicare to bank robbers,” said Barney Campaign Manager Andrew Wilson. The Barney campaign cited an editorial Mr. Simpler Read more

Low Turnout Marks Primary Races

A finance guy for a finance job, Delaware Republicans decided to make the choice in November simpler by choosing Ken Simpler in a close race.    He said in a short speech that he was honored and energized to accept the nomination of his fellow Republicans.  With that, the fall campaign is underway.  Turnout was less than 15% for statewide Republicans and half that for Democrats. I sincerely wish him and all of the winners well.  We need a united party to fight for Delaware families who have not been served well the last 14 years by the Democrats.   Our finances are handled worse.  Our job quality is declining.  Our business environment has stagnated.  Our families are weaker.  Our education no longer serves everyone.  Our streets are less safe.  Change begins with the state legislative, county races and the lower tear state offices.   The people of Delaware deserve a choice. Read more

Primary Day, September 9th

Just a reminder that polls are open until 8:00 p.m. today.  Exercise your right to vote and make a soldier proud. I don't tell people how to vote.    I offer insight and suggestions.   Like I wish I could vote for  Councilman Tackett over Senator Townsend.   One supports the values of working people and the incumbent is clueless about them. I am excited to vote for  Kevin Wade.    I think the other gentleman is smart and has a great grasp of the problems facing us.  Kevin has actually thought through solutions.  That always wins the battle in my book. Treasurer is actually a struggle for me because I really like both candidates for different reasons.  I hope both are in our future.   I am voting for Sher Valenzuela because I have known her for more than 20 years and seen she is a person of intellect, competence,  patriotism, and who has dedicated herself to family and Read more

The Long Knives

Sher Valenzuela ran against Lt. Governor Matt Denn who was riding the coattails of then popular Governor Jack Markell. She ended up being the top vote getter on the state ticket. She and her husband Eli were small business people of the year. He served his country in the Air Force for more than 20 years. They are both involved in the community and have been faithful church goers for more than two decades. They are family people raising great children, two of whom have special needs. They employ 75 people and helped make America secure by winning jobs from China and supplying American defense needs at home. They are the pure example of Americanism. People who start a business in their den and make it into muli-million dollar enterprise. They give back to their community in business training to help others get started and in local charities. Republicans say they need help with women and minorities, Read more

Sher unveils her plan for Treasurer’s office

Campaign statement follows: Sher Valenzuela Announces First 100 Days Pledge, Outlines Reforms for Economic Growth and Fiscal Discipline Sher Valenzuela, the Republican candidate for state Treasurer, has pledged to implement a wide- ranging set of reforms within her first 100 days in office. Valenzuela issued the following statement today: “As a statewide office holder and effectively the Chief Financial Officer for the state, the Treasurer should be an advocate on a broad range on issues that effect Delaware’s financial well being. These issues include economic growth, fiscal discipline and government reform. I will use my business experience to be a watchdog for taxpayers, fighting for more jobs and less government, not another do-nothing state Treasurer. First, I will fight to reform our broken Unclaimed Property Fund. On day one, we will get to work finding Delawareans Read more

Phillips Launches Primary Air Campaign; Colley Endorsement

A powerful endorsement and two powerful ads are the start of Sussex Councilman Vance Phillips comeback campaign. He gets back to basics and reminds people of his15 year successful track record of conservative government and taxpayer advocacy. We will keep track of this race and any other that heats up.  Ads submitted by Friends of Vance Phillips. Bill Colley’s endorsement Conservative candidates, is your campaign on the move? Contact me. I like to give you opportunities for your message to reach thousands of informed opinion makers in your own words.

Simpler Riding a Wave of Good News

Ken Simpler, candidate for State Treasurer won an overwhelming 84% at the 38th district straw poll where over 110 Republicans paid to attend. Other winners included Jeff Christopher who won big 78 to 31 for Robert Lee for sheriff and Robert Arlet 34 to 9 for Vance Phillips for 5th district Sussex Councilman. Simpler also had a huge 10 to 1 lead in fundraising the 30 day finance report and had a great guest opinion in the Sunday News Journal. He headlined the Delaware Republican Victory Gala to rave reviews by most who spoke with me including some his primary opponent's supporters though his jokes were less successful, but contrary to some detractors though they jabbed at his opponents he avoided being mean or personal. He seems to have bounced back from less than glowing reviews of the first debate. Another is coming up this week. Currently, he has the momentum 3 weeks before the primary. Read more

Valenzuela Claims Victory in Debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2014 WDEL’s Rick Jensen Rips Simpler Debate Performance: Weak, Awkward and Creepy WDEL political talk show host Rick Jensen has leveled devastating criticism toward Ken Simpler and his performance in the recent WDEL Treasurer debate. Jensen described the performance at times as “weak,” “awkward” and “creepy.” Speaking live last week on his daily radio show, Jensen said Simpler’s opponent, Sher Valenzuela, was “strong, tough and every time Simpler took a swing at her, she blocked it and hit him real hard in the face.” Jensen concluded that he “didn’t think [Simpler] is very good at this debate stuff.” Throughout the debate, Simpler continued his efforts to mislead the public about the role of the state Treasurer. Simpler claimed that the Treasurer handles the “collection, investment and disbursement” Read more

Sher Valenzuela says Flowers Announcement Good News for Delaware Taxpayers and Delaware Women

Valenzuela says Flowers announcement is "good news" for Delaware taxpayers, women Republican state Treasurer candidate Sher Valenzuela called current Treasurer Chip Flower's announcement that he would not seek reelection "good news for Delaware taxpayers and Delaware women." "As the only female candidate for state Treasurer, I was particularly outraged by Mr. Flowers' conduct. I was the first of these candidates to call on Mr. Flowers to resign, Flower's decision following my call for resignation shows that bold leadership counts. As Treasurer, I will continue this kind of leadership, working for lowers taxes, limited government and job growth," Valenzuela said. Valenzuela said she was pleased that her primary opponent, Ken Simpler, followed her lead in calling for the resignation and eventually issued a press release of his own. "There is great irony in Simpler's statement Read more